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Latest Marvel News

fantastic four

Don’t Expect Fantastic Four’s Sue Storm To Be Sexy

The Invisible Woman, Dr. Susan Storm, of Stan Lee’s Fantastic Four won’t be oversexualized in the new movie set to …

2 months ago

deadpool & wolverine

Deadpool And Wolverine Won’t Save Marvel, Even If It Makes Billions

The upcoming Deadpool and Wolverine will bring two popular characters from outside of the MCU into the mega-franchise later this …

2 months ago

marvel casting

Marvel Can’t Rely On Great Casting Anymore

The internet is abuzz following the casting of next year’s Fantastic Four which has been nearly universally praised as perfect …

2 months ago

kang marvel

Star Wars Villain Actor Will Do Anything To Play Doctor Doom

Ben Mendelsohn, who appeared as Director Orson Krennic in the 2016 film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, says he would …

2 months ago

X-Men ’97 Looks Better Than Fans Could’ve Hoped, See The Amazing Return

Extraordinary news today as Disney released the first trailer for the upcoming X-Men ’97, which greeted fans with a dose …

2 months ago

James Gunn DCU

James Gunn Is Going To Direct More DCU Movies And That’s Dangerous

During a recent interaction with fans on Threads, James Gunn confirmed that he will be directing a number of upcoming …

2 months ago

joaquin phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix And Lady Gaga Stun In New Joker 2 Look

Joker: Folie a Deux director Todd Phillips decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day by giving us our best look yet of …

2 months ago

Infamous Marvel DC Crossover Comics Finally Returning

While it may seem odd to modern comic fans, back in the 90s Marvel and DC comics came together for …

2 months ago

triple frontier 2

Marvel Got Fantastic Four Casting Exactly Right, Here’s Why

Marvel has finally announced the long-awaited casting for the MCU’s upcoming Fantastic Four. The casting of Marvel’s first family is …

2 months ago

kingdom of the planet of the apes

Kingdom Of The Planet Of The Apes Screening Shocks Fans

New movie and television projects are becoming increasingly difficult to get off the ground, as the current entertainment sphere is …

2 months ago

Michael Jackson Willy Wonka
frank grillo

Frank Grillo Says Marvel Blew It, He’s Way Happier In The DCU

Action star Frank Grillo, slated to appear in the upcoming Creature Commandos as Rick Flag Sr., just opened up about …

2 months ago

fantastic four cast

Meet Marvel’s Fantastic Four Cast

Marvel has finally revealed the Fantastic Four cast. The actors playing Marvel’s First Family include Pedro Pascal as Reed Richards/Mr. …

2 months ago

deadpool 3

Deadpool Completely Destroyed By Marvel Studios

In the recent Deadpool & Wolverine trailer, Deadpool calls himself “Marvel Jesus,” alluding to the fact that the new film …

2 months ago

Just Give Us Constantine 2, You Cowards

Fans have been clamoring for Constantine 2 since the original came out back in 2005. While there have been signs …

2 months ago

mark ruffalo hulk

Mark Ruffalo Never Getting Solo Hulk Movie Thanks To Kevin Feige

Mark Ruffalo has been playing the Hulk in the MCU since 2012’s The Avengers. While the green giant has popped …

2 months ago

ryan reynolds deadpool

Deadpool & Wolverine Already Makes Movie History

Deadpool & Wolverine is the only MCU movie coming out this year, and it seems like fans are eager for …

2 months ago

Marvel Is About To Get Crushed By Bob Marley

Lovebirds or singles planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day (and President’s Day weekend) with a little cinema have quite a few …

2 months ago

mark ruffalo marvel

Mark Ruffalo Walks Back Upcoming Marvel Hulk Appearance

Well, it looks like Mark Ruffalo is up to his old Marvel tricks as the actor backtracked on his original …

2 months ago

madame web

Madame Web Reviews Are All Saying The Same Thing

The latest film from Sony’s Spider-Verse hasn’t exactly received a lot of love from the critics who were able to …

2 months ago

living with yourself

The Netflix Sci-Fi Comedy Clones Fan-Favorite Avenger

Some actors are known for their dual performances, appearing as multiple characters in a film or series, who sometimes, through …

2 months ago

henry cavill

Matthew Vaughn Wants Henry Cavill In The Best Superman Story

English director Matthew Vaughn, known for the Kingsman franchise, wants to bring Henry Cavill back to play Superman in the …

2 months ago

aldis hodge

Another DC Star Getting Recast As Major Hero?

Aldis Hodge, who played Hawkman in 2022’s Black Adam, would love to play John Stewart/Green Lantern if reprising his former role …

2 months ago

captain america spock

Marvel Crew Jacket Confirms Fan-Favorite Character In Captain America 4

Warning: this article contains possible spoilers for Captain America 4. While the plot of Captain America: Brave New World has …

2 months ago

deadpool 3 shatterstar

Deadpool 3 Confirms Resurrection Of Fan-Favorite Hero And It’s Not Wolverine

The debut trailer for Deadpool 3 at last night’s Super Bowl brought a lot of excitement to fans. Of course, …

2 months ago

James Cameron’s Plan To Make Angela Basset A Superhero And Give Super Mario Claws

Superhero movies weren’t always big business. Prior to the comic-movie renaissance launched by 1998’s Blade and set ablaze by Bryan …

2 months ago

The Live-Action X-Men VS Avengers Trailer You Didn’t Know You Need

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has hit a slump with low ratings and dismal box office earnings for its most recent …

2 months ago

deadpool 3

Deadpool 3 Has A Wolverine Title And A Trailer

Marvel Studios has released the first trailer for Deadpool 3 along with the film’s official poster and title – Deadpool & Wolverine. The movie, …

2 months ago

Superman Got Beat By Weakest Member Of The Bat-Family

For the most powerful superhero in existence, Superman has gotten his @$$ beat by some pretty weak foes. Take Batman …

2 months ago

dwayne johnson black adam

Dwayne Johnson Is The Softest Star In Hollywood

Finally, The Rock has come back to WWE, and going by his behavior at the recent WrestleMania press conference, he’s …

2 months ago