Captain America 4: All We Know About The New Sequel

By Rick Gonzales | 1 month ago

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Captain America 4. We know it’s happening. Marvel has said such. We don’t know when it’s coming if it will be part of Marvel’s Phase 5 since Phase 4 is pretty much in the can, but we do know it’s on the way.

We also don’t know what it will look like. By that, we are not sure exactly who will be carrying Cap’s shield. All signs point to Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson, but recent rumblings may take us in another direction.

Let’s see if we can figure this all out together.


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At this point, there has been no definitive word on if Chris Evans or Anthony Mackie will be holding Cap’s shield. It was Chris Evans who first took the shield in 2011 with Captain America: The First Avenger and since that time Evans has played Cap nine more times (credited and uncredited, mid-credit scenes included).

When Avengers: Endgame came to its rousing conclusion, it would be the last (presumably) we’d see Evans as Cap and it wasn’t how we expected him to go out – as an elderly Steve Rogers. Near the conclusion of Endgame, Cap went back in time to get the dance he promised Peggy Carter in the very first Captain America film. When he reappeared, he was sitting on a bench, awaiting Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes. Steve was ready to hand over his shield and he chose Sam Wilson as heir apparent.

This led to the Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. In the six-episode series, the story followed Mackie’s Wilson as he declines to take on the shield, instead, continuing to be Falcon. According to Mackie, the shield represents the burden his character faces while wondering how a Black man can represent a country that does not represent him. The series was well written, if not at times a little heavy-handed, but ultimately Wilson decided that he could represent the shield and became the new Captain America.

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Mum’s the word if you ask Marvel as to who will be holding the shield come Captain America 4. With the way Marvel’s Phase 4 looks to be playing out, much of it will revolve around the multiverse aspect, one wouldn’t be surprised to see both Evans and Mackie take on the shield.

Odds are that Mackie will be holding the shield. Chris Evans has stated time and again that after Endgame he’d retire from carrying the shield. And then again, there have been recent rumblings that Evans may indeed come back one more time (with the hint of a possible second) as Cap. Marvel has approached Evans, who was reluctant at first, but if rumors are true, the two sides may have come to an agreement. It may not be a full-on Captain America movie, but Evans may return much like Robert Downey Jr. did in movies like Spider-Man: Homecoming and Captain America: Civil War.

The bottom line here folks is that THEY know what’s happening, they just don’t want us to know. Not yet.


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His name is Malcolm Spellman, and he was the showrunner for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Based on the excellent series, Disney and Marvel have tabbed Spellman, along with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier staff writer Dalan Musson, to script Captain America 4.

To pen Sam Wilson’s journey, Spellman put together a nearly all-Black writer’s room in an effort to get an authentic voice. The show was critically praised for being able to bring the Black experience to the forefront in a way not seen in other Superhero films or TV shows.

Deadline pressed Spellman in a recent interview about the direction his new movie would take, asking if Captain America 4 would be next for him or if a possible second season of The Falcon and the Winter Solider would come first. Is Val (Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Valentina Allegra de Fontaine) putting together the Thunderbolts team, and more importantly, are their two shields, one held by Sam Wilson and the other by U.S. Agent (Wyatt Russell)? His simple answer: “I only know what Kevin [Feige, Marvel President] says.”

Spellman’s background includes the feature Our Family Wedding and a writer as well as co-executive producer on the hit Fox series Empire. Musson’s resume mainly revolves around The Falcon and the Winter Solider though he did also write Iron Sky: The Coming Race.

Well, at least we know without a shadow of a doubt that Captain America 4 is in good hands, whatever direction Marvel decides to go in.


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Even though there has been no official direction given, the signs are pointing to Anthony Mackie leading the way. In typical Marvel fashion, though, Mackie found out about Captain America 4 happening much like the rest of us. “I literally found out yesterday in a grocery store,” Mackie says via Entertainment Weekly. “The checkout guy named Dwayne, a cool cat, he’s like, ‘Yo, man. Is this real?!” [holds up a cellphone] “I’m like, ‘I haven’t heard anything.’ That’s what I love about working for Marvel. They call you, they’re like, ‘Come to L.A. We wanna tell you what’s going on.’ So, I’m excited to see what happens, but I haven’t heard anything.”

Of course, Mackie wouldn’t say anything even if he had heard something. Make no mistake about it, though, Anthony Mackie is more than ready to carry the shield in Captain America 4. As for a second season of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, well first off, if Mackie is now the new Cap, there is no longer a Falcon. According to Mackie, he hasn’t heard anything about a possible season two but if so, “It’s always great to go to work with Sebastian [Stan]. And Kari [Skogland], our director, was amazing. It would be fun as hell to do.”

Ultimately, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier served the purpose of ushering in a new Captain America. It doesn’t seem like a season two would even be necessary.


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With the announcement just coming out that Captain America 4 is a reality, no director has been chosen for the project. Along with that, since we’ve been batting back and forth the Mackie/Evans issue, no actors have been announced either. But if we we’re betting people…

One could conclude that Wyatt Russell would continue his role as John Walker aka U.S. Agent. When Val gave him that moniker, it set up nicely future stories that would include Russell’s Walker. Once a highly decorated soldier, Walker was “chosen” by the government to take over as Captain America. But Walker lived in gray areas that became questionable to both Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes and they did not see Walker as a true Captain America.

One could also conclude that Emily VanCamp would be reprising her role as Sharon Carter, now known as Power Broker, the criminal leader of Madripoor. Of course, we can’t have U.S. Agent without his handler Val, so expect Louis-Dreyfus to somehow be involved also.

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Of course, you can’t have Captain America without Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes.

Then there is any number of former or current MCU stars who could make an appearance. Marvel President Kevin Feige loves to toss in surprises for fans and we’d expect nothing less to see old faces and new make their way into Captain America 4.


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At the moment, Marvel’s Phase 4 is scheduled to run through 2023 and possibly longer if the announced Blade and Fantastic Four movies are to be included. As it is, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 are both set to hit theaters in 2023 and end Phase 4. On the television side, Disney+ is set to roll out She-Hulk and Secret Invasion as their capper of Phase 4 but as with all things Marvel, it could all change. How many times has Black Widow changed release dates?

As soon as we get a more definitive word on Captain America 4’s status, we will be sure to pass it along. Until then, enjoy Marvel’s Phase 4, there is plenty of action coming your way.