Here’s Why Joss Whedon Says Hank Pym Isn’t In Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Avengers Age of UltronWith all of the hype surrounding Avengers: Age of Ultron, Spider-Man coming home to Marvel, the laundry list of characters scheduled to appear in Captain America: Civil War, and the ever expanding world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it feels like Ant-Man is the forgotten step child. It’s one of two Marvel movies coming out this summer, but there isn’t much connection between them. Even though the Ultron promos make it pretty clear that Tony Stark creates Ultron, many of us expected Hank Pym, who creates him in the comics, to show up in that movie at least for a moment, but that’s apparently not happening, and Joss Whedon explains why.

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These Ant-Man Images Show Off A Miniature Paul Rudd And A Psychotic Villian

Ant-ManWhen it rains, it pours. This is the way it often happens, we won’t hear much form a particular movie for a long time then boom, we barely go a day without something falling into our laps. Such is the case with the next new superhero Marvel is bringing to the big screen, Ant-Man. We got teasers for the trailer (both human and ant-sized), the actual trailer, a new poster, and now a handful of stills that show star Paul Rudd as the titular size-changing champion, as well as some additional plot details.

These images from Entertainment Weekly don’t show us much we haven’t already seen, but they do offer a better look than we’ve had before. Like Ant-Man standing in shower, for some reason, as well as a higher resolution shot of him shrunk down and riding on that flying ant. This is shaping up to be a lot of fun, with or without Edgar Wright at the helm, and Ant-Man is a key figure when it comes to the Avengers, so it’s going to be interesting to see how he fits into that part of the MCU. He will also likely play a big role in the Civil War arc that is coming down the pipe.

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First Ant-Man Trailer Proves That Size Matters Not

Having fed their detractors a serving of crow by making Guardians of the Galaxy the highest grossing movie of 2014, Marvel is ready to take what is arguably an even bigger gamble. We’re talking, of course, about Ant-Man, a troubled production that will be hitting the screen this summer, after a decade’s worth of development. Now we’ve got the first chance to see Ant-Man in action. Check out the first trailer below:



Marvel’s Ant-Man Unveils This Human-Sized Preview Of The Full Trailer

The other day Marvel gave us our first look at their upcoming Ant-Man adaptation, sort of. They released an “ant-sized” sneak peek at the upcoming trailer (or the upcoming “full teaser” as they’re calling it, whatever the hell that means), which was funny, but mostly just led to a glut of super fuzzed out blow-ups and lots of squinting. But now they’ve made it easier for fans and their eyesight by unveiling this “human-sized” version of the very same preview.

As you probably guessed, this being essentially a trailer for the trailer, there isn’t a ton here—the real deal drops on January 6 during the premiere of Marvel’s Agent Carter—but it gives you a few quick glimpses and sets the overall tone. I love Paul Rudd and will watch anything he does, and I know he’s done some more straight roles recently, but I’m really curious to see if I can take him seriously as a superhero. I know there is bound to be some humor, but when I see that shot of him looking super grim-faced and being escorted by the law…

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Comic-Con 2014 Panel Vids For The Walking Dead, Interstellar, And More

Comic-Con-LogoAnother massive installment of San Diego’s Comic-Con International has come and gone, leaving the fans to disperse to the four corners of the Earth, laden down with bags of swag. Of course, many people didn’t get to go this year, and there are even more who’ve never been to Comic-Con at all. Thankfully, this is the internet age, so even if you weren’t amid the throngs last week, you can still experience some of the awesomeness via the slew of panel videos that have popped up online.

These don’t give you the visceral thrill of being in the middle of 6,000 cheering geeks in Hall H, and you’re not going to get to see the really cool stuff like that Avengers 2 footage, but many of the panel discussions and Q&A segments are available online to watch in full. Check out the ones we found below, and if you want to recreate the experience more fully, feel free to watch them while crowded into a tool shed with 30 or 40 strangers. But you have to wait in line for 12 hours first.

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