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Dark Crime Thriller Comedy On Max Debuts The Best Directors Ever

The Coen Brothers have made a name for themselves as some of Hollywood’s best directors, and like many fans, I’m …

5 mins ago


John Goodman 1980s Sci-Fi Horror Is Streaming Now

Sometimes the most effective way to create an atmosphere of horror is to place the predators beneath our feet. Such …

35 mins ago

search party

Dark Comedy Streaming On Max Parodies A New Genre Every Season

At its core, Search Party is a comedy about a group of self-centered hipsters. That simple core, which could describe …

3 hours ago

avenue 5

The Best Sci-Fi Comedy Of The Decade Cancelled Before It’s Time

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a wide array of artistic casualties, with many movies, shows, and projects of all kinds …

5 hours ago

alpha dog

The Best 2000s Gritty True Crime Thriller On Streaming Features Career-High Performances 

For all his faults, Justin Timberlake is not a terrible actor. Indeed, if you haven’t seen Alpha Dog, you’ll have …

13 hours ago

The Best Star-Studded Rom-Com Is Being Withheld From Streaming

Romantic comedies seem to have been dying in recent years, with very few well-crafted examples slipping through the cracks and …

1 day ago

Iconic 80s Horror Is An Unintentionally Hilarious Masterpiece, Stream Without Netflix

As a straight-up horror film, 1982’s The Slumber Party Massacre leaves a lot to be desired because it plays out …

1 day ago

star trek discovery

Star Trek: Discovery Connection To Strange New Worlds Hidden in Plain Sight?

After crossing over with the animated Lower Decks, many Star Trek fans were hoping that Strange New Worlds would eventually …

1 day ago

Elvira mistress of the dark

Beloved Horror Icon Stars In Fan-Favorite 1980s Bomb Streaming Now

Cassandra Peterson made her name as one of horror’s most iconic hostesses, introducing scores of B-level science fiction and monster …

1 day ago

jerry seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld Destroying His Iconic Comedy Legacy?

The short answer to that very debatable headline is no. Jerry Seinfeld recently made headlines for his comments about the …

1 day ago

star trek voyager

Star Trek: Discovery Reveals Legacy Of Fan-Favorite Voyager Character 

This most recent season of Star Trek: Discovery has been filled with fun references to earlier shows like The Next …

1 day ago

The Vampire Anime With A Weird Love Story Is A Fan Classic

A vampire story with a love triangle between humans and vampires sounds like every teenage girl’s perfect show, which is …

1 day ago

The Only Sitcom With A Realistic Series Finale

Mad About You was a popular sitcom that aired on NBC from 1992 to 1999. The show starred Paul Reiser and …

1 day ago

The Jenna Ortega Crime Thriller On Paramount+ Way Better Than Its Reputation

Critics didn’t love the movie Finestkind, released in 2023 and starring Ben Foster, Tommy Lee Jones, and Jenna Ortega, among …

2 days ago

The Anime Subgenre Fans Need To Give A Chance

If you’re not into sports in real life, you might think watching people swim or chase a ball in anime …

2 days ago

Haunted House Horror Movies All Share One Infuriating Trope That Needs To Die

I’ve watched my fair share of haunted house movies over the years, and I’m absolutely exhausted by the “creepy old …

2 days ago

1970s Horror Masterpiece Is Streaming Now, Your Eyes Will Thank You

A great horror film will rely on more than onscreen gore to give the audience scares. While well-timed jumps in …

2 days ago

Netflix Teen Thriller Anime Has More Science Fiction Than You Might Expect

Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai, at first glance, looks like an anime filled with fanservice. After all, …

2 days ago

no hard feelings

Jennifer Lawrence Is At Her Comedic Peak In Raunchy Netflix Rom-Com

After going on an absolute horror comedy bender this past month, I decided it was time to cleanse my palate …

2 days ago


The MCU X-Men Must Open Marvel Up To A New Movie Genre

As the Fantastic Four and X-Men make their way into the MCU, it opens the mega-franchise up to explore new …

2 days ago

Alfred Hitchcock lifeboat

The Best Alfred Hitchcock Movie Never Gets The Credit It Deserves

For more than six decades, master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock thrilled movie audiences with dozens of thrillers that are considered …

2 days ago

Twisters Is An Absolute Disgrace To The Original Blockbuster Masterpiece

We all know that there have been some terrible remakes in Hollywood, and of course, there have been some great …

2 days ago

Smallville Treats One Lead Character Worse Than Anyone And It’s Just Bad Writing

When Lana Lang made her small screen debut in the Superman spin-off series, Smallville, the character was introduced as the quintessential …

2 days ago

peanut butter falcon

Netflix Gets One Of The Most Heartwarming Quirky Comedies In Decades, Don’t Miss This

Peanut Butter Falcon is a drama-comedy released in 2019. It’s a heartwarming tale about a man with Down syndrome who …

2 days ago

yoda spinoff

The Star Wars Yoda Spinoff Disney Should Be Working On

Few Star Wars characters command the same reverence as Jedi Master Yoda. With his sage wisdom, unparalleled connection to the …

2 days ago

Julia Roberts 1990s Psychological Thriller Is Her Best Blockbuster

Julia Roberts’ breakout role as Shelby Eatenton Latcherie in the 1989 film Steel Magnolias led to almost immediate success in …

2 days ago

jobless reincarnation

Jobless Reincarnation Is A Creepy Anime For Reasons We Need To Acknowledge

Jobless Reincarnation is an Isekai about a jobless layabout who ends up dying and being reborn into another world as …

2 days ago

x-men '97

X-Men ’97 Hints At Return Of Beloved Character

Now that the X-Men ‘97 finale has aired, we can confidently state that the most shocking moment of the season …

2 days ago

reese witherspoon the morning show

Legally Blonde Prequel Highlights The Problem With Prequels

As you may have heard by now, Amazon is developing a prequel to Legally Blonde for its Prime Video streaming …

3 days ago


The Iconic 1980s Horror Comedy With A Law And Order Icon, Stream Immediately

Emmy Award winning actress Mariska Hargitay has dazzled viewers for more than 25 years on the hit show Law & …

3 days ago