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The Heartbreaking Secret Behind Scott Pilgrim Anime’s Biggest Plot Twist

Recently, the Netflix exclusive Scott Pilgrim Takes Off proved to be a hit with fans of the original comic and …

5 days ago

Disney’s Wish Failure Needs To Change Their Entire Animation Approach

Disney may potentially have another flop on their hands with their latest animated effort, Wish, according to Variety. The original …

6 days ago

Yellowstone Lost Its Magic Before Kevin Costner Left

As Yellowstone approaches its fifth and final season, we can’t help but wonder if the Kevin Costner starring drama had …

2 weeks ago

The Depressing Reason Why Loki’s Sacrifice Means Nothing

The Marvel TV shows on Disney+ have proven to be largely hit or miss, and we’ve been hit fairly recently …

2 weeks ago

The George Romero Forgotten Classic Is The Most Important Zombie Movie

George Romero is the king of the zombie movie. His movies feature not only the blood and gore that horror …

2 weeks ago


James Cameron, Leave Avatar And Make One Sequel To Your Other Sci-Fi Masterpiece

If there’s one thing that James Cameron has made abundantly clear, it’s that he prefers to make Avatar movies from …

2 weeks ago

Henry Cavill’s Superman Is Extremely Overrated

Even as James Gunn works hard to usher in a new DCU and a new Man of Steel with Superman: …

2 weeks ago

The True Story Thriller That’s Being Called The Best Movie Of The Year

Despite a seemingly never-ending plague of box office bombs this year, including high-budget films such as The Little Mermaid, Indiana …

2 weeks ago

blue beetle

DC Must Cancel Their Shared Movie Universe Before It Starts

In superhero cinema, the shared universe has been a blessing and a curse. While the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has …

3 weeks ago

Chris Pratt ghostbusters

Stop Giving Chris Pratt Roles Voice Actors Deserve

If the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes of the past year have taught us anything about the film and television industry, …

3 weeks ago


The MCU Knew The Marvels Would Fail

The Marvels isn’t doing so hot at the box office, and Marvel Studios shouldn’t be too surprised. The film, which …

3 weeks ago

star trek picard

The Best Patrick Stewart Movie, There’s Only One Choice

Patrick Stewart has graced us with his acting presence since 1959, and the movie and stage star boasts an extensive …

4 weeks ago

Our Flag Means Death Gets Queer Romance Right

In a world filled with too many straight rom-coms, Our Flag Means Death is more than just a show about …

1 month ago

tom cruise black hole

Tom Cruise’s Best Replacement In Mission: Impossible

Once upon a time, Jeremy Renner was set up to replace Tom Cruise in the Mission: Impossible franchise. Cruise, of …

1 month ago

Forget Marvel And DC These Are The Next Comics That Should Be Movies

Referred to as The Big Two in the comic industry, Marvel and DC are not the only game in town. …

1 month ago

doctor who villain

Old School Doctor Who Villains Who Deserve To Return

Doctor Who is about to celebrate its 60th anniversary with three special episodes, and unless your TARDIS has been stuck …

1 month ago

brie larson

The Marvels Isn’t Worth Seeing In The Theater

I’ve got nothing against The Marvels. I’m fine with Brie Larson, I liked Captain Marvel, and I had zero problems …

1 month ago

penguin series

The Best Penguin Story Has Been Told, Someone Tell Matt Reeves

When Matt Reeves’s The Penguin hits Max next year (let’s hope, considering all of the scheduling chaos in Hollywood right …

1 month ago

marvel halloween

Best Marvel Halloween Stories

Halloween is here and–unless about 85 percent of modern media is somehow wiped out of existence in the near future–so …

1 month ago

Forget Totally Killer, This Is The Best Horror Comedy Movie Ever

There’s nothing moviegoers love more than laughing after just having their pants scared off. The horror comedy has a long …

1 month ago

the boys

The Boys Universe Does This One Thing Better Than Marvel

Perhaps it’s not a fair comparison considering all the shows and films Marvel’s narrative spans, versus the comparatively young screen …

1 month ago

Iron Man’s Best Armor Is Absolutely Useless

The very first live-action screen appearance of Iron Man’s fan-favorite Hulkbuster armor proved to be one of the most anticipated …

1 month ago

gen v

In Gen V, Vought Rips Off Batman’s Best Ideas

In the most recent episodes of Amazon‘s Gen V, we learn that things are even more sinister than we realized …

1 month ago

Star Trek Has This Actor To Thank For Klingons

Much of what has makes Klingons so popular in Trek starts not in Paramount‘s The Original Series, but on the …

1 month ago

Ray Bradbury’s Anti-Technology Message In Fahrenheit 451 Is Dumb And Wrong

Television, movies, and the internet have not made mankind dumber or more disconnected.

1 month ago

Marvel Needs To Bring This One X-Men Character Into The MCU

The 90s were a dark time for comic books; everywhere you looked, superheroes were getting edgier, darker, and more extreme. …

1 month ago

The Most Hype Moments In Anime History

There are moments in anime that will cause goosebumps, make viewers jump out of their chairs, and pump their fists …

1 month ago

star trek

Star Trek Episodes Perfect For Halloween

It’s almost Halloween and, if you’re like me, no holiday is going to stop you from watching Paramount‘s Star Trek. …

1 month ago

highlander Christopher Lambert

If Highlander Continues, There’s Only One Way To Do It

Not too long ago, I argued that the Highlander franchise should never have gone beyond the original 1986 movie starring …

1 month ago

nicolas cage star trek

Casting Nicolas Cage In Star Trek

Earlier this year, Nicolas Cage revealed he’d turned down a role in Disney+’s The Mandalorian because Star Trek, not Star …

1 month ago