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Dune Creator Thought Star Wars Ripped Him Off

There’s no denying that Star Wars owes a debt to Dune. The desert setting of A New Hope seems especially …

41 seconds ago


The X-Men Hero Marvel Needs To Focus On Isn’t Deadpool Or Wolverine

As the MCU introduces a new generation of viewers to the X-Men, there’s a lot of pressure on these new …

11 hours ago

The Alien Movie That We Can Finally Appreciate After The Awful Prequels

If you asked someone to name the Alien prequels, they’d most likely say Prometheus, followed by Alien: Covenant, and end …

17 hours ago

star trek

Star Trek’s Best Villain Is Much Older Than You Think

While the Borg are scary and the Klingons are fun, many Star Trek fans believe the best villain is Q, …

20 hours ago

Fantastic Four

The Best Fantastic Four Movie Has Nothing To Do With Marvel

It won’t be hard for Marvel’s new Fantastic Four movie to be better than all the other big-screen FF adaptations. …

1 day ago

Worf Is A Bad Dad Who Deserves His Own Story

One of the major lessons that modern classic shows like Breaking Bad have taught us is that flawed characters offer …

2 days ago

star trek robert picardo

Star Trek Attacked Religion With Its Most Lovable Character

Historically, Star Trek has kept a polite distance from religion, which is largely due to the influence of franchise creator …

3 days ago

Alien Prequels Being Erased Is The Best Move For The Franchise

Recently, Fargo showrunner Noah Hawley stated outright that his new Alien series will ignore Ridley Scott’s Alien prequels. No hate …

4 days ago

godzilla minus one

Godzilla Minus One Deserves To Win Its Oscar

Godzilla Minus One made a huge splash when it premiered in December, with audiences and critics praising the film for …

4 days ago

star trek picard season 2

Star Trek: Picard Proves Paramount Doesn’t Know Its Fans

Part of what made the third season of Star Trek: Picard such a success was that it brought back so …

4 days ago


X-Men ’97 Fans Angry About Series Doing What X-Men Has Always Done

It was recently announced that the upcoming Disney+ series X-Men ’97 will make Morph non-binary, and the usual suspects are …

5 days ago

The Sci-Fi Classic Still Misunderstood Today

Here’s a hot take: Paul Verhoeven’s Starship Troopers might be a better satire than RoboCop. Don’t get us wrong, RoboCop, …

5 days ago

x-men 97

The X-Men ‘97 Change Dividing Fans

The upcoming X-Men ‘97 series is looking to leverage fan nostalgia for everybody’s merry band of mutants by effectively bringing …

5 days ago

The Sci-Fi Action Sequel On Disney+ That’s More Fun Than Anyone Remembers

Far better than we had any right to expect.

6 days ago

dcu dead

The DCU Is Dead On Arrival

Warner Bros. is all set to soft launch the DCU later this year with the animated series Creature Commandos before …

6 days ago

Batman’s Best Sidekick Isn’t Robin

Batman has had a lot of sidekicks over the years. There have been at least five canon Robins alone, to …

7 days ago

autobiography of Benjamin Sisko

Star Trek Fan-Favorite Hero Should Never Have Been Promoted

Star Trek: Nemesis is definitely one of the worst films in the franchise, but it had at least one moment …

7 days ago

Netflix Avatar: The Last Airbender In Danger Of Ruining Beloved Franchise

The beloved animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender is getting a live-action series over at Netflix. While fans are hopeful …

7 days ago


The Star Wars Story That Turns Ewoks Into Monsters

One of the reasons Star Wars fans criticize Return of the Jedi so harshly is that it is difficult to …

1 week ago

ahsoka premiere

Ahsoka’s Hated Character Change Is The Absolute Right Move

On paper, Ahsoka was a show designed for fans of Star Wars Rebels: after all, it brought back fan-favorite characters …

1 week ago

Bob Iger Daredevil

Marvel Is Going To Ruin Their R-Rated Era

Recently, the Marvel show Echo had the dubious honor of being the first new Disney+ franchise entry to be rated …

1 week ago

Star Wars Changed Forever Because Of A Low Budget Indie Film

When fans discuss films that greatly impacted Star Wars, they typically bring up the obvious inspirations such as Akira Kurosawa’s …

1 week ago

star trek music

New Star Trek Defeats Classic Trek In One Important Way

Among Star Trek fans, there is a constant debate about whether things like the Kelvinverse movies or NuTrek TV shows …

1 week ago

DC Crisis on Infinite Earths

Batman Kills People All The Time

If there’s one thing that defines Batman as a character, it’s his strict “No killing” rule—except it’s less of a …

1 week ago

clone wars order

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Watch Order Is Not What You Think

If you’re a new Star Wars fan, chances are you’re considering getting into The Clone Wars. While the decision to …

1 week ago

The Dumb-But-Fun Alien Invasion Flop Starring A Pop Icon, That You Don’t Need Netflix To Watch

Edit a lot of idiotic and stolen together into two hours of film, and you end up with a big, silly summer blockbuster in which legless men can be heroes, and the elderly can be useful.

1 week ago

rayn reynolds deadpool

Ryan Reynolds Ruins Deadpool By Being Ryan Reynolds

It’s fair to say that whether you’re a diehard Marvel fan or just a casual moviegoer, it’s impossible to think …

1 week ago

Deadpool And Wolverine Won’t Save Marvel, Even If It Makes Billions

The upcoming Deadpool and Wolverine will bring two popular characters from outside of the MCU into the mega-franchise later this …

1 week ago

Star Wars Best Villain Inspired By America’s Worst President

Star Wars is full of some very memorable villains, and characters like Darth Vader and Boba Fett seem to have …

1 week ago