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race to witch mountain

The Disney+ Sci-Fi Action Reboot With A Global Superstar No One Ever Talks About

Currently available to stream on Disney+, the 2008 sci-fi reboot, Race To Witch Mountain, is heavily underappreciated. Featuring big-name stars …

10 mins ago

little nicky

The Most Insane Adam Sandler Movie Is Streaming Without Netflix

These days, just about everyone is aware of Adam Sandler’s dramatic acting capability, as demonstrated in such critically acclaimed films …

3 hours ago

The Novel From Fight Club Author That Needs The Big-Screen Treatment

Author Chuck Palahnuik is best known for being the guy who wrote Fight Club, but the movie adaptation that I …

5 hours ago

The Perfect Star Wars Comedy Show Is Already Written

For better or for worse, Disney has decided that the future of Star Wars is going to almost entirely consist …

6 hours ago

Netflix 90s Magical Anime Reboot Is Better Than The Original

When anime was first breaking through into America thanks to the Toonami block on Cartoon Network, there were a few …

16 hours ago

Netflix Needs To Rescue This Fan-Favorite Adaptation With The Perfect Series

The Remarried Empress is a popular web novel and webcomic, making it a great option to turn into a TV …

16 hours ago

The Thriller Series On Hulu Officially Recut Into A Movie

The Stranger—not to be confused with The Strangers: Chapter 1, which was also released this year—is a story about how …

18 hours ago

witches of east end

Horror Fantasy Series On Hulu Is A Secret Treat For God Of War Fans

God of War is a popular video game focusing on mythology from all over the globe, with the most recent …

19 hours ago

Season 2 Of Beloved Comedy Series Reboot Is Counting On Nostalgia

Season 2 of the Frasier reboot has me feeling like an easy mark as I find myself getting excited despite …

19 hours ago

Netflix Comedy Finds Humor In The Last Place You Expect

When you hear the phrase “prison drama,” the first series that probably come to mind are Oz or Prison Break. …

22 hours ago

Netflix Supernatural Horror Series Is Slow Burn To Apocalypse

The name that horror fans all seem to trust right now is Mike Flanagan and the supernatural horror Netflix original …

23 hours ago

R-Rated Controversial Comedy With Beloved Star You Can’t Make Today, Stream Without Netflix

When today’s audiences look back at previous film entries through a set of modern lenses, there are certain scenes that …

24 hours ago

R-Rated Comedy From Legendary Controversial Director Is Being Forgotten

John Waters has given audiences some of the raunchiest takes on slices of Americana since his cult classic Pink Flamingos …

1 day ago

The Original Twister Wasn’t A Disaster Movie

I’ll be taking the family to the drive-in theater this weekend to see the long-awaited and highly anticipated Twisters, and …

1 day ago

bad times at the el royale

Netflix Needs To Adapt Sweet Home Creator’s Other Great Comics

With Sweet Home having just released its final season, it’s time to talk about the author’s other works. Carnby Kim, …

1 day ago

mr deeds

2000s Hit Comedy With Billion-Dollar Star Is Being Hidden From Fans

If you grew up in the 1990s or early 2000s, you were likely fed a steady diet of silly off-the-walls …

1 day ago

the sadness

Deranged Bloody Horror On Shudder Will Destroy You With Unreal Violence Beyond R-Rated

If you’re a horror fan, you may already be subscribed to the streaming service Shudder, which offers a wide array …

1 day ago

Battlestar Galactica Retconned Its Best Relationship

While it had great special effects and captivating plots, it’s fair to say that the Battlestar Galactica reboot’s greatest strength …

1 day ago

The Netflix Horror Series Adaptation That Is Perfect

Live-action webcomic adaptations don’t always turn out well. It’s hard to make something cartoonish look lifelike without any problems. However, …

2 days ago


Hulu Star-Studded Action Sci-Fi Horror Revives Beloved Franchise

What’s scarier than a superhuman alien with cloaking tech stalking you through a nameless South American jungle? How about three …

2 days ago

The 90s Historical Fantasy Anime That Inspired The Matrix Is Now Streaming

The Big Three of anime today are Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece, but back in the 90s, anime fans knew …

2 days ago

Netflix True Crime Docuseries Brings You Into A Serial Killer’s Life

Joe Berlinger’s Conversations with a Killer series on Netflix does the unthinkable and takes an incredible deep-dive into the minds …

2 days ago


One Of The Most Successful Anime Series In History Is On Netflix

Many US kids discovered anime through stuff like Toonami, with shows like Dragon Ball Z being the gateway to a …

2 days ago

The Legendary Crime Anime That Perfectly Captures The Greatest Decade

There has never been and never will be again, a decade quite like the 80s, and for as much as …

2 days ago

the lost city

Disney+ Adventure Comedy Gives Beloved Star His Best Kind Of Role

The Lost City is such a fun film, and it’s streaming now on Disney+. If you haven’t seen it yet, …

2 days ago

Nicolas Cage Netflix Docuseries Is As Profound As It Is Profane

History of Swear Words begins with Nicolas Cage standing up from his comfy chair, looking directly into the camera, and …

2 days ago

X-Files theory

The Most Important Early X-Files Guest Isn’t Who You Think

One of the things that makes The X-Files such a great show is that it felt so fully formed right …

2 days ago

Netflix Comedy Classic Still Holds Up 30 Years Later

Can you believe that’s its been 30 years since Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels originally teamed up to bring us …

2 days ago

The 90s Fantasy Comedy Anime That Needs To Be Saved For Future Generations

Fantasy has been on the rise for the past decade, following the success of Game of Thrones and then the …

2 days ago