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wild things

Netflix 1990s Cult Classic Mystery Thriller Still Famous For One Erotic Scene

You know all those memes that jokingly declare that someone is watching a film for the plot, only to reveal …

2 days ago

Battlestar Galactica Plot hole

The Truth Behind Battlestar Galactica’s Most Shocking Character Decision

The Battlestar Galactica reboot was full of shocking character decisions, including the many deceits of Gaius Baltar and the horrific …

2 days ago


Violent R-Rated Horror Thriller On Peacock Is One Of The Year’s Gems

There have been a lot of terrific horror movies released so far in 2024 but directorial duo Matt Bettinell-Olpin and …

2 days ago

Sci-Fi Horror With 80s Star Deserves A Second Chance, Stream Without Netflix

 If you’ve never heard of the 2013 film Stranded, you’re not alone. The direct-to-video production barely made $1.7 million in …

2 days ago

the boys season 4

The Boys’ Best Scene Proves It’s Wasting Its Greatest Talent

Fans have had much to criticize about Season 4 of The Boys, including much of Starlight’s characterization. The character has …

2 days ago

bad blood

The Early X-Files Episode That Sealed Beloved Character’s Fate

Part of why fans kept tuning into The X-Files was the specter of dread hanging over our favorite characters. It …

2 days ago

i am not okay with this

Netflix Series With Stephen King Star Deserves Season 2

If you’ve ever wondered what Carrie would look like as an allegory for repressed queerness and PTSD, I Am Not …

2 days ago

Netflix Smash Hit Nostalgic Action Series Final Season Is Here

After patiently waiting for nearly two years, fans of the Netflix series Cobra Kai have been rewarded with the final …

2 days ago

The Acolyte Proves That Emperor Palpatine Was Right

One of the big truths throughout all three Star Wars trilogies is that Emperor Palpatine is the ultimate evil in …

2 days ago

R-Rated Netflix Sci-Fi Time Travel Thriller Will Keep You Guessing

If you’re a fan of classic time travel movies with mind-bending paradoxes just begging to be plotted out on some …

2 days ago

Max Classic Animated Movie That Traumatized An Entire Generation

Judging by Inside Out 2 making over a billion dollars so far this year, obviously plenty of adults in 2024 …

2 days ago

return of the living dead

The R-Rated Zombie Horror Comedy That Created Eating Brains, Stream Without Netflix

Do you wanna party? That’s the question that 1985’s Return of the Living Dead poses in one of the film’s …

2 days ago


1990s Fantasy Adventure Comedy Is A Netflix Essential, Stream Right Now

With the modern reboots of the Jumanji franchise, it’s time to look at the original that started it all. Thankfully, …

2 days ago

The Hulu Adventure Comedy With An All-Star Cast Perfect For All Ages

Smallfoot, released in theaters in 2018, was such a pleasant surprise to me and my kids when we saw it …

2 days ago

the boys

The Boys Most Disgusting Supe Was Much Better In The Comics

When it comes to The Boys, most people agree that the show is an improvement over the comic. However, The …

2 days ago

land of bad

New Netflix Intense Action Thriller Is A Military Mission Gone Horribly Wrong

Netflix has a new No. 1 film streaming that stars Russell Crowe and Liam Hemsworth with support from Luke Hemsworth, …

2 days ago

The DCU Batman Needs Less Dark Knight And More Caped Crusader

Once James Gunn finishes his Superman film, there’s a good chance he will switch his focus to the new DCU …

2 days ago

Netflix True Crime Saga Starts With A Bank Heist And Gets Stranger By The Minute

Following the success of Netflix’s Making a Murderer docuseries in 2015, the streaming service invested hard in its true crime …

3 days ago

star trek deep space nine feature

The Best Star Trek DS9 Episode Retcons The Worst TNG Episode

One of the most interesting things about the early days of Star Trek: The Next Generation is that the various …

3 days ago

the boys trump

What The Boys Fans Always Get Wrong About Homelander

When you get passionate about a show, you might just engage in the time-honored tradition of yelling at the television …

3 days ago

Netflix Outrageous Supernatural Horror Comedy Brings The Devil To The Suburbs

Whoever said dating a person with a child is easy? An overlooked horror comedy from 2017 introduces audiences to an …

3 days ago

The Terrifying Netflix Supernatural Horror Inspired By Classic Anthology Series

When those of us of a certain age look back at our early days blossoming into horror lovers, there’s likely …

3 days ago

Netflix True Crime Serial Killer Series Will Chill You To The Bone

With a collection of critically acclaimed titles like Alien 3, Fight Club, Seven, and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo …

3 days ago

Twisters Shows Hollywood How Soft Reboots Should Work

New films of existing franchises have mostly served as either sequels or remakes, but we’re now living in the golden …

3 days ago

X-Files mulder

The X-Files Humanized Its Best Character In The Silliest Way

Part of what made The X-Files such an engaging show from the beginning was the unflappable cool of FBI Special …

3 days ago

Dark Netflix Serial Killer Thriller Inspired By True Events Is Truly The Stuff Of Nightmares

Audiences can experience one of the darkest thrillers of the last decade streaming on Netflix this month. The 2018 film …

3 days ago

shimmer lake

Netflix Dark Comedy Thriller Turns Fan-Favorite Office Star Into A Criminal

He may be on the cusp of releasing a final film and retiring from cinema, but Quentin Tarantino’s influence continues …

3 days ago

The Most Powerful Starfleet Ships In Star Trek

Above all other science fiction franchises, even Star Wars, Star Trek is known for its ships. And while many of the …

3 days ago