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andrew garfield spider-man

Andrew Garfield Is The Best Spider-Man, Here’s Why

Andrew Garfield’s Amazing Spider-Man films aren’t the best, but his Spider-Man is more well-rounded and demonstrates the character’s sense of responsibility better than the other two.

4 weeks ago

blade runner

The Book Isn’t Always Better, Blade Runner Proves It

Blade Runner is better than the original Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? because it allows its themes to grow, instead of being obsessed on.

4 weeks ago

Deathstroke Should Be The Next Batman Movie Villain, Here’s Why

Deathstroke is a dark mirror of Batman, smart, a gifted tactician, one of the greatest fighters in the DCU, and he would be the perfect villain for The Batman 2.

4 weeks ago

star trek hogwarts

The Cast Of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Sorted Into Hogwarts Houses

We predict which Hogwarts houses the heroes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine would be assigned to in whatever weird alternate universe has them sign up for the school.

4 weeks ago

bernard hill lord of the rings

Lord Of The Rings Is About To Undergo An Enormous Battle, And Only This Side Is Going To Win

Amazon will likely have more success with The Rings of Power than Warner Bros. Discovery will with their upcoming reboot of The Lord of The Rings franchise.

1 month ago

mandalorian season 3 premiere

The Mandalorian Season 3 Premiere Review: The Most Disappointing Season Premiere Yet

The Season 3 premiere of The Mandalorian has action and laughs, but it doesn’t deliver a complete story.

1 month ago

best joker

Jack Nicholson Is The Best Joker, Here’s Why

Jack Nicholson was the best version of the Joker for being the most complete and nuanced.

1 month ago

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Is The Most Underrated Kevin Costner Film

Kevin Costner’s starring role in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves is his second-best box office total ever and his most underrated film despite his lack of an accent.

1 month ago

patrick stewart professor x

Patrick Stewart’s Best Role Isn’t Picard, It’s Charles Xavier, Here’s Why

Opinion Editor Michileen Martin argues that while he may be better remembered as Jean-Luc Picard of Star Trek, the best Patrick Stewart role is his time as Charles Xavier in 2017’s Logan.

1 month ago

star trek first contact

The Best Star Trek Movie Isn’t Wrath Of Khan, It’s First Contact

First Contact is the best Star Trek movie for both resolving the past of TNG and expanding the franchise’s future.

1 month ago


Gattaca Is The Revival Series We Really Need

A television revival of the cult 1997 sci-fi movie Gattaca could explore its themes further in the style of neo-noir mysteries.

1 month ago

rogue one

Empire Strikes Back Isn’t The Best Star Wars Movie, It’s Rogue One

Empire Strikes back is a dark, character-driven movie and was the best Star Wars movie, but Rogue One now has that title because it does everything better.

1 month ago

star trek timeline header captains

You May Hate Star Trek’s Newest Captain, But He’s Right

Todd Stashwick’s Captain Liam Shaw from Season 3 of Star Trek: Picard isn’t very likable, but he’s right about the show’s heroes putting his crew in unnecessary danger.

1 month ago

worst movies critics

The 25 Worst Movies Ever Made

Giant Freakin Robot’s team compiled the 25 worst movies ever made according to critics, a list led by Is That A Gun In Your Pocket and The Singing Forest.

1 month ago

the consultant premiere

The Consultant Series Premiere Review: A Forgettable Workplace Thriller With Too Much Build-Up

Amazon’s The Consultant tries too hard to be mysterious and doesn’t take advantage of its chief talent.

1 month ago

Lord of the rings star wars

The Lord Of The Rings Needs To Learn A Valuable Lesson From Star Wars

The new Lord of the Rings movies need to learn from Star Wars sequels by sticking to one unified creative vision.

1 month ago

Dwayne Johnson Isn’t The Best Wrestler Turned Movie Star, This Comic Book Movie Star Is Better

Dave Bautista has taken a wider variety of roles and demonstrated a willingness to improve, making him the best wrestler-turned-actor.

1 month ago

m night shyamalan

Knock At The Cabin Isn’t The Best M. Night Shyamalan Movie, It’s Something Else

M Night Shyamalan’s best movie Split is available to stream on Apple TV.

1 month ago

star trek gul dukat

The Best Star Trek Villain Wasn’t In Any Of The Movies

The Star Trek movies have brought us some of the franchise’s best villains, but the greatest of them all is Gul Dukat who canonically only appears in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

1 month ago

princess bride reboot

The Princess Bride Isn’t The Best Movie Starring A Professional Wrestler, It’s This Sci-Fi Cult Classic

Rowdy Roddy Piper’s starring role as Nada in They Live makes John Carpenter’s eerily relevant sci-fi film the best movie starring a wrestler.

1 month ago

james cameron

The Best James Cameron Movie Isn’t An Avatar Film

James Cameron’s best movie is Aliens, which developed the world of Xenomorphs more than any other movie.

1 month ago

star trek

The Most Underrated Star Trek Movie Only Did One Thing Wrong, But It Was Enough

Star Trek: Generations is a great movie with only one flaw, the death of Kirk, but that flaw is bad enough.

1 month ago

There Is No Reason To Watch The Next Two Years Of DC Movies

The next few years of DC movies can be ignored before James Gunn’s personally developed movies are released. Nothing in the next two years has an announced follow-up, and the whole universe is being reset, so why bother?

1 month ago

elden ring

Elden Ring Is Not the Best Game of The Year, This Destructive And Stunning RPG Is Better

Elden Ring may have won 2022’s Game of the Year, but God of War Ragnarok was more deserving of the prestigious title.

1 month ago

leonardo dicaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Best Movie Is Underappreciated And Streaming On Netflix Right Now

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Howard Hughes biopic, The Aviator, is currently streaming on Netflix.

1 month ago

tom cruise

Tom Cruise’s Best Movie Isn’t A Top Gun Or Mission: Impossible Entry, It’s A Dark Thriller

Collateral, the 2004 thriller starring Tom Cruise in a rare villainous role, is his best non-franchise movie.

1 month ago

avatar 2 underwater blockbusters

Hollywood Needs To Stop With The Underwater Blockbusters

Hollywood is obsessed with making underwater blockbusters to distract from the unreality of CGI.

1 month ago

The Worst Batman Is Not George Clooney

Christian Bale is the worst Batman because his character is too realistic.

1 month ago

blue beetle superhero movie news

Blue Beetle Is The Best Possible Movie For The New DC Universe, Here’s Why

Blue Beetle is the DCU movie that can help bring the comic movie company out of mediocrity.

1 month ago

marvel cinematic universe ant-man

The Marvel Cinematic Universe Needs To Make One Important Change After Quantumania

Critically, Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania is a failure, and our writer argues that to right the MCU ship, the old Marvel formula needs to be thrown overboard.

1 month ago