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Netflix Needs To Get One Thing Right With Avatar: The Last Airbender Live-Action

If you’re a fan of the Avatar: The Last Airbender series, then the upcoming live-action Netflix (preview via YouTube) creation …

1 month ago


Best Loki MCU Story Is One We’ll Never Get To See

In the MCU we’ve seen Loki as a hero, a villain, and a king. Thanks to the Disney+ animated series …

1 month ago

The Epic Fantasy Video Game Franchise Disney Needs To Adapt

Recent video game adaptations such as The Super Mario Bros. Movie and The Last of Us have shown the world …

1 month ago

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loki thanos

Loki’s MCU Story Only Makes Sense If Something Was Wrong With Thanos

Ever since it was revealed in 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron that the scepter Loki wields in 2012’s The Avengers …

1 month ago

The Best Will Ferrell Movie Is Also His Weirdest

Step Brothers is Will Ferrell’s best movie. His comedy team-up with John C. Reilly is filled with quotables and hilarious moments.

1 month ago


Star Wars Jawas Hiding Shocking Secret?

I have exactly one Star Wars fan theory and it’s kind of bonkers. It is not a theory I wanted …

1 month ago

patrick stewart picard

Star Trek: Picard Killed Two Fan-Favorite Heroes Off-Screen?

Star Trek: Picard concluded its third and final season in April, but it left behind plenty of lingering questions. Chief …

1 month ago

the avengers

Loki Is A Villain In Avengers, Whether You Like Him Or Not

The sentiment that Loki isn’t a villain, and never was, that persists among a thick slice of the Marvel fandom …

1 month ago

saturday night live

Funniest Saturday Night Live Skits Of All Time

SNL is one of few shows that makes appointment viewing a priority, and it has been this way since its …

1 month ago

harry potter

Harry Potter Should Not Be Remade, Instead, We Need A Series About The Weasley Family

The Harry Potter story, created by J.K. Rowling, is filled with fascinating characters, spells, and adventures. While the original series focused on …

1 month ago

concert movie

Forget Taylor Swift’s Eras, This Is The Concert Movie You Need To See

October 13 brought us Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour, which is a perfect example of a concert movie where the …

1 month ago

robert de niro cape fear

Terrifying Stalker Films Sure To Get Under Your Skin

Stalker films tap into deep and primal fears: the loss of personal safety, for example, or the violation our private …

1 month ago

better call saul prequel

TV Spinoffs That Are Better Than The Original

It’s always a bold statement to say that a TV spinoff series is better than its predecessor, but in some …

1 month ago

When Is The Next G.I. Joe Movie?

G.I. Joe is one of the most easily recognized toy brands of all time, which begs the question, why aren’t …

1 month ago

Futurama’s Most Emotional Moments

Futurama has a reputation of being among the smartest and most thought-provoking shows ever made, with many claiming that the …

1 month ago

Ranking Star Trek’s Counselors

We often think of Star Trek counselors only being a thing after Star Trek: The Next Generation, but going back …

1 month ago

three amigos western comedy

Best Western Comedy Films Ever Made

Though the Western film genre frequently operates according to well-established rules, it is also a broad canvas that can include …

1 month ago

the exorcist

The Most Terrifying Exorcism Movies, Ranked

The demonic possession and exorcism subgenre of horror cinematography has fallen out of favor during the ’80s and the ’90s, …

1 month ago

The Best Shows That Show Just How Hard Parenting Really Is

Parenting is a journey filled with highs and lows, a rollercoaster of emotions that often leaves us questioning our choices …

1 month ago

Terrifying Jump Scare Movies To Stream This Halloween

There’s nothing quite like a good jump scare to get your heart rate up and your blood boiling. But not …

1 month ago

The Best TV Shows To Watch For Interior Design Ideas

The television landscape is teeming with shows that cater to aspiring interior designers, providing a rich mix of inspiration, innovation, …

1 month ago

The Justice League Villain James Gunn Needs To Bring To The DCU

James Gunn has proven with Guardians of the Galaxy that he can take C-list characters and turn them into pop …

1 month ago

sylvester stallone

Demolition Man 30th Anniversary Retro Review

Thirty years ago this month Bill Clinton was the President, Howard Stern released Private Parts, Michael Jordan announced his retirement …

2 months ago

The Winchesters

The Supernatural Episodes You Need To Watch For Halloween

Over 15 seasons, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) found themselves in bind after bind on The CW’s …

2 months ago

anime monopoly

The Best Anime Character Is A Worldwide Icon

There is no more time-honored tradition among anime fans than debating which character is better than others. It’s not always …

2 months ago

prodigy netflix

Star Trek: Prodigy Will Be On Netflix, Is That A Good Thing?

Star Trek fans are used to watching favorite heroes like Captain Janeway save the day at the last possible minute. …

2 months ago

star trek section 31

Star Trek Sneakily Sets Up Section 31 Reveal

Last week, I wrote an op-ed arguing that the reveal of a Genesis device on a Ferengi ship in Star …

2 months ago

This Is The Next Star Wars Hero Who Needs Their Own Series

So far, the Disny+ Star Wars shows have drawn inspiration from the movies (Obi-Wan Kenobi, Andor) and animation (Ahsoka), but …

2 months ago