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The 1980s Fan-Favorite Epic Fantasy Series Being Lost To Time

Fantasy shows weren’t always the mainstay of home entertainment. In a time before Game of Thrones and The Witcher, networks …

1 week ago

star trek breen

Decades-Old Star Trek Mystery Finally Solved?

In Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the Breen eventually became the most mysterious race in the entire show. A central …

1 week ago

The Social Network 2 Shouldn’t Be About Facebook

Back in 2010, The Social Network premiered to rave reviews, offering the world a glimpse into the true machiavellian tale …

2 weeks ago

new doctor who

Doctor Who Nearly Changed Forever By Horror Icon

While Doctor Who has been a pop culture phenomenon since it premiered in 1963, it’s fair to say the show …

2 weeks ago

the river

Mel Gibson Drama On Netflix Is A Triumph Of The Human Spirit

These days, Mel Gibson is kind of seen as radioactive to the general public, due to his many noted instances …

2 weeks ago

Star Trek Discovery Turns The Best Deep Space Nine Episode Into A Joke

The final season of Star Trek: Discovery has had frequent references to earlier shows in the franchise, including numerous mentions …

2 weeks ago

Doctor Who Regenerates Into The Best Season In Years

After getting to open the present early with a Christmas special, fans were recently treated to the proper premiere of …

2 weeks ago

andy serkis

Lord Of The Rings Star Directing Spinoff Dooms Adventure From The Start

As someone working in entertainment journalism, I don’t usually get frustrated anymore when I learn franchises that would be best …

2 weeks ago

My Hero Academia Season 7 Expands The Anime’s World With A Big Bang

I don’t usually get too excited for the first episode of a new season of big Shonnen anime as they …

2 weeks ago

We Have Proof A Gollum Movie Is A Bad Idea

Lord of the Rings fans were shocked and delighted at the announcement that we would get a standalone Gollum movie …

2 weeks ago

ryan gosling

The Fall Guy Flopping Is The Beginning Of The End For Hollywood

I’ll admit right here, at the very beginning, that the headline is, indeed, a bit of hyperbole. The Fall Guy …

2 weeks ago

jj abrams

J.J. Abrams First Turned Down Star Wars For Star Trek And Then Ruined Both

Back in 2012, after Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm, pretty much every big-name director was mentioned as a possibility to helm …

2 weeks ago

Seinfeld Isn’t Really About Nothing

Whenever I try to extol the virtues of Seinfeld to my friends who passionately hate the series (what’s the deal …

2 weeks ago

Netflix Crime Action Comedy Anime Is The Perfect Con Artist Adventure

While not as ubiquitous as mecha or martial arts series, crime dramas are important to the legacy of anime. While …

2 weeks ago

jerry seinfield

Jerry Seinfeld Is Wrong About Comedy

By now, we’ve all heard Jerry Seinfeld’s latest hot take about how comedy has been ruined by political correctness, but …

2 weeks ago

The Best New Show On TV Dares You To Love It While You Hate It, Stream Without Netflix

In my initial review of Shōgun’s first few episodes, I found myself shocked and confused. The show’s first episode begins …

2 weeks ago

The What We Do In The Shadows Spin-off Fans Must Stream

The New Zealand horror-comedy mockumentary, What We Do in the Shadows has reshaped the comedy landscape. The film helped kickstart …

2 weeks ago

The Nathan Fillion Superhero Comedy DC Fans Must Revisit Before Superman

Nathan Fillion is set to appear in James Gunn’s Superman next year, in which he’ll be playing Guy Gardner. If …

2 weeks ago

Lost Is The Worst Thing To Happen To Sci-Fi Television

The American sci-fi drama series Lost, which premiered its first season in September 2004, almost twenty years ago, had incredible …

2 weeks ago

pandemonium movie

1980s Horror Slapstick Teen Comedy In Danger Of Being Lost

Parodies have been a staple in the film industry for almost as long as film itself. From the silent era’s …

2 weeks ago

Stream Beverly Hills Cop Trilogy To Get Hyped For Beverly Hills Cop 4 On Netflix

Long before Eddie Murphy got super silly with The Nutty Professor and Doctor Doolittle, which are great movies in their …

2 weeks ago

the craft

90s Cult Classic Dark Teen Fantasy Horror Still Casts A Spell

The Craft is a 90s cult classic dark teen fantasy horror that practically invented a genre, paving the way for …

2 weeks ago

marvel spotlight

Marvel’s Biggest Success Reveals How Much They Are Failing 

Chris Pratt recently reminded us with his behind-the-scenes video on Instagram that Avengers: End Game was released in theaters five …

2 weeks ago

1980s Mother’s Day Slasher Horror Dark Comedy Is A Sick Way To Celebrate

If you want to stay in your wife’s good graces on Mother’s Day, there’s one movie that you need to …

2 weeks ago

james gunn dcu

Everyone Gets Superman’s Weakness To Magic Wrong

Kryptonite is one of the only surefire ways to hurt Superman, but, believe it or not, magic works too. Does …

2 weeks ago

fight night part 2

The 80s Vampire Horror Sequel Cult Classic No One Gets To Watch Anymore

Sometimes when a sequel gets panned, it’s well deserved. Film studios can milk a character or a storyline until it’s …

2 weeks ago

pump up the volume

The Must-See 1990 Fight The Power Teen Comedy Being Hidden Away From New Fans

A great number of films have been dedicated to capturing the essence of teenage angst. Whether it’s James Dean rebelling …

2 weeks ago

lois lane

James Gunn Must Save One DC Character From The Snyderverse Ruining Them

With the Snyderverse over and James Gunn’s DCU coming soon, I can’t help but reflect on the Snyderverse’s version of …

2 weeks ago

The Best Netflix Heist Crime Epic In Years Is Completely Ruined By One Actor

When Baby Driver was first released in 2017, it received massive critical praise and served as the culmination of two …

2 weeks ago

Concert Film On Amazon Documents One Of The Greatest Rap Tours Of The 21st Century

By now, just about everyone on Earth has heard of Kendrick Lamar through his music, his production deal with the …

2 weeks ago