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The 1980s Disney Sci-Fi Horror Thriller Being Buried in The Past

Does anyone remember a time when Disney ventured into the horror genre? Well, we do; it happened during the ‘80s, …
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Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Sued for Deceptive Packaging

Weird lawsuits are always a lot of fun, at least to read about; for a recent example, consider the federal …
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The Surprising Reason Why Star Trek Icon Hated His Most Important Episode

Why the heck would Worf actor Michael Dorn hate “Heart of Glory”? While the Star Trek: The Next Generation character …
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A Writer’s Own Terror Created Star Trek’s Scariest Moment

One of the observations that always stuck with us was Mike Stoklassa’s declaration that he always saw Star Trek: The …
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Star Trek DS9 Lead Actor Tried To Play Captain Janeway At The Same Time

Around here, we’re fond of reminding everyone that Deep Space Nine is the best Star Trek show, and Nana Visitor …
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