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Tom Cruise Is Remaking A Wild Clint Eastwood Action Thriller

An exclusive report on the next movie Tom Cruise is making as part of his new deal with Warner Bros.
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Star Trek's Best Hero Created To Avoid Adding Another Woman

Star Trek: The Next Generation introduced us to the Klingon Starfleet officer, Worf, and he eventually became one of the …
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The Sitcom Trope That Makes No Sense But Every Show Does It

For the sake of convenience and continuity, every single sitcom somehow has a soundproof kitchen that’s seemingly located in another …
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Ancient Monument Unearthed Shocks Archeologists, Unlike Anything Ever Seen

An archaeological dig site in France has uncovered several artifacts and the remnants of a mysterious ancient monument. The structure …
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Massive Sci-Fi Blockbuster Movie Filled With Junk Science Makes No Sense

Do you remember when big-budget blockbusters made absolutely no sense but nobody cared because they were so awesome? Armageddon is …
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