Best Tent For Stargazing


Stargazing is something I love to do with my two kids and when it comes to the best ways to lay and look up at the skies, I’m an expert. So here I am to tell you which tent is the best one for laying on your back and looking up at the stars.

From mesh roof tents to all other kinds of tents, my kids and I have tried them all. Over the last few weeks of summer, my trio and I narrowed it down and tried out the three specific tents we thought were the best. This is how those tents matched up to me and my kids. Look up and share the wonder we’ve seen.


The Most Awesome Giant Inflatable Chair For Adults

One of the biggest problems for the space-brained adult manchild has to be that sometimes you will see something you absolutely love, but unfortunately it’s only made for children. Thankfully, ThinkGeek has taken this into account and is now releasing that super-awesome inflatable Star Trek Captain’s Chair in a handy adult size. Trekkies rejoice!


Best Night Vision Goggles For UFO Sightings

It was a quiet night in San Antonio when I saw my first UFO.  I’ve been hooked ever since, spending my nights alone looking up at the night sky.  But whether you’re tracking flying saucers on the down low like me or instagramming every satellite you see, you’ll need a great set of UFO spotting night-vision goggles.  We’ve got you covered.  I’ve been testing night-vision googles day and night (well OK just at night) and now I’m ready to tell you what the best ones were like. 


Not Too Old to Have Fun: Best Lego Sets For Adults

More and more adults are buying Lego for themselves and having an awesome time building it. That is why today we are looking at some of the best Lego sets for adults. Lego has made some truly fantastic sets over the last few years, sets that contain, hundreds if not thousands of pieces and sets that are so cool that you will have a fantastic time building them. I was lucky enough to get to try out three of the larger, more adult oriented Lego sets recently and I wanted to share with you what my thoughts on each one were. Let me tell you, building Lego as an adult is a very calming and kind of therapeutic experience!


The Best Places to Go Stargazing in San Antonio

You know what they say? The stars at night are big and bright deep in the heart of Texas! Ok so while San Antonio may not have been the exact place that song was talking about. As a San Antonio native I have spent many, many hours stargazing at some pretty amazing spots all through this state. Now some of this I did kind of stumble across myself, but many of these places were actually shared with me by some of my fellow stargazers. Now I want to pay that forward and share some of my favorite places to go stargazing in San Antonio. Just a heads up I am also going to be listing some places that are a little bit of a drive. So if you want to go on a stargazing road trip, you will get a huge kick out of these places. Also, remember to bring a portable power for your telescope as well as an astronomy chair


Guide to the Best Astronomy Observing Chair

Astronomy is awesome. There is nothing I like better than getting out there at night with my telescope (remember to bring your telescope portable power!), a good supply of snacks and if I am feeling extra cool, I will even have some good tunes as well. I am the kind of person that likes to make a real night of it when I am looking at the stars. But standing for hours on end or sitting on one of the fold up chairs from the kitchen can really spoil a night of star gazing. An adjustable astronomy observing chair is what you need. Well do not worry as I was lucky enough to get to check out some of the best observing chairs on the market right now. Me and my butt are putting each one through its paces and I will let you know what one I liked best at the end.