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James Gunn krypto

James Gunn Teases Fan-Favorite DC Character For Superman

James Gunn has sent a cryptic message to fans of Superman across the globe with his latest social media post. …

1 day ago

wonder woman
superman: legacy

Superman Casts The Strangest Actor For Pa Kent And Now We’re Intrigued

The Warner Bros/ DC Studios revamp of Superman has added another actor to the official cast, and this one is …

5 days ago

henry cavill

DC Ruined Henry Cavill’s Hollywood Career

After all the mistakes and misfortunes that befell the DCEU, it’s hard to argue anyone involved with the movies came …

6 days ago

Joker 2 Trailer Hits Multi-Millions Milestone, On Track To Be As Big As Barbie

After a bumpy year with titles including Shazam! Fury of the Gods, The Flash, and Blue Beetle crashing and burning …

1 week ago

Star Trek Fooled You, Worf Isn’t The First Klingon In Starfleet

When Star Trek fans think of Klingons, they think of Worf. He’s the only character to star in now three Star …

1 week ago

Batman 1989 Gets Direct Sequel From Star Wars Writer

Over the years, many different actors have taken on the role of Batman, providing each generation of film and comic …

1 week ago

dc marvel

DC And Marvel Stole Each Others’ Teams

If you’re a comic book fan, then chances are you’ve asked the ultimate question all comic book geeks ask at …

1 week ago

The Guardians of the Galaxy Member Canon To Marvel And DC

Thanks to the MCU, most people know the character Mantis as a member of The Guardians of the Galaxy. However, …

1 week ago

The Dark Knight Rises Original Villain Confirmed By Writer

The Dark Knight Rises almost included an appearance by the Riddler. The revelation was made by Jonathan Nolan during an appearance …

2 weeks ago

superhero franchise

Marvel And DC Can Save Both Franchises With The Move Everyone Wants

I don’t know about you, but I feel like nothing the MCU or DC do with their movies feels like …

2 weeks ago

Harvey Guillén

No More Batman Movies Until Nightwing Gets His Own Film

The dawn of the DCU is almost upon us, and with it, yet another big-screen version of Batman. Yawn. Been …

2 weeks ago

joker 2

Joker 2 Is What DC Live-Action Needs More Of As The Marvel Alternative

When Joker: Folie a Deux was first announced, many comic fans were skeptical of DC continuing with Joaquin Phoenix’s take …

2 weeks ago

tom holland spider-man

Superhero Masks Don’t Make Sense Anymore

A common thread in superhero movies is the fact that many of them wear masks to conceal their “secret identities.” …

2 weeks ago

Joker 2 Goes Bigger And Bolder Than Before, See The Stunning Sequel In Action

Warner Bros. dropped the first trailer for Joker: Folie à Deux (aka Joker 2) today, and the $200 million sequel …

2 weeks ago

dc animated

We Don’t Need The DCU, We Need A DC Animated Feature Revolution

Ever since Warner Bros. started trying to copy the MCU, the results have been disastrous. And the entire time I’ve …

2 weeks ago

james gunn superman

James Gunn Cancels His Other Superman Sequel

Five years after James Gunn teased fans about a sequel to Brightburn film, the filmmaker has changed course, essentially putting …

2 weeks ago

fantastic four cast

Supergirl Feels Way More Exciting Than Superman For The DCU

While Superman is the most iconic superhero of all time, it’s Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow that has me excited for …

2 weeks ago

lois lane

Does Lois Lane Really Love Superman?

The romance between DC Comic’s Lois Lane and Superman has always been portrayed as the epitome of true love. However, …

3 weeks ago

The Batman Nightmare On Elm Street Crossover That Actually Happened In The ’80s

When the 1989 Batman film, directed by Tim Burton, became a cultural phenomenon, the era of the campy 1960s Adam West TV …

3 weeks ago


Supergirl Finds The Perfect Director

DC and Warner Bros. Studios’ Supergirl is one step closer to taking flight as Craig Gillespie is in talks to …

3 weeks ago

ai joker joaquin phoenix joker 2

How Joker Paid Tribute To The Best Version Of Batman 

One of the reasons the standalone Joker film was so successful is that it had almost nothing to do with …

3 weeks ago

x-men '97

X-Men ’97 Puts Extra Pressure On Upcoming Batman Series

X-Men ’97 has been an incredible success for Disney, and for kids of the ’90s, the show is proof that …

3 weeks ago

tom holland

Smallville Writers Making Spider-Man Series For Prime Video?

In the annual spirit of April Fool’s, the beloved Superman fan site, Kryptonsite, decided to weave an elaborate web of …

3 weeks ago

batman legend of the overfiend