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The future of the DC universe has never looked brighter, with a new direction for their DC Comics heroes and big, breaking news about where things are going next in movies.

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batman v superman zack snyder

Zack Snyder Returning To DC For Only One Project

Most people would assume that Zack Snyder is ready to hang up the superhero capes for good after his tumultuous …

1 hour ago

The Most Disturbing Batman Costume Will Make You Creeped Out

Even though Batman is a superhero who has the people of Gotham’s best interests at heart, there is no doubt …

13 hours ago

blue beetle

The Only DC Sequel That Matters Gets Good News

Though many fans have waited anxiously for news regarding the previously announced Constantine 2, several months of studio silence led …

3 days ago

Aquaman 2 Flopping Even Harder Than The Marvels

It’s no secret that the DCEU has had more misses than hits, and that’s exactly why James Gunn is rebooting …

3 days ago

peacemaker season 2

James Gunn Surprises Fans With Peacemakers Season 2 Response

James Gunn’s Peacemaker television series was a breath of fresh air in a crowded market of superhero media because it …

3 days ago

The DC Flop That Is Suddenly Becoming Successful

DC may have been disappointed with the box office performance of Blue Beetle, but the film is quickly finding a …

6 days ago

The Justice League Movie DC Never Wants You To See

DC may want you to forget about Zack Snyder’s divisive 2017 live-action Justice League film, but the comic book giant …

7 days ago

batman batsignal

The Batman Spinoff Series Back On Track After Strike?

Colin Farrell’s Penguin from Matt Reeves The Batman film was an intriguing enough character to get his own Max spin-off, …

1 week ago

Mind Behind Peacemaker Already Working On Another New DC Series

James Gunn is adding yet another project to his plate. The filmmaker and writer is joining the team behind the …

1 week ago


The Joker Is Getting A Totally New Origin Story

Coming January 2024, everything you once knew about The Joker will be forgotten. The classic tale of the Joker is …

1 week ago

Five Nights At Freddy’s Defeats An Iconic Superhero With Massive Box Office

Now heading into its first full month in theaters around the world, Five Nights at Freddy’s is continuing to dominate …

1 week ago

Superman: Legacy Casts Marvel Star As Lex Luthor

A storm of talent has been brewing for DC’s Superman: Legacy and now, as Deadline reports, the film has found …

1 week ago

Superman: Legacy

James Gunn Reveals Superman: Legacy Influence With Massive Photo Spread

James Gunn just slyly revealed the biggest influence for Superman: Legacy, and boy, is it a sign that Superman is …

1 week ago

Henry Cavill’s Superman Is Extremely Overrated

Even as James Gunn works hard to usher in a new DCU and a new Man of Steel with Superman: …

2 weeks ago

blue beetle

DC Must Cancel Their Shared Movie Universe Before It Starts

In superhero cinema, the shared universe has been a blessing and a curse. While the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has …

2 weeks ago

dc movie

Superman: Legacy Casts Villain And It’s Totally Out Of Left Field

Deadline announced that Venezuelan actress Maria Gabriela de Faria is the newest cast member of James Gunn’s highly anticipated upcoming …

2 weeks ago

Supergirl: Woman Of Tomorrow Writer Announced And She’s A TV Actress

Peter Safran and James Gunn’s slate of new DC movies continues to move forward, as previously announced Supergirl: Woman of …

2 weeks ago

best war movies

See Josh Hartnett As Superman In JJ Abrams Canceled Flyby Movie

Long before Marvel went all in on the idea of a cinematic multiverse, DC icon Superman developed a kind of …

2 weeks ago

superman: legacy

James Gunn Announces Superman: Legacy Production Start

James Gunn is ready to begin production on Superman: Legacy now that the 118-day actors’ strike is finally over. According to Deadline, the …

3 weeks ago

The Marvels Is Doing Worse Than DC’s Most Embarrassing Flops

It’s an open secret that Marvel has been in trouble lately: in addition to the allegations surrounding Jonathan Majors and …

3 weeks ago

books of magic

JJ Abrams DC Series Gets Scrapped But That’s Great News For One Movie

J.J. Abrams and his Bad Robot Productions have stopped dead in their tracks when it comes to their Constantine series …

3 weeks ago

blue beetle

DC Ending Another Fan Favorite Superhero Series

Variety reports that The CW’s Superman and Lois will not be renewed upon the conclusion of its upcoming fourth season. …

4 weeks ago

Keanu Reeves

Constantine 2 With Keanu Reeves Returning? The Sequel’s Fate Is Sealed

Hunger Games director Francis Lawrence just dropped an update on the development of Constantine 2, a sequel to the 2005 …

4 weeks ago

Forget Marvel And DC These Are The Next Comics That Should Be Movies

Referred to as The Big Two in the comic industry, Marvel and DC are not the only game in town. …

4 weeks ago

penguin series

The Best Penguin Story Has Been Told, Someone Tell Matt Reeves

When Matt Reeves’s The Penguin hits Max next year (let’s hope, considering all of the scheduling chaos in Hollywood right …

1 month ago

The New Crime Thriller Netflix Hit Is Based On DC Comic

When viewers think “based on a comic book,” they think of capes and big beams of energy shooting out of …

1 month ago

gen v

In Gen V, Vought Rips Off Batman’s Best Ideas

In the most recent episodes of Amazon‘s Gen V, we learn that things are even more sinister than we realized …

1 month ago

aquaman 2 ben affleck Netflix

Aquaman 2 Features Ben Affleck’s Batman? Director Reveals The Truth

After months of speculation, James Wan confirmed that Aquaman 2 will not feature an appearance from Ben Affleck as Batman. Speaking to Empire, …

1 month ago

smallville superman welling

The Best Superman Story Is Found In The Most Unexpected Place

Superman is the most iconic character in comics, sorry, Batman, but writers often have trouble putting him in decent stories. …

1 month ago