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The Garfield Movie Isn’t Worth Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt is a national treasure. He’s a good guy. He’s funny. And most of his movies are great. But …

2 weeks ago

superman: legacy

David Corenswet Superman Revealed In The Perfect First Look

Have no fear; David Corenswet’s Superman is here. James Gunn finally gives us a look at Corenswet in his full …

2 months ago

clint eastwood in the line of fire streaming

Clint Eastwood New Movie Is Thrilling Warner Bros.

Clint Eastwood is once again behind the camera with his supposedly final film, Juror #2. The film initially faced an …

2 months ago

Peacemaker Season 2 Finally Happening, James Gunn Reveals Shoot With Perfect Set Pic

Fans have been concerned about the status of Peacemaker Season 2 for some time now, as the series began its …

2 months ago


Superman Casts The Perfect Perry White

James Gunn’s upcoming Superman has received a number of major public updates in recent weeks, including significant casting news, a …

4 months ago

james gunn superman

James Gunn Reveals The Superman: Legacy Cast All Together

James Gunn made the call and the actors for Superman: Legacy answered as the filmmaker gave fans a peek at …

4 months ago

David Corenswet Looks Ripped And Ready To Transform Into Superman

David Corenswet is preparing to don the iconic cape and become the new Man of Steel in James Gunn’s upcoming …

4 months ago

Entire Marvel Team Jumps Over To DC For Superman: Legacy

When Disney fired James Gunn over old Tweets, the cast of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise threatened to walk …

5 months ago

The Disney+ Sci-Fi Action Thriller That Restarted A Franchise

The 2011 superhero film X-Men: First Class is available to stream through the Hulu section of Disney+. Directed by Matthew Vaughn, the …

5 months ago

Lex Luthor Casting Confirmed And It’s An Ex-Marvel Star From Multiple Movies

Whether you loved or hated the DCEU, there are plenty of reasons to be excited about the all-new DCU that …

6 months ago

Superman: Legacy Casts Marvel Star As Lex Luthor

A storm of talent has been brewing for DC’s Superman: Legacy and now, as Deadline reports, the film has found …

7 months ago

The Zombie Rom-Com On Netflix That Flips The Whole Horror Genre

Hey there, movie enthusiasts! Guess what? The quirky and utterly endearing zombie romantic comedy (yes, you read that right), Warm …

9 months ago

angelina jolie

The Angelina Jolie Action Thriller Crushing On Streaming Is Her Most Tense Movie

Dive into the enthralling universe of Those Who Wish Me Dead, where Angelina Jolie shines in a gripping narrative that …

9 months ago

The Anya Taylor-Joy Thriller On Streaming

If you’re hungry for a thrilling movie and a juicy cheeseburger, then you should check out The Menu which is …

9 months ago

the great

Nicholas Hoult Series Canceled Despite Winning Major Awards

According to Deadline, after three seasons and several awards, Hulu has canceled the series The Great. The move comes as …

10 months ago

nicolas cage

Nicolas Cage Blood-Drenched Streaming Comedy Will Make You Laugh And Scream

If you’ve always wanted to see Nicolas Cage play Count Dracula in a blood-drenched R-rated comedy, then now you can. …

10 months ago

nicolas cage renfield

Is Dracula Dead At The Box Office?

Dracula is a movie and literary monster that has been around for well over a century now, but is it …

10 months ago

kristen stewart

The Forgotten Kristen Stewart Sci-Fi Romance Movie To Stream On Max Right Now

If you thought Kristen Stewart could only play brooding in a fantasy vampire teeny-bopper setting, think again. She’s more than …

11 months ago

Game Of Thrones’ Maisie Williams Has A Sci-Fi Superhero Thriller On Netflix

She isn’t just Arya Stark folks, Maisie Williams has already shown she can handle the sci-fi genre as well. You …

11 months ago

See Nicholas Hoult As The Next Lex Luthor For DC

Now that the DCEU has crashed and burned (or, more accurately, Flash-ed and burned), James Gunn is getting ready to …

11 months ago

Nicholas Hoult Stars In An Underrated Horror Movie Coming To Netflix

Warm Bodies starring Nicholas Hoult will be available to stream on Netflix July 1.

1 year ago


The Next Superman Is Down To Three Actors And One Is An Obvious Choice

According to a new report, the choice for the new Superman is down to Nicholas Hoult, David Corenswet, and Tom Brittney.

1 year ago

X-Men Star Now Auditioning To Replace Henry Cavill As Superman

Henry Cavill’s potential replacements include Nicholas Hoult, Beast from the X-Men films.

1 year ago

See Nicholas Hoult As DC’s Lex Luthor

Nicholas Hoult is imagined as Lex Luthor in stunning fan art.

1 year ago

lex luthor

Superman: Legacy Taking Its Lex Luthor From Marvel?

Nicholas Hoult is rumored to be one of the top contenders for the role of Superman: Legacy’s Lex Luthor.

1 year ago

clint eastwood cry macho

Our Clint Eastwood Juror No. 2 Scoop Confirmed By The Hollywood Reporter

Our exclusive report that Clint Eastwood will be directing his final movie, Juror No. 2, has been confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter.

1 year ago

Brent Spiner Data Star Trek

See Brent Spiner Replaced As Star Trek’s Data By Nicholas Hoult

We fashioned an image of what Nicholas Hoult might look like if he played Data of Star Trek fame.

1 year ago

clint eastwood juror #2

Exclusive: Clint Eastwood Ending Directing With Juror #2, Nicholas Hoult And Toni Collette Cast And Plot Revealed

Clint Eastwood’s final directorial film will be the legal drama Juror #2.

1 year ago