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  • Created By: Gene Roddenberry
  • Launched On: September 8, 1966
  • Studio: Paramount
  • Tagline: Space, the final frontier…

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star trek deep space nine feature

The Best Star Trek DS9 Episode Retcons The Worst TNG Episode

One of the most interesting things about the early days of Star Trek: The Next Generation is that the various …

11 hours ago

The Most Powerful Starfleet Ships In Star Trek

Above all other science fiction franchises, even Star Wars, Star Trek is known for its ships. And while many of the …

18 hours ago

Star Trek Takes Emmy Nominations For Multiple Shows Including Canceled Series

Every year, TV shows are nominated and win awards via the Emmys made up of 24,000 Television Academy members. To …

19 hours ago

Star Trek: Discovery’s Best Fight Nearly A Catastrophe

Star Trek: Discovery helped us learn plenty more about Sarek, who is Spock’s biological father and Michael Burnham’s adoptive daddy. …

2 days ago

star trek

The Star Trek Original Character Named Thanks To A Map

Some names from Star Trek: The Original Series need no explanation. Scotty’s surname is Scott, and he’s from Scotland. Mystery …

2 days ago

Forgotten Star Trek: Voyager Episode Almost Tied To Original Series

Star Trek: Voyager is a show that has relatively few ties to The Original Series, and for good reason: because …

3 days ago

Star Trek And Doctor Who Are Teaming Up For Comic-Con

Star Trek and Doctor Who are two of the most iconic and longest-running sci-fi franchises of all time, and now …

5 days ago

william shatner

Star Trek’s Worst Movie Villain Was Almost Thrown Off The Set

William Shatner directed exactly one Trek film—1989’s Star Trek V: The Final Frontier–but the icon nearly shut down production because …

5 days ago

sarek Burnham

The Star Trek Moment That Made A Producer Cry

When Star Trek: Discovery first premiered, one of the more controversial elements was that it made Spock’s father Sarek into …

5 days ago

Star Trek Owes Anime For Its Coolest Design

Star Trek is usually one of the last franchises you’d associate with anime, especially because even the Trek cartoons are …

6 days ago

Star Trek’s Craziest Episode Saved By The Soundtrack

While the theme songs are great, Star Trek fans don’t often pay close attention to the music in the episodes …

6 days ago

mary wiseman star trek

The Star Trek Character Who Loves Her Own Theme Song

One of the things you can always count on a new Star Trek show to have is a killer theme …

6 days ago

Star Trek: Discovery’s Greatest Homage To The Next Generation

At first, Star Trek: Discovery didn’t have too many connections to The Next Generation, and for good reason: because this …

6 days ago

james cameron

Star Trek’s Surprise Connection to Avatar

While Star Trek has had some crazy crossovers across the years (including a truly strange book in which Captain Picard’s …

6 days ago

The Best Sci-Fi Swear Words For Everyday Life

You may have to wash our mouths out with space-soap.

7 days ago

star trek iii spock

Star Trek III Does An Awful Thing To Spock No One Ever Talks About

We have to talk about Star Trek III. You know, the one where Spock’s dead body lands on the Genesis …

7 days ago

Star Trek V Writer Dies At 71

David Loughery was a prolific screenwriter arguably best known for writing Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. Sadly, he died …

7 days ago

star trek discovery

Star Trek: Discovery’s Early Connections To Voyager

After Star Trek: Discovery jumped into the 32nd century, the show featured a number of references to earlier shows. This …

7 days ago

Iconic Star Trek Villain Calls Out Discovery’s Biggest Problem

While he only appeared in two episodes of Star Trek: Discovery, few characters were quite as memorable as Harry Mudd, …

7 days ago

star trek mirror universe

Star Trek Mirror Universe Completely Destroys Earth?

In Star Trek, there are fewer places more fascinating than the Mirror Universe Earth, an alternate dimension where our favorite …

1 week ago

Star Trek: Voyager Secretly Demotes Fan-Favorite Character?

In various Star Trek series, it’s always a big deal when a character gets demoted. It happens to Tom Paris …

1 week ago

star trek voyager

One Voyager Actor Hated Being On The Bridge

Most Star Trek actors really love shooting scenes on the bridge of a starship. For one thing, this helps them …

1 week ago

uhura hero

The Unsung Star Trek Hero Who Saved Billions Of Lives

When you think about the greatest heroes in Star Trek, chances are that you’re thinking about characters like Captain Kirk …

1 week ago

star trek borg

The Borg’s Most Powerful Weapon Comes From Forgotten Star Trek Race

Here’s a question for the Star Trek superfans out there: what do you think the Borg’s most powerful weapon is? …

1 week ago

Leonard Nimoy Killed Spock’s Baby And It’s 100% The Right Call

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home will forever be known as “the one with the whales.” But believe it or …

1 week ago

Battlestar Galactica Creator Admits How To Improve Star Trek: Voyager

When the Battlestar Galactica reboot was gearing up, one of the reasons many audiences were excited was because Ronald D. …

1 week ago

Captain Kirk Phaser From Original Star Trek Going Up For Sale

The ultimate Star Trek prop for fans and collectors is about to go on sale. Captain Kirk’s original phaser and …

1 week ago

Chief o brien clone

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Death Reveals Federation Hypocrisy No One Mentions

One of the morbid constants of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is that Chief O’Brien is always suffering: at least …

1 week ago

Star Trek’s Biggest Traitors Vindicated?

Star Trek is a franchise that has given us some memorable traitors over the years…officers who have violated Starfleet’s principles …

1 week ago

wil wheaton wesley crusher

The Wesley Crusher Star Trek: Voyager Crossover You Missed

Wesley Crusher was one of the more divisive characters on The Next Generation, with many early audiences reacting negatively to …

1 week ago