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  • Created By: Gene Roddenberry
  • Launched On: September 8, 1966
  • Studio: Paramount
  • Tagline: Space, the final frontier…

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Latest Star Trek News & Rumors

william shatner tekwar

William Shatner’s Forgotten Sci-Fi Follow-Up Flop After Star Trek

The year is 1989. Paramount has just released Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, the first and only Star Trek …

10 hours ago

john aniston star trek

Star Trek’s Best Writer Predicted Voyager’s Biggest Weakness

Star Trek: Voyager has a legion of fans, but the show has also had some very fierce criticisms over the …

24 hours ago

Star Trek Actor’s Stunning Theory Why TNG Succeeded

The ongoing controversy over the quality of Paramount+ flagship show Star Trek: Discovery is proof that fans enjoy some shows …

2 days ago

William Shatner Nearly Returned To Star Trek As A Villain

In Star Trek: The Original Series, William Shatner portrayed not only sci-fi icon Captain Kirk but, in the memorable episode …

2 days ago

star trek roddenberry

Star Trek Creator Nearly Banned From Paramount

Star Trek: The Original Series was created by Gene Roddenberry, and he was very protective of the later spinoff show …

3 days ago

Andrew Scott Slams Fleabag Fans With Cruel Jokes

If you’re a Fleabag fan who still throws the 2016 series on occasionally, actor Andrew Scott has a message for …

3 days ago

Star Trek’s Best Episodes Were Hated By Gene Roddenberry

Whenever Star Trek series like Discovery or Strange New Worlds take the franchise in a different direction (say, a musical …

3 days ago

The Star Trek TNG Episode So Hot It Was Almost Unfilmable

Fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation mostly enjoyed “Captain’s Holiday,” the episode that introduced us both to Picard’s love …

3 days ago

star trek discovery

Star Trek’s Most Hated Series Should Be Made Into An Alternate Timeline

When Star Trek: Discovery first began as a prequel to The Original Series, it received plenty of criticism for how …

4 days ago

star trek kellerun

Star Trek’s Starfleet Now Includes Infamously Traitorous Species

At the end of Star Trek: Discovery’s second season, the title ship and her crew ended up in the far-flung …

4 days ago

Star Trek: Discovery Final Season Rips Off Classic TNG Episode

Star Trek: Discovery hit the ground running with a two-part fifth season opening that channeled The Next Generation in a …

4 days ago

Star Trek Replicator Becoming Real

For fans of the Star Trek franchise, the Star Trek Replicator is more than a plot device; it embodies the …

5 days ago

star trek q

Star Trek TNG First Episode Features Bizarre Homage To Star Wars

Normally, Star Trek and Star Wars stay in their respective space lanes, and these franchises don’t really cross over outside …

5 days ago

star trek pilot

Star Trek’s Worst Pilot Episode Responsible For Its Best

While I’m a big believer that Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is the best series in the franchise, it got …

5 days ago

star trek

Gene Roddenberry Never Understood The Greatest Star Trek Character

Despite the hit-or-miss quality of his solo series, many fans consider Captain Picard to be the best Star Trek character. …

6 days ago

code of honor

Star Trek Went Out Of Its Way To Create A Racist Episode

The most infamous Star Trek: The Next Generation episode is “Code of Honor,” a deeply racist tale in which the …

6 days ago

voyager finale

Star Trek: Voyager Almost Ended With The Borg Assimilating Everyone

Star Trek: Voyager delivered an ambitious final episode that brought the crew home in style, complete with a sacrifice from …

6 days ago

worf deep space nine

The Shocking Reason Why Worf Was Brought To Deep Space Nine

Michael Dorn’s Worf was a welcome addition to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, joining the show in its fourth season …

7 days ago

Star Trek Discovery season 5

Everything Star Trek Has Ever Done Ranked

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan is the best thing Star Trek has ever done and a recent Star Trek series ranks as the worst. In the middle you’ll find things like Star Trek cruises, which even at their worst still serve margaritas.

7 days ago

The Sci-Fi Series Trying To Save Itself By Becoming Prometheus At The Last Minute

If Ridley Scott couldn’t do it, can Star Trek: Discovery?

7 days ago

ds9 crossover

Star Trek’s Biggest Crossover Caused By Kirk’s Biggest Mistake

Whether you love it or hate it, Star Trek’s Mirror Universe has been the biggest crossover connection in the franchise, …

7 days ago

planet of the titans

Star Trek’s Darkest Episode Inspired By An American President

All Star Trek fans are familiar with the Deep Space Nine episode “In the Pale Moonlight,” rightfully considered the darkest …

1 week ago

Star Trek’s Greatest Villain Created Because Of Zombies

Most Star Trek fans would agree that First Contact is a solid movie, and most certainly the best film featuring …

1 week ago

The Best Star Trek Series Gets Its Own Dedicated TV Channel

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine now has its own dedicated streaming TV channel. The channel dedicated to what many consider …

1 week ago

star trek q

Star Trek: Voyager Wouldn’t Exist Without Q

Every Star Trek fan worth their salt knows that the impish, godlike being Q made several appearances in Star Trek: …

1 week ago

Star Trek legacy

Star Trek: Legacy Stall Explained By Alex Kurtzman

There are quite a few big Star Trek projects in the pipeline right now, but the possibility of the teased …

1 week ago

Star Trek: Picard Ruined One Of TNG’s Greatest Characters

The general fandom consensus about Star Trek: Picard is that it didn’t really get good until the show began heavily …

1 week ago

star trek utopia

Patrick Stewart Killed Picard Because He Wanted To Be An Action Hero

Sometimes, being a fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation means feeling like you’re stuck in that weird time loop …

1 week ago