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  • Created By: Gene Roddenberry
  • Launched On: September 8, 1966
  • Studio: Paramount
  • Tagline: Space, the final frontier…

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Latest Star Trek News & Rumors

Star Trek Holodeck Brought To Life To Train Robots

Trekkies the world over fondly remember the Star Trek Holodeck, the series mainstay that functions, for so many, as a …

27 mins ago

Star Trek’s Most Hated Character Hidden Inside Its Biggest Film

Most of the characters in Star Trek: The Next Generation quickly established themselves as beloved sci-fi icons, but there was …

9 hours ago

Star Trek: Lower Decks Canceled For A Ridiculous Reason?

Fans of Star Trek: Lower Decks were understandably upset to learn that Paramount had canceled the popular animated show. It …

12 hours ago

star trek: lower decks

Star Trek: Lower Decks Cancellation Is Worse Than Discovery, Here’s Why

Recently, Star Trek fans got some very mixed news: Strange New Worlds has been renewed for a fourth season, but …

13 hours ago

star trek khan

Star Trek’s Shocking Reason For Resurrecting Its Best Villain

Star Trek Into Darkness isn’t the worst film in the franchise (that would probably be The Final Frontier), but it …

22 hours ago

star trek spot

Iconic Star Trek Villain Almost Played By a Woman

For better or for worse, Star Trek fans have grown accustomed to new androids popping up in the franchise bearing …

1 day ago

Star Trek’s Biggest Plot Twist Decided At The Last Minute

For fans of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the craziest plot twist came in “Doctor Bashir, I Presume,” an episode …

1 day ago

Star Trek: Lower Decks Can Actually Be Saved

After Paramount+ revealed that Star Trek: Lower Decks will end after Season 5, Jack Quaid who voices Brad Boimler in the popular …

1 day ago

Star Trek Fooled You, Worf Isn’t The First Klingon In Starfleet

When Star Trek fans think of Klingons, they think of Worf. He’s the only character to star in now three Star …

1 day ago

star trek origins

Star Trek Origins Movie Is Not The Way To Reenergize The Franchise

Star Trek has been enjoying a thriving television renaissance, but many fans have been clamoring to see this franchise back …

2 days ago

ds9 roddenberry
star trek
star trek synthehol

Star Trek’s Most Hilarious Scene Isn’t A Joke And Never Was

Despite occasional outliers like Lower Decks, Star Trek has never been considered a very funny franchise. However, the conversation in …

4 days ago

star trek

Star Trek’s Most Hated Show Gets No Love Because Of The Original Series

The fifth and final season of Star Trek: Discovery has hit the ground running, and this has reignited all of …

4 days ago

star trek captains

Star Trek’s Newest Captains Prove Fans Tired Of Classic Heroes

It’s not a coincidence that Star Trek series have always been filled with evil admirals and other corrupt Starfleet officials: …

5 days ago

Star Trek lower decks

The Best Star Trek Series Gets Canceled, One Final Season Airing

The creators of Star Trek: Lower Decks have announced that the fifth season will be the show’s last. The adult …

5 days ago

william shatner tekwar

William Shatner’s Forgotten Sci-Fi Follow-Up Flop After Star Trek

The year is 1989. Paramount has just released Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, the first and only Star Trek …

6 days ago

john aniston star trek

Star Trek’s Best Writer Predicted Voyager’s Biggest Weakness

Star Trek: Voyager has a legion of fans, but the show has also had some very fierce criticisms over the …

6 days ago

Star Trek Actor’s Stunning Theory Why TNG Succeeded

The ongoing controversy over the quality of Paramount+ flagship show Star Trek: Discovery is proof that fans enjoy some shows …

1 week ago

William Shatner Nearly Returned To Star Trek As A Villain

In Star Trek: The Original Series, William Shatner portrayed not only sci-fi icon Captain Kirk but, in the memorable episode …

1 week ago

star trek roddenberry

Star Trek Creator Nearly Banned From Paramount

Star Trek: The Original Series was created by Gene Roddenberry, and he was very protective of the later spinoff show …

1 week ago

Andrew Scott Slams Fleabag Fans With Cruel Jokes

If you’re a Fleabag fan who still throws the 2016 series on occasionally, actor Andrew Scott has a message for …

1 week ago

Star Trek’s Best Episodes Were Hated By Gene Roddenberry

Whenever Star Trek series like Discovery or Strange New Worlds take the franchise in a different direction (say, a musical …

1 week ago

The Star Trek TNG Episode So Hot It Was Almost Unfilmable

Fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation mostly enjoyed “Captain’s Holiday,” the episode that introduced us both to Picard’s love …

1 week ago

star trek discovery

Star Trek’s Most Hated Series Should Be Made Into An Alternate Timeline

When Star Trek: Discovery first began as a prequel to The Original Series, it received plenty of criticism for how …

1 week ago

star trek kellerun

Star Trek’s Starfleet Now Includes Infamously Traitorous Species

At the end of Star Trek: Discovery’s second season, the title ship and her crew ended up in the far-flung …

1 week ago

Star Trek: Discovery Final Season Rips Off Classic TNG Episode

Star Trek: Discovery hit the ground running with a two-part fifth season opening that channeled The Next Generation in a …

1 week ago

Star Trek Replicator Becoming Real

For fans of the Star Trek franchise, the Star Trek Replicator is more than a plot device; it embodies the …

1 week ago

star trek q

Star Trek TNG First Episode Features Bizarre Homage To Star Wars

Normally, Star Trek and Star Wars stay in their respective space lanes, and these franchises don’t really cross over outside …

1 week ago