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  • Created By: Gene Roddenberry
  • Launched On: September 8, 1966
  • Studio: Paramount
  • Tagline: Space, the final frontier…

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Latest Star Trek News & Rumors

Star Trek’s Scariest Monster Was Almost A Hero

Though he doesn’t stick around all that long, the most important alien in Star Trek: Discovery is arguably the tardigrade. …

2 hours ago

The In-Joke Behind Star Trek’s Darkest Scenes

Star Trek: Discovery was a show with many fine qualities, but it was never all that funny. The first season …

3 hours ago

The Star Trek Episode Created To Fix Bad Writing

Over the years, many of Star Trek: Discovery’s fiercest critics have accused the show of having bad writing. Obviously, quality …

6 hours ago

star trek netflix captains

Star Trek Is In Serious Danger Because Of Paramount

The situation at Paramount is more dire than previously thought, with the studio struggling to make money, which it funneled …

18 hours ago

william shatner

William Shatner Puts Out Heartbreaking Message About End Of Life

The last few years have seen the loss of legends like Betty White and Michael Gambon, and, at 93 years …

18 hours ago

Star Trek’s Hidden Connection To The Big Bang Theory

During its insanely successful 12 seasons, The Big Bang Theory included plenty of references to Star Trek and even had …

19 hours ago

Star Trek Writers Hated Pockets For Starfleet Members And Other Franchise Rules

And did the writers do a little too much LDS back in the sixties?

1 day ago


A Forgotten Star Trek Episode Made One Writer A True Believer

Star Trek is a franchise that has fiercely loyal fans, and because of that, most of them assume the writers …

1 day ago

The Star Trek Names We’re Glad the Franchise Forgot

One of the secret strengths of Star Trek is that the franchise is filled with memorable and colorful names that …

1 day ago

star trek sarek

The Legal Misunderstanding That Held Back Star Trek’s Best Villain

Weirdly enough, one of the most popular and influential villains in Star Trek is Moriarty, the Sherlock Holmes foe invented …

1 day ago

rob bowman star trek

How Star Trek Drove Away Its Best Director

One of the things older fans may remember about Star Trek: The Next Generation is that it helped attract very …

2 days ago

indiana jones and the dial of destiny

Star Trek’s Secret Crossover With Indiana Jones

In the 1980s, both the Star Trek and Indiana Jones franchises did well at the box office. However, those franchises …

2 days ago

Star Trek Legend Walks In Famous Author’s Footsteps

In the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Elementary, Dear Data,” Geordi La Forge accidentally puts the ship in danger …

2 days ago

The Humiliating Reason Wil Wheaton Hated Most Star Trek TNG Directors

It’s an open secret that Wil Wheaton has a complicated relationship with the Star Trek fandom–after all, many fans can’t …

2 days ago

star trek movie

Star Trek Beyond Ditched A Main Character For A Good Reason

The largely disappointing Kelvinverse film Star Trek Into Darkness had some bright spots, including the addition of Alice Eve’s Carol …

3 days ago

terry matalas

Terry Matalas Helming Remake Of ’80 Sci-Fi Epic That Deserves More Love

Terry Matalas already showed off he has the chops to create compelling sci-fi stories when he recently took over being …

3 days ago

winrich kolbe

Star Trek’s Best Director Hated His First Episode

He’s not exactly a household name in the fandom, but Winrich Kolbe is one of the most important directors in …

5 days ago

Everyone In Star Trek Dies Over And Over Again

The Star Trek transporters have always been the one element of the show that scares me to death. Beam me …

5 days ago

The Star Trek Discovery Fight One Guest Actor Took Too Far

One of the more divisive aspects of Star Trek: Discovery is that it had many fight scenes, especially in the …

6 days ago

The Secret Way Discovery Honors Previous Star Trek Shows

One of the most common criticisms of Star Trek: Discovery is that the writers and producers don’t really care about …

6 days ago

the hand that rocks the cradle

Star Trek Detail Should Have Revealed Surprise Villain

When I first watched Star Trek: Discovery, one of the strangest minor details I noted was that Captain Gabriel Lorca …

6 days ago

Star Trek biggest battle

Making The Biggest Star Trek Battle Was Surprisingly Easy

Early on in Star Trek: Discovery, Paramount pulled out all the stops to give us the biggest space battle the …

7 days ago

How Fan-Favorite Star Trek Actor Shaped Her Character Outside Of The Script

While Discovery is a show filled with many talented cast members, it was Mary Wiseman who won us over right …

7 days ago

Star Trek Discovery gorn

Star Trek Discovery Early Plot Hole Was Secret Foreshadowing

When Star Trek: Discovery first premiered, the fact that it was a prequel to The Original Series had fans constantly …

7 days ago

How Star Trek Discovery Connects To The Animated Series In A Surprisingly Heartfelt Way

There weren’t very many explicit connections between Star Trek: Discovery and The Animated Series. However, one early episode connects Burnham …

1 week ago

The Surprising Reason Star Trek Discovery Re-Used A Ship Design

Star Trek is a franchise that has often shamelessly re-used ships and sets whenever possible. As you might expect, the …

1 week ago

star trek

The Surprising Way Discovery Made Star Trek Franchise History In The Very First Episode

From the very beginning, Paramount wanted to emphasize that Star Trek: Discovery took place in the Prime Universe of The …

1 week ago

star trek buffy

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 3 Takes Bigger Risk Than Musical Episode

Star Trek: Discovery has concluded its turbulent run after five seasons, and while it wasn’t as readily and widely accepted …

1 week ago

Two Star Trek Spinoffs Pay Off Forgotten TNG Plotline

For Star Trek fans, one of the coolest things is seeing the franchise pay off old plotlines in new and …

1 week ago