7 Best Seven Of Nine Episodes Of Star Trek: Voyager

We cover the seven best Star Trek: Voyager episodes focusing on Jeri Ryan's Seven of Nine.

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

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While it took Star Trek: Picard until the third season to get really good, Jeri Ryan’s Seven of Nine was a very compelling character from beginning to end. And now that Picard is over and everyone waits nervously for an official Star Trek: Legacy announcement, fans have been streaming Voyager episodes on Paramount Plus in order to get their Seven of Nine fix. To help out the fan collective, we’ve rounded up the seven best Seven of Nine episodes of Star Trek: Voyager, and as Seven herself might say, “fun will now commence.”

7. “The Raven”

star trek seven of nine

From the moment she was first introduced to Star Trek: Voyager, fans were curious to learn more about Seven of Nine before she became assimilated by The Borg. The season four episode “The Raven” does just that, showing us a Seven who is learning more of what it takes to be a human rather than a drone even as she struggles with PTSD and mysterious flashbacks. All of this culminates with Seven finding the ship she and her parents were in when she got assimilated, giving her some powerful emotional closure while also filling in a few gaps regarding the Borg’s earlier interaction with humanity.

6. “Unimatrix Zero”

star trek seven of nine

In addition to being one of Star Trek: Voyager’s better two-part episodes, “Unimatrix Zero” really helps Seven of Nine to shine as a character. The plot is pretty wild, with Seven discovering the titular mysterious area in which Borg drones can live and interact with each other in their pre-assimilated forms. As with some of the best Borg stories (and certainly the best Seven of Nine stories), we get lots of crunchy philosophical questions about identity and humanity, but we also get an awesome appearance by the Borg Queen and even the introduction of different Borg who are willing to fight rather than die as mindless robotic slaves. 

5. “The Voyager Conspiracy”

star trek seven of nine

If you’re looking for a Star Trek: Voyager episode that takes the Seven of Nine character in unexpected directions, look no further than “The Voyager Conspiracy.” The plot itself is relatively straightforward: after deciding to take in more information about the ship than she usually does, Seven descends into a series of spiraling paranoid delusions, including one that questions Captain Janeway’s real purpose in the Delta Quadrant. In addition to being bleakly realistic (honestly, we’re amazed more of the crew didn’t become paranoid wackos over the years), we loved that Seven of Nine’s conspiracy theories often mirrored the strange theories that fans would post in the early days of the internet.

4. “The Gift”

star trek seven of nine

As much as the fourth season Star Trek: Voyager episode “The Gift” is a great Seven of Nine episode, it’s also the episode where the beloved character Kes departs the show and effectively passes the baton to Seven. But it’s Seven’s story that really takes center stage as she grapples with her desire to return to the Borg Collective rather than serve as one of Captain Janeway’s crew.

Janeway finally manages to convince Seven by providing details about the ex-Borg’s human life as Annika Hansen, kicking off a strong bond between these two characters that will last the rest of the series.

3. “Relativity”

star trek seven of nine

Star Trek: Voyager has had many standout Seven of Nine episodes, but few of them have as ambitious a plot as “Relativity.” In this episode, she is recruited by a Starfleet vessel from the 29th century in order to go back in time and keep a bomb from destroying Voyager and setting off a time paradox. The episode is filled with all the time-travel shenanigans and unexpected betrayals you expect from a Trek episode, and we also get to see Seven of Nine dress in a more traditional Starfleet uniform, something she should probably have been wearing the whole time if producer Rick Berman didn’t insist on the skintight catsuit.

2. “Drone”

star trek seven of nine

After Star Trek: Voyager introduced Seven of Nine as an ex-Borg character, it was only a matter of time before we started getting more and more episodes focused on the villainous Borg Collective. Some eps are better than others, but we particularly liked “Drone,” in which Seven and the rest of the crew must help a Borg drone learn more about his humanity and more about the evils of the Borg. In many ways, this ep is a fun callback to Star Trek: The Next Generation classic episode “I, Borg,” and memorable guest star J. Paul Boehmer turns the titular drone into an unforgettable character.

1. “One”

star trek seven of nine

It’s tough to pick the best Star Trek: Voyager episode centered around Seven of Nine, but if you like psychological drama and horror stories, you need to stream “One” ASAP. To keep the rest of the crew safe as the ship travels through a radiation-filled nebula, Seven and the Doctor put everyone else in stasis as the ship travels through the danger zone. Showcasing how much she is now human rather than Borg, Seven of Nine begins experiencing dangerous hallucinations, ones which threaten not only her own sanity but possibly the fate of the entire ship and all of our favorite characters.

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