The Perfect Star Trek Crew, From All The Shows And Movies

By Kevin C. Neece | Published

Across its 57-year history, Star Trek has introduced a wide range of characters who have met impossible odds and accomplished amazing feats. Each Series in film features a crew that works together in harmony, even despite their differences. 

But what if we could compose a crew of Our Own? What characters would we want to see in each position? The possibilities are endless, but this is the crew we would pick.

Captain – Christopher Pike (Star Trek: Strange New Worlds)

strange new worlds finale

Pike might have all the best qualities one could want in a Starfleet captain. He has not only intelligence but also instinct, combined with in particular, sensitivity and emotional intelligence. These qualities work together to help him be an incredible decision-maker, a strong motivator, and a compelling and compassionate diplomat. 

He connects with his crew both personally and broadly and is able to relax and have fun with them, as well as get them moving when it’s time to go to work. He knows his people and trusts them completely, and they trust him in return.

First Officer – Beckett Mariner (Star Trek: Lower Decks)

Sure, she’d probably buck at the promotion, as her aversion to pips on her collar is well documented. But Lower Deck’s Mariner is fiercely loyal and secretly deeply devoted to Starfleet. She also brings to the table the essential first officer quality of being able to provide pushback. 

She’s not afraid to question a command decision but will also carry out orders with unstoppable energy and skill. Quick and intelligent, Mariner thinks creatively and with an ability to both push and work within boundaries. She’s also inspiring to her fellow officers and Incredibly fun to hang out with off-duty.

Science Officer – Spock (Star Trek: The Oirignal Series)

star trek quote

Okay, we’ll say it. He’s the logical choice. The original science officer might still be the best. 

His dispassionate perspective is balanced by an underlying humanity that really is there when you need it most. He can do math in his head faster than a lot of machines and with a level of insight and analytical skill that is incredibly valuable. 

He’s been able to solve puzzles that have literally saved the world and will always offer an unblinking view of a situation’s hard facts and their consequences. More than just a walking computer, Spock brings keen insight and unwavering loyalty with a sense of duty and a grounded persistence that never fails.

Security Chief – Tasha Yar (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

star trek tasha yar

Tasha never really got a chance to shine since she didn’t survive the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation, but we think she’s a dark horse in this category who deserves recognition. Certainly, she is serious about her work, perhaps to a fault. However, her consistent attention to detail makes her an incredibly observant and hyper-aware human security system. 

She would rather be safe than sorry and keeps her security team ever at the ready. Tasha is constantly committed to the safety of the ship and the crew and is always on the lookout for every opportunity to improve efficiency, guard against threats, and jump to the rescue, even if it means sacrificing her own life.

Helmsman – Tom Paris (Star Trek: Voyager)

Paris is not just a skilled pilot. He’s a risk-taker who’s been burned enough to know how to hold back but successful enough to know when to lean in. He is forthright, trustworthy, and just a little bit dangerous, but also creative and insightful. 

He brings an engineering mind with quickness and cleverness to the helm, allowing him to do more than fly the ship. Paris is a thoughtful decision-maker and a careful student, always working to improve himself and find the best solution to the problem at hand, even if he pushes safety protocols to get there.

Doctor – Hugh Culber (Star Trek: Discovery)

star trek doctor

Hugh Culber is someone the captain and crew can trust implicitly. His medical knowledge is extensive, but it’s his skilled care and deep compassion that make him truly valuable. He knows how to give direct, personal care that sees each crew member as an individual but can also delegate and manage his team with skill and decisiveness. 

Additionally, he is an excellent counselor with a gentle heart and a careful, open ear. He brings no judgment to the table and is willing to push someone when necessary but never at any other time. Hugh Culber is a healer who is interested in both the body and the mind, making him a physician for the whole person—a quality that is deeply valuable on a starship.

Chief Engineer – Miles O’Brien (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)

O’Brien holds the distinction of being the only engineer in Starfleet who was skilled enough to consistently marry Cardassian and Starfleet technologies. His ability to make a defunct alien space station into a smoothly running galactic hub for travel and trade that could also serve as the nerve center of the Dominion War is a testament to his talents. 

He might seem like just a regular guy, and, in many ways, he is. But he’s also incredibly brilliant and never afraid to get dirty, crawling into any space, tackling any tangle of wires, and even ridding the system of Cardassian voles. No matter the challenge, O’Brien has the knowledge, skills, cleverness, and determination to ensure the ship or station makes it through.

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