Tom Hanks Heading Back Into World War II

By TeeJay Small | Published

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Tom Hanks has reached a point in his career where he has the freedom to work on any project he chooses, meaning fans can rest assured that his latest efforts are each passion projects in their own right. Now, Hanks has plans to host and produce an upcoming World War II documentary series in partnership with the History Channel, following up his recent work on documentary projects surrounding the 1960s and beyond.

Reminiscent Of Saving Private Ryan

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The project will surely be an exciting watch for history buffs and Hanks fans alike, as his smooth voiceover work will undoubtedly remind viewers of his career-best performance in 1998’s Saving Private Ryan.

Tom Hanks clearly has a penchant for the shocking true stories surrounding World War II, as many of his projects beyond Saving Private Ryan also focus on the nearly century-old global conflict.

Hanks’ Other World War II Projects

Hanks previously produced the dramatic mini-series Band of Brothers for HBO, and his latest project saw him serving as a producer on the WWII drama Masters of the Air for Apple TV+. Masters of the Air is Hanks’ second WWII-based narrative for the streamer, after he landed a starring role in 2020’s Greyhound, which he also co-wrote.

New Insight On The Infamous War

The new World War II docu-series is still untitled at this time, though A&E Networks reps have confirmed that the show will contain 20 episodes of material, allowing Tom Hanks and his crew an opportunity to really dive deep on the sources and outcomes of the war.

The series is set to join over 2,500 hours of brand new programming for the History Channel, including new works produced by former United States President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama. A+E insiders have confirmed that unearthed archive material will be used to provide viewers with a greater insight into the day-to-day lives of soldiers on the World War II frontlines than ever before.

Tom Hanks Is Busier Than Ever

Tom Hanks has been exceptionally busy in recent years, producing such projects as a Carole King biopic titled Beautiful, a third installment in the My Big Fat Greek Wedding franchise, and yet another World War II focused venture with the upcoming Dale Dye-directed film No Better Place To Die.

Beyond his work as a producer, Hanks is set to host a follow-up documentary to Masters of the Air titled The Bloody Hundredth, focussing on the true story upon which the dramatization is based. With the new 20-part series on the way, fans have to wonder just how much more WWII content the iconic 67-year-old actor can handle.

Be On The Lookout For The New Docuseries

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For now, there’s still no exact word on when the Tom Hanks docu-series will air on the History Channel, though fans will surely be awaiting the announcement with great excitement. If A&E does truly plan to revamp their entire lineup of programming with content like this, they may just have enough support to earn back the respect that the History Channel once held. That is to say, as long as Tom Hanks and company don’t load their WWII doc with footage of Bigfoot, aliens, or other science fiction content.