• streaming [ stree-ming ] noun – a method of transferring content over the internet in a continuous flow to an app or viewing device

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Back to Black Can’t Beat Powerful Max Documentary Every Fan Must See

I was not a fan of Amy Winehouse before I saw the documentary about her life, Amy, in 2015. Sure, …

9 hours ago

The Berserk Anime Is Still The Greatest Story Arc Ever Told

Berserk is a manga series written and illustrated by Kentaro Miura. The story follows two characters, Guts and Griffith, and …

11 hours ago

x-men '97

X-Men ’97 Tells One Part Of Superhero Stories Better Than Any Movie Or Show

If you’re an X-Men fan and your eyes didn’t begin to water at the end of the X-Men ’97 episode …

13 hours ago

The Best Netflix Sci-Fi Series Returns For Season 3 In Epic Look

Netflix dropped a trailer for Sweet Tooth Season 3 just recently, showcasing an epic ending to the show. The third …

15 hours ago

don't let her in
metalocalypse 1

Max Adult Animated Series Is Hilariously Brutal And A Must-Watch For All Rockers

Musician biopics have seen a rise in popularity in recent years, but none of them are as entertaining as the …

20 hours ago

star trek progenitor

Forgotten Star Trek Character Architect Of Franchise’s Newest Mystery

The fifth and final season of Star Trek: Discovery has been a blast from the past, showing our 32nd-century protagonists …

21 hours ago

demon city shinjuku

The ’80s Horror Fantasy Anime Epic Every Fan Needs To Stream Right Now

Demon City Shinjuku is an animated film focused on demons invading Shinjuku, Tokyo. After a demon gets the upper hand …

1 day ago

Fallout Needs To Bring This Fan-Favorite Vault To The Screen

The Fallout universe is a desolate wasteland and humanity clings to survival in the Vaults, massive underground shelters built by …

1 day ago

Max Crime Series Explores The Gritty Realities Of The Justice System

The 2016 crime drama The Night Of is streaming on Max. The eight-episode limited series is based on the first season of …

1 day ago

The 1990s R-Rated Sci-Fi Violent Monster Extravaganza In Danger Of Being Forgotten

The ‘90s were a great time for lovers of monster movies as titles like Tremors, Arachnophobia, Deep Blue Sea, Aliens …

1 day ago

walton goggins

Fallout Season 2 Is Coming And We Can’t Wait

To the surprise of absolutely no one, Amazon Prime Video has renewed Fallout for Season 2. The video game adaptation …

1 day ago

Violent Netflix Sci-Fi Thriller Is A Time Travel Modern Classic

When it comes to sci-fi, few themes are as well-trodden as time travel—but for a good reason: the trope offers …

1 day ago

anna netflix 1

Netflix Stylish Assassin Movie Keeps You Reeling With One Betrayal After Another

If you’re interested in a brainy, engaging take on the assassin movie genre, you could do much worse than streaming Anna; the …

2 days ago

rebel moon part two

Netflix Sci-Fi Epic Debuts With Horrendous Rotten Tomatoes Score

Zack Snyder’s Star Wars-esque project Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver is on Netflix today, and it doesn’t seem …

2 days ago

X-Men ’97 Hero Almost Started The MCU In The ’80s

One of the things fans love most about X-Men ‘97 is all of the fan service cameos, and my personal …

2 days ago

Alan Ritchson Reacher Fans Slam Actor After Political Comments Cause Controversy

Alan Ritchson, star and titular character in Reacher, has spoken out against former US president Donald Trump, and the MAGA-hats …

2 days ago

The Thought-Provoking Anime Masterpiece From A Legendary Director You Need To Watch Today

Your Name is an animated movie directed by Makoto Shinkai that focuses on the story of two teenagers, Taki Tachibana, …

2 days ago

the legend of billie jean

An ‘80s Icon’s Debut Film Streaming for Free, Watch It Now

Before Christian Slater charmed his way into the hearts of teenage girls everywhere in films like Heathers and Gleaming the …

2 days ago

1980s Stephen King Dystopian Sci-Fi Thriller Unlike Anything Else, Stream Immediately

Of all the corny dystopian sci-fi action thrillers I’ve seen over the years, I’m ashamed to say that I’ve never …

2 days ago

How X-Men ’97 Remixes Marvel Comics’ Best Storylines

Part of what makes the success of X-Men ‘97 so impressive is that the show has done the seemingly impossible …

2 days ago

Star Trek Seasons Are Getting Shorter And That’s Not Going To Change

Star Trek: Discovery is currently taking its final bow after five seasons and one soft reboot, ending the longest-running show …

2 days ago

carlito's way

1990s Crime Thriller On Peacock Is A Severely Underrated Gangster Movie

The 1993 crime drama Carlito’s Way, directed by Brian De Palma from a script by David Koepp, is streaming on Peacock. The …

2 days ago

The ’90s A-List Western That Can Never Be Topped

The A-list Western that can never be topped is Tombstone, a movie from director George P. Cosmatos and writer Kevin Jarre. …

2 days ago

andor star wars

Andor Season 2 Means Way More Than You Realize

An artist calling their work important can come off as self-aggrandizing and pretentious. If that work of art is Andor …

2 days ago

andrew scott ripley

Andrew Scott Was Made For Ripley, Why Everyone Needs To Watch The New Netflix Thriller

While critics have all agreed that Andrew Scott is a smash hit as the enigmatic character, the audience is hesitant …

2 days ago

witcher premiere

Netflix Cancels The Witcher, Ends With Season 5 Henry Cavill Replacement

Netflix just announced that The Witcher has been renewed for its fifth season, which will also be its last. It …

2 days ago