• streaming [ stree-ming ] noun – a method of transferring content over the internet in a continuous flow to an app or viewing device

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Netflix Avatar Series Angers Fans With One Horrible Decision

The live-action adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender made by Netflix has unsurprisingly drawn the ire of fans of the …

1 min ago

1980s Dark R-Rated Fantasy Epic Launched Fan-Favorite Franchise

Immortal warriors, timeless quests, and an iconic 80’s rock soundtrack — the original Highlander movie is a cult classic that …

31 mins ago

star trek world war iii

Star Trek’s Most Important Event Never Given Explanation

In Star Trek lore, few events are as important as World War III: this was the conflict that nearly destroyed …

2 hours ago

Netflix Sci-Fi Anime Series Is The Best Entry In Blockbuster Franchise

The popular Japanese-American anime series Pacific Rim: The Black is streaming on Netflix. The show, consisting of two seasons of seven episodes …

3 hours ago

rings of power

The Rings Of Power Season 3 Already In The Works

The second season of Prime Video’s prequel series, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power hasn’t even set …

3 hours ago

The Netflix Serial Killer Thriller Isn’t The Murderer You Expect

The 2022 drama The Good Nurse is streaming on Netflix. The movie tells the frightening true story of serial killer Charles Cullen, …

6 hours ago

DC Superhero Adventure Is The Most Popular Movie In The World

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is the number one streaming movie on Max. Based on the popular DC Comics character, the …

7 hours ago

super me 1

Netflix Sci-Fi Adventure Is A Mind-Bending Multi-Dimensional Roller Coaster

If Everything Everywhere All at Once piqued your interest in Asian, quirky action comedies, Super Me might scratch a similar …

8 hours ago

final fantasy spirits within 1

The Disney+ Sci-Fi Epic Adventure That Destroyed A Major Company

Ah, video game adaptations—some, like the Laura Croft franchise, mirror their source material in terms of critical dismissal. Others, like The …

9 hours ago

The Max True Crime Series Exposes Deadly Secrets In A Small Town

The 2023 biographical crime drama Love & Death is streaming on Max. Directed by Lesli Linka Glatter and Clark Johnson from a …

9 hours ago

Netflix Crime Comedy Series Is One Of The Most Beloved Shows In Years

If you love feel-good comedies with great characters like Parks & Recreation or New Girl, then you owe it to …

10 hours ago

The R-Rated Cult Comedy That Defined A Generation

Kevin Smith has come a long way since he started his filmmaking career in 1994, and these days, he has …

10 hours ago

The Best Adam Sandler Movies Ranked From Good To Great, Including Spaceman

Adam Sandler’s movies span years of comedy and drama. But which Adam Sandler movie is best? GFR ranks Adam Sandler’s movies using unbiased math.

10 hours ago

dirty work

The Raunchy Comedy Hidden Gem On Streaming Features The Best Actors In The Genre

The world is certainly a darker place ever since Norm Macdonald and Bob Saget passed away, but that doesn’t mean …

12 hours ago

the bag man

John Cusack R-Rated Crime Thriller Keeps The Mystery Hot To The End

If you thought that Nicolas Cage was the only A-list actor who spent a considerable amount of time occupying direct-to-video …

13 hours ago

code 8 part ii

Netflix Cyberpunk Superhero Sequel Is Finally Streaming

Stephen and Robbie Amell’s 2019 dark cyberpunk superhero sci-fi Code 8 was an unexpected and underrated film that came out …

15 hours ago

attack on titan

The Disney+ Dystopian Sci-Fi Series Is One Of The Must-Watch Animes

Attack on Titan is widely regarded as one of the greatest anime series of all time, having received universal acclaim …

1 day ago

Sci-Fi Anime Streaming Series Combines Blade Runner And Total Recall

The popular Japanese anime series Metallic Rouge is streaming on Crunchyroll. Directed by Motonobu Hori, the show debuted on Fuji TV’s +Ultra …

1 day ago

marcel the shell with shoes on

Netflix Heartwarming Tearjerker Is The Cutest Movie In Years

In 2022, A24 took a gamble on a small and intriguing idea for a film in the live-action/stop-motion animated feature, …

1 day ago

The Underrated Brad Pitt Netflix True Story Adventure That Deserves More Attention

When you think of go-to Brad Pitt movies, what comes to mind? Probably Fight Club, Legends of the Fall, and …

1 day ago

Return of the Jedi

The Star Wars Crossover That Can Save Two Franchises

When Disney acquired 20th Century Fox, it opened the door for a number of potential crossovers. The X-Men vs Avengers, …

1 day ago

twin peaks season 4

Dark Game-Changing Mystery Thriller Series Desperately Needs Another Season

When Twin Peaks made its triumphant return to television in 2017, fans had already been waiting for over 25 years …

1 day ago

Netflix Fantasy Anime Perfect For Dungeons And Dragons Fans

Do you like anime, cooking shows, and Dungeons & Dragons? Then, the new anime Delicious in Dungeon was basically tailor-made …

1 day ago


The Most Important Cyberpunk Sci-Fi Novel In History Finally Getting Adaptation

Cyberpunk aficionados, your day has come: Apple TV+ has officially announced that it will be developing a series adaptation of …

1 day ago

Beyond Skyline

The Bloody Netflix Sci-Fi Epic With A Beloved Marvel Villain

If you are a big fan of the Marvel cinematic universe, you might get some pleasure out of keeping up …

1 day ago

The Disney+ Cult Classic Superhero Anime Series Too Bloody For Marvel

Comic books don’t always get anime adaptations, but it’s always pretty cool when they do. The Image Comics comic book …

1 day ago

The Fantasy Adventure Anime On Crunchyroll Is The Hottest New Series Of The Year

The 2024 anime season is starting off strong, and perhaps one of the best new anime introduced this year is …

1 day ago

Demon Slayer

Netflix Demon Slayer Live-Action Series Is Perfect Step For Streaming And Anime Fans

Netflix has taken it upon itself to become the de facto source for live-action anime adaptations. We’ve come a very …

1 day ago

The Controversial Streaming Horror Movie That Would Never Be Made Today

We’re quickly approaching The Blair Witch Project’s 25th anniversary, and it’s high time that we celebrate how this found footage …

2 days ago