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martin lawrence demascus

One Of Martin Lawrence’s Funniest Films Is Coming To Netflix

Blue Streak, one of Martin Lawrence’s best buddy comedies, will be available on Netflix starting on January 1.

3 months ago

kate winslet

Kate Winslet Opens Up About The Future Of Her Best Series

Kate Winslet’s Mare of Easttown had a record-setting first season, but since then, no official word has come out about a second season, until now, when the star breaks her silence.

3 months ago

quentin tarantino star trek

Quentin Tarantino’s Critically Acclaimed Debut Film Is Coming To Netflix

Reservoir Dogs, Quentin Tarantino’s first film and still one of his best, will soon be available to stream on Netflix.

3 months ago

top gun: maverick

Top Gun: Maverick Is Already Smashing Streaming Records

Top Gun: Maverick has already topped Sonic the Hedgehog’s streaming record by 60% on Paramount+.

3 months ago

henry cavill the witcher

The Witcher: Blood Origin’s Terrible Reviews Are Henry Cavill’s Fault?

Henry Cavill fans might be responsible for review bombing The Witcher: Blood Origin.

3 months ago

the witcher henry cavill

The Best Witcher Character Gets A New Love Interest In Season 3

Jaskier’s actor, Joey Batey, hints that the bard will get one or more love interests in the upcoming The Witcher Season 3.

3 months ago

glass onion

Rian Johnson Hates One Big Part Of Glass Onion

Rian Johnson hates that Glass Onion had to have “A Knives Out Mystery” attached to the title.

3 months ago

steven spielberg john williams

The Best Steven Spielberg Movie Is About To Leave Streaming

Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park franchise is leaving HBO Max on January 31st.

3 months ago

wednesday Kaleidoscope

Wednesday Is Defeated As Netflix’s #1 Show

Wednesday has been dethroned as the #1 series on Netflix by Emily in Paris.

3 months ago

the witcher blood origin

The Witcher Just Got The Worst Score In The Franchise’s History

The Witcher: Blood Origin has a very poor 8% audience approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

3 months ago

jake gyllenhaal strange world

A Jake Gyllenhaal Flop Is Conquering The Streaming Charts

The Jake Gyllenhaal flop Strange World is the #3 most-watched movie on Disney+.

3 months ago

seth rogen movie

An Underrated Seth Rogen Christmas Movie Is Trending On Streaming

The Seth Rogen movie The Night Before is trending on Freevee.

3 months ago

jenna ortega wednesday season 2

Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday Season 2 Plot Details Revealed?

Jenna Ortega returning to Wednesday Season 2 would see her and Enid’s relationship blossom, with the other friendships being tested.

3 months ago

Sean Connery

The Best Sean Connery Movie Ever Is Now On Netflix

Sean Connery may have become a household name with his portrayal of James Bond, and while fans can debate which of his spy outings is the best, the Scottish star’s greatest movie is The Hunt For Red October. Now available on Netflix, the 1989 submarine classic stars Connery as Captain Markos Ramius, a Soviet Naval …

3 months ago

monty python netflix

The Movie That Made Monty Python A Worldwide Controversy Is Now On Netflix

Monty Python’s Life of Brian beset the group with controversary from religious groups, and governments, but now it stands as a comedy classic and is finally available on Netflix.

3 months ago

mel gibdso

The Most Controversial Mel Gibson Movie Is Now Available To Stream

Mel Gibson’s controversial, and wildly successful, The Passion of the Christ is now back on streaming platforms.

3 months ago

henry cavill

Henry Cavill Starred In A Huge Horror Franchise, Watch It Now If You Missed it

Before he was Superman or Geralt, Henry Cavill starred in Hellraiser: Hellworld, the eight film in the iconic horror franchise.

3 months ago

Netflix jojo's bizarre adventure

Netflix’s Best Series Is Getting An Anime Spinoff?

Stranger Things is continuing to go global with rumors of an anime series spinoff set in 1980s Tokyo.

3 months ago

avatar the last airbender leaving netflix

Avatar: The Last Airbender Returning With A New Show?

Avatar: The Last Airbender is rumored to get a new animated sequel series, that takes place after The Legend of Korra and starring an earthbender, in 2025.

3 months ago

bill hader barry

See Bill Hader In First Look At Barry’s Final Season

We got the first look at Bill Hader returning as Barry for the fourth and final season of the hit series.

3 months ago

youtube keenan cahill

YouTube Just Paid A Ridiculous Amount To Show The Worst Professional Sports Package

YouTube will pay the NFL over $2 billion a year, for 7 years, for exclusive rights to the NFL Sunday Ticket package.

3 months ago

babylon 5

You Won’t Be Able To Stream Babylon 5 For Much Longer

Babylon 5 is set to leave HBO Max on January 25, 2023.

3 months ago

hbo max

HBO Max Is Permanently Removing Tons Of Incredible Movies And Shows

HBO Max is getting rid of John Wick, Jurassic Park, and many DC animated shows.

3 months ago

kate hudson

Netflix Password Sharing Officially Coming To An End, Here’s When

Netflix is set to end password sharing in early 2023, by adding an extra $3 charge to those who do it.

3 months ago

That ’90s Show Officially Brings Back All The Originals, See How They Look

With one exception, the entire cast of That 70’s Show is back in the first trailer for Netflix’s That 90’s show.

3 months ago

dylan o'brien pirates

An Underrated YA Action Movie Is Trending On Streaming

The Maze Runner is trending on HBO Max, eight years after it was released during the Young Adult book adaptation boom.

3 months ago

John Krasinski

Jack Ryan Spinoff On The Way From Fan-Favorite Marvel Star?

Ant-Man star Michael Pena is joining season 4 of Amazon’s Jack Ryan as Domingo Chavez, with the plan for the character to lead an upcoming Rainbow Six spinoff.

3 months ago

warwick davis willow

Willow Series Was Made To Intentionally Terrify Children

Disney+’s new Willow revival series was made to fascinate and terrify children, evoking the tone of classic 1980s fantasy movies.

3 months ago

showtime paramount

The Most Streamed Movie Of 2022 Was Only Available In One Way

Netflix is the only place you can watch the year’s most streamed movie: A Madea Homecoming.

3 months ago

the witcher henry cavill

The Big Plan For Henry Cavill’s Final Moment As The Witcher

Henry Cavill will get a “heroic sendoff” when he ends his time as Geralt in The Witcher Season 3.

3 months ago