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Marvel Finally Working On Long-Awaited Sci-Fi Superhero Movie

For years, there have been rumors that Marvel was working on a Nova project. The rumors went as far as …

5 hours ago

We’re Saved! Marvel’s Worst Idea Is Being Canceled

MCU’s She-Hulk television series received generally favorable reviews when it was released, and the fans were generally okay with the …

3 days ago

bob iger disney

Disney CEO Bob Iger Announces Departure

Just days after a statement to the press indicating his disappointment at Bob Chapek, Disney CEO Bob Iger has announced …

3 days ago


Disney CEO Bob Iger Slams Company’s Decisions And Strategies

Yes, even Disney CEO Bob Iger harbors some less-than-enthusiastic sentiments about the company’s direction, particularly its performance and the moves …

4 days ago

Kingdom Hearts 4 Affected By Disney’s Terrible Failure?

Wish, Disney’s latest film and its 100th anniversary celebration, has been a critical and commercial failure for the House of …

4 days ago

Moon Knight Season 2 Actually Happening With Oscar Isaac?

Marvel has a TV problem. Their most recent new series, Secret Invasion, was maligned by critics and fans alike, leaving …

5 days ago

The Sci-Fi Adventure Epic Disney Doesn’t Want Anyone to See

While we believe that nothing is ever deleted in the age of the internet, the digital era brings its own …

6 days ago

charlie cox daredevil

Why Charlie Cox Thought Daredevil’s Return Was Impossible

Charlie Cox’s Daredevil was a quick standout in the early days of Marvel TV, but fans weren’t sure he would …

6 days ago

Disney Is Falling Apart At The Box Office, What They’re Doing Wrong

It seems like Disney needs to wish upon a star if it wants its box office fortunes to turn around. …

6 days ago

Disney’s Wish Failure Needs To Change Their Entire Animation Approach

Disney may potentially have another flop on their hands with their latest animated effort, Wish, according to Variety. The original …

6 days ago

Ray Stevenson’s Star Wars Future? Dave Filoni Speaks On Baylan Skoll

The Star Wars universe has a Ray Stevenson-sized hole in it. Baylan Skoll, the late actor’s morally ambiguous fallen Jedi, …

7 days ago

disney wish

Disney’s Wish Worst Movie For Company In Almost 20 Years

Disney’s new animated film, Wish, just dropped into theaters this week, and the first opinions of viewers aren’t fairing well …

1 week ago

ahsoka star wars

Blandest Star Wars Series Getting Season 2? Creator Drops Big Hint

It’s been a busy few days for Star Wars fans as longtime universe creator and collaborator, Dave Filoni, was recently …

1 week ago

Disney box office
tom hardy

Disney Removes Tom Hardy Movie From Release, Is It Canceled?

According to Variety, the upcoming film The Bikeriders has been removed from Disney’s release slate. The Jeff Nichols-directed drama stars …

2 weeks ago


Disney Cancels Another Fan-Favorite High-Profile Series After One Season

Disney has pulled the plug on The Muppets. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney+ has decided to end the musical …

2 weeks ago

The Marvels Continues To Embarrass By Setting Another Horrible Record

The Marvels had a historically disappointing opening weekend, but according to IndieWire, things are only getting worse. Its opening take …

2 weeks ago

The Depressing Reason Why Loki’s Sacrifice Means Nothing

The Marvel TV shows on Disney+ have proven to be largely hit or miss, and we’ve been hit fairly recently …

2 weeks ago

disney 1001 nights

Disney Gets Another Critical Failure Headed For Box Office Disaster That’s Extra Painful

Although their summer team-up with Pixar, Elemental, saved itself from a crushing defeat at the box office, Disney is already …

2 weeks ago

DIsney teacher

Disney’s Newest Big Budget Movie Is Being Torn To Shreds

Disney’s 1994 film The Lion King is considered a classic family film despite some very dark moments, including the villainous …

2 weeks ago

spider-man 4 villain

Spider-Man 4 Merging With Sony’s Venomverse

Early talk about Spider-Man 4 is already starting, with an indication that the new film in the series will be …

2 weeks ago

Halyx, Disney’s Forgotten Sci-Fi Rock Band

If you’ve never heard of Halyx, you’re missing out. Halyx was a sci-fi-themed rock band created by Disney that performed …

2 weeks ago

tom hiddleston loki

Tom Hiddleston Done With Marvel And Loki Forever?

Attention Loki fans: depending on how you interpret a recent interview with series executive producer Kevin R. Wright in The …

3 weeks ago

disney Frozen

Disney’s Frozen Franchise Is Never Going To End

Disney overlord Bob Iger recently let it slip that Frozen 4 is in development at the studio. This news comes …

3 weeks ago

Disney Battle With Florida Reveals $40 Billion Economic Impact

It’s been a turbulent year for Hollywood, between the emergence of AI and what that means for creatives and the …

3 weeks ago

The Worst Marvel Movie Actually Getting A Sequel?

The Eternals 2 may once again be a real possibility, as ComicBook has reported that the sequel is now officially …

3 weeks ago

charlie cox daredevil

Daredevil: Born Again Starting From Scratch? Directors Say Series Is At Day Zero

Daredevil has gone from the Man Without Fear to the Man Without A Disney Plus Series. New comments from the …

3 weeks ago

disney speedstorm echo

Mickey Mouse Is Becoming Public Domain But There’s A Catch

In 2024, Disney’s iconic 1928 animated short, Steamboat Willie, featuring the earliest iteration of Mickey Mouse, enters the public domain. While …

3 weeks ago


Disney CEO Says Company Is Now In “Building” Phase

According to recently minted (and returning) Disney CEO Bob Iger, the company is now entering its building phase. Iger returned …

3 weeks ago

Loki Season 3 Canceled Before It Has A Chance?

Is Loki dead…er….again? A recent story in Men’s Health hints that a Loki Season 3 might not be in the …

3 weeks ago