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Disney has some of the biggest and most popular titles out there with massive television shows and franchises.

Disney News For Each Series

The Star Wars franchise is on Disney+ with all kinds of news about shows past, present, and future.

Don’t forget the Marvel franchise which is also bringing all of its series on Disney as well. This universe has expanded greatly through these different offerings.

Other series have come to the Disney platform as well.

Percy Jackson Series Cast News
Star Wars: Ahsoka Cast News
Star Wars: The Mandalorian Cast News
Star Wars: Andor Cast News
Loki Cast News

Disney+ has so many great movies and movie franchises. Just take a look at some of the massive names on this platform.

Latest Disney News

Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson Was Almost An Iconic Disney Villain

It’s hard to remember a time when Disney wasn’t the dominant force in world entertainment, capable of backing up a …

4 weeks ago

The Best Kids Movie Is Missing From Disney+ For An Incredibly Stupid Reason

If you’re like me, you have a soft spot for The Brave Little Toaster, but can’t find it on streaming …

4 weeks ago

Disney Has The Perfect VS Movie For Marvel

I, like many of you, watched yesterday’s Nintendo Direct to see the newest old games the company would try to …

4 weeks ago

star trek netflix captains

Star Trek Is In Serious Danger Because Of Paramount

The situation at Paramount is more dire than previously thought, with the studio struggling to make money, which it funneled …

4 weeks ago

Yoda parents

George Lucas Gave Yoda The Most Ridiculous Parents

Even though Disney eventually gave him the awful name “Grogu,” countless Star Wars fans still refer to the little green …

1 month ago

wesley snipes blade

Wesley Snipes Burns Marvel For Blade Reboot Problems

Marvel Studios has been hitting several roadblocks over the last few years, delaying project after project. While most titles now …

1 month ago

See The Star Wars Hotel Disaster In All Its Honesty

If you’re a Star Wars fan, chances are you’ve heard of the recent YouTube video detailing the Star Wars hotel …

1 month ago

The Secret Death Star Disney Destroyed From Star Wars History

One of the hackier things about the Star Wars films is that we keep getting Death Stars…one in A New …

1 month ago

book of boba fett review

The Star Wars Bounty Hunter With The Biggest Body Count Isn’t Boba Fett

When you imagine the most deadly bounty hunter in all of Star Wars, you probably imagine Boba Fett…after all, he …

1 month ago

X-Men 97 opening

See The X-Men ’97 Finale Intro In Full Live Action

The first season of X-Men ‘97 came and went and it was the best MCU project we’ve seen in quite …

1 month ago

The Imaginary Movie

New Netflix Anime Already Looks Better Than Ryan Reynolds Blockbuster

This year has already seen the arrival of two feature-length films based around imagination in the supernatural horror-flick, Imaginary, directed …

1 month ago

dun moch

Trash Talk Is Officially A Dark Side Technique In Star Wars

Star Wars fans could always count on the Expanded Universe to help flesh out our understanding of this famous galaxy …

1 month ago

Joy Inside Out

Stream Inside Out On Disney+ Before Watching The Sequel

Inside Out 2 hits theaters this weekend, and while it will likely do exceptionally well with both kids and adults, …

1 month ago

Sony Buys Huge Theater Chain With Focus On Anime

Movie theaters have been on the verge of dying for several years now, with crippling blows like the COVID-19 pandemic …

1 month ago

X-Men ’97 Is Officially The Best Marvel Project

It was already quite clear that X-Men ’97 has become quite the crowd-pleaser in only its first season. Though the …

1 month ago

William Russell Doctor Who

Doctor Who’s Shocking Connection To Star Wars Is A Beloved Bounty Hunter

As much as we would have liked to see it, there was no explicit crossover between Doctor Who and the …

1 month ago

The Acolyte Is What Obi-Wan Kenobi Should Have Been

Star Wars: The Acolyte has only released three episodes so far, but that has been enough for fans who get …

1 month ago

star wars george lucas

The George Lucas Joke That Actually Became Star Wars Canon

In 2010, George Lucas attended the fifth Star Wars Celebration, a kind of Comic-Con event focused entirely on a galaxy …

1 month ago

the Acolyte Anakin skywalker

The Acolyte Didn’t Ruin Anakin’s Origin Like All The Trolls Are Saying

Nobody hates Star Wars like Star Wars fans. The newest controversy to stir up the Fandom Menace is a doozy. …

1 month ago

Netflix Fantasy Adventure Epic Sets The Standard For All-Audiences Entertainment 

Finally, an epic animated film that doesn’t involve a perfect, darling princess in search of adventure or a knight in …

1 month ago

Dwayne Johnson Signs Landmark First Look Deal With Disney

Dwayne Johnson’s film and TV label, Seven Bucks Productions, has signed a first-look deal with Disney. This means The Rock …

1 month ago

the acolyte theory

The Acolyte Doesn’t Deserve This Stupid Criticism From Star Wars Fans

When it comes to Star Wars, fans will find anything they can to complain about. From screws being used in …

1 month ago

daisy ridley star wars

Star Wars Daisy Ridley Movie Title Reveals Defiant Reboot of Sequel Trilogy?

The new Star Wars movie, inevitably called Episode X, is now officially titled Star Wars Episode X: A New Beginning. …

1 month ago

Alien TV Series Getting Season 2 Release Way Sooner Than Expected?

Noah Hawley has offered an update on his upcoming Alien series. Speaking to Deadline, the filmmaker revealed that Season 1 …

1 month ago

Marvel Keeps Ruining The MCU With The Most Obvious Spoilers

As a lifelong comic book fan in high school when Iron Man came out, I was an instant fan of …

1 month ago

The Rise Of Skywalker Directing Choice Star Wars Actors Turned Into A Joke

All these years later, most Star Wars fans are still trying to figure out what went wrong with The Rise …

1 month ago

Harrison Ford Rise of Skywalker

The Real Tragedy Of The Rise of Skywalker

All these years later, we’re still processing how badly the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy let us down. Every film was …

1 month ago

The Fantasy Action Remake With A Giant Celebrity Disney+ Bungled On Streaming

In a mixed-up, crazy, wacky kind of deal that’s either incredibly prescient or outlandishly lacking in foresight, Disney+ can’t stream …

1 month ago

the acolyte theory

The Acolyte Hero Is More And Less Than She Appears

The Acolyte is finally here and the first two episodes left me with a theory I can’t shake. This is …

1 month ago