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The 1980s Disney Sci-Fi Horror Thriller Being Buried in The Past

Does anyone remember a time when Disney ventured into the horror genre? Well, we do; it happened during the ‘80s, …
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Nathan Fillion Visits Civilian Pavilion Named After Him

A wise man once said, “Everyone’s a hero in their own way.” That wise man was Nathon Fillion’s character in …
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The Surprising Reason Why Star Trek Icon Hated His Most Important Episode

Why the heck would Worf actor Michael Dorn hate “Heart of Glory”? While the Star Trek: The Next Generation character …
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Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Sued for Deceptive Packaging

Weird lawsuits are always a lot of fun, at least to read about; for a recent example, consider the federal …
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A Writer’s Own Terror Created Star Trek’s Scariest Moment

One of the observations that always stuck with us was Mike Stoklassa’s declaration that he always saw Star Trek: The …
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