GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT instructs its writers, editors, and content creators to conduct their work ethically and in accordance with accepted industry practices. Our name may be silly, but we care about our credibility.

We strive for objectivity when possible and clearly indicate or label opinions when they are expressed. We credit original sources and strive to deliver proper attribution whenever possible. We do not rely on manipulated press releases for our information.

Our Credibility

GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT’s original reporting is credible, proven, and rigorously checked. Exclusive stories are only published based on information from vetted and proven sources. That doesn’t mean they’ll always be right; things can change, and mistakes can be made, but we strive for as much credibility and accuracy as possible.

Our exclusives are always uniquely ours. We research carefully to make certain our information hasn’t already been reported by someone else before we run any story.

For more information on how we come up with our exclusive stories, examine our credibility on our original reporting page.

To examine our credibility further, visit our full list of exclusives which have been fully confirmed by official sources.

Places We’ve Been Featured

Because we’ve proven our credibility and high rate of accuracy over the long term, GFR is now regularly featured as a source in many mainstream publications. Here’s a list of just a few of the places you’ve probably seen our original reporting covered… on cnn
new york times
GFR in Forbes
GFR in Daily Express
Giant Freakin Robot in Daily Mail
Giant Freakin Robot in LA Times
GFR on Bloomberg
GFR in Deadline
GFR in The Washington Post
The Guardian featured Giant Freakin Robot
GFR source on IGN
Today featured GFR

Advertiser Influence

GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT and its employees do not accept gifts or perks of any kind, particularly those which are often given in exchange for certain kinds of coverage. We work hard to avoid developing potentially corrupting relationships with corporate entities and as such, are not beholden to anyone except our readers.

As a further means of protecting GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT’s credibility, advertisers do not interact directly with our owners, editors, or writers. Advertising is brokered through an unaffiliated third party as a way to keep a firewall between our editorial freedom and advertiser influence.

For more information on GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT’s management structure, visit our Ownership page. For information on individual staff members, visit our About Us page.