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scavengers reign

Scavengers Reign Series Premiere Review: Terrifying, Beautiful, And Impossible To Turn Away From

SCAVENGERS REIGN SERIES PREMIERE REVIEW SCORE The animated sci-fi series Scavengers Reign released its first three episodes on Max this …

1 month ago

5 Reasons Inception May Be The Greatest Sci-Fi Movie Ever Made

Inception is good, really good. Everyone knows that now. But, maybe we should take that a step further. It’s good …

1 month ago

The Best Will Ferrell Movie Is Also His Weirdest

Step Brothers is Will Ferrell’s best movie. His comedy team-up with John C. Reilly is filled with quotables and hilarious moments.

2 months ago

How Event Horizon Failed In Theaters And Why It Deserved Better

There are other examples of movies that died on the vine theatrically, but that are now widely revered. Such is the case with Event Horizon.

2 months ago

sylvester stallone

Demolition Man 30th Anniversary Retro Review

Thirty years ago this month Bill Clinton was the President, Howard Stern released Private Parts, Michael Jordan announced his retirement …

2 months ago

loki season 2 premiere

Loki Season 2 Premiere Review: Underwhelming, Confusing Disappointment

LOKI SEASON 2 PREMIERE REVIEW SCORE The last time we saw Tom Hiddleston play his signature role, we still lived …

2 months ago

gen v season 2

Gen V Series Premiere Review: A Brilliant Update To Marvel’s Best Concept

GEN V SERIES PREMIERE REVIEW SCORE How do you make the concept of Marvel’s X-Men new again? You do the …

2 months ago


The Continental Series Premiere Review: Don’t Expect John Wick, And That’s A Good Thing

THE CONTINENTAL SERIES PREMIERE REVIEW SCORE My impression is that you can blame the glaring green Rotten Tomatoes splat you’re …

2 months ago

true romance

True Romance 30th Anniversary Retro Review

TRUE ROMANCE REVIEW SCORE Too often forgotten in discussion of either the filmmaking career of Quentin Tarantino or the screen …

3 months ago

lower decks

One Piece Live Action Series Premiere Review: The Best Anime Adaptation Ever

ONE PIECE SERIES PREMIERE REVIEW This review is for the first two episodes of One Piece. After countless failed live-action …

3 months ago

strange brew

Strange Brew 40th Anniversary Retro Review

STRANGE BREW RETRO REVIEW SCORE Forty years ago this month, two comedians tricked a skunk-passing dog into taking a jelly …

3 months ago

ahsoka premiere

Ahsoka Series Premiere Review: This Is The Star Wars You’ve Been Looking For

AHSOKA SERIES PREMIERE REVIEW SCORE I swear I am not a Disney Star Wars hater. I’ve enjoyed most of the …

3 months ago

babylon 5 the road home

Review: Babylon 5’s The Road Home Is A Disappointing Multiverse Clip Show

If you’ve been a fan for years you will probably see it as mandatory viewing.

4 months ago

strange new worlds finale

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2 Finale Review: A Near-Perfect Finale That Will Enrage You

STAR TREK: STRANGE NEW WORLDS SEASON 2 FINALE REVIEW SCORE The Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2 finale, “Hegemony,” …

4 months ago

teenage mutant ninja turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem Review – More Teenagers Than Ninjas

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: MUTANT MYAHEM REVIEW SCORE The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been a staple of pop culture …

4 months ago

reservation dogs season 3

Reservation Dogs Season 3 Premiere Review: Sweet, Funny Beginning To The Final Season

RESERVATION DOGS SEASON 3 PREMIERE REVIEW SCORE Reservation Dogs Season 3 returned with its two episode premiere this week, and …

4 months ago

star trek

If You Only Watch One Star Trek Movie, This Is The One To Stream

Star Trek movies have always been hit-and-miss and not always the kind that Mr. Spock would find “fascinating.” Even though …

4 months ago

ryan gosling barbie

Barbie Review: Pink, Fun, And Surprisingly Emotional

BARBIE REVIEW SCORE Greta Gerwig pulled off a miracle with Barbie, somehow writing (alongside her partner, Noah Baumbach) and directing …

4 months ago

If Your Kids See Only One Disney Movie, Make Sure It’s This One

Oof, this is a tough one. Disney may represent corporate greed and creative homogenization to some, but no one can …

4 months ago

oppenheimer christopher nolan

Oppenheimer Review: This Bomb Is The Best Movie Of The Year

Few directors can bring in an audience based on their name alone, but ever since The Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan …

4 months ago

I Wanna Rock

The Expendables: The Best Action Star Performances In The Franchise So Far

The Expendables started with one of the coolest and simplest premises we ever heard: getting all the famous faces from …

5 months ago

what we do in the shadows

My Adventures With Superman Series Premiere Review: A New Take No One Asked For

MY ADVENTURES WITH SUPERMAN REVIEW SCORE The first two episodes of My Adventures with Superman premiered on Adult Swim this …

5 months ago

witcher premiere

The Witcher Season 3 Premiere Review: A Fun, Bloody Start To Cavill’s Send Off

The Witcher season 3 premiere is worth the wait, though the story could use a more selective focus.

5 months ago

political movies

10 Political Movies You Need To Watch Before The Next Election

A new general election is just around the corner, which raises the possibility that we might finally end up with a proper action movie president or could slide into one of the many possible dystopian futures we’ve been predicting for years.

7 months ago

silo premiere

Silo Series Premiere: A Dystopian Mystery Box For The Very Patient

The Silo premiere episode feels incomplete, but compelling in its depiction of a future underground dystopia.

7 months ago

dead ringers

Dead Ringers Series Premiere Review: Twin Entrancing, Brutal Performances From Rachel Weisz

Dead Ringers is an intense, gory, unsettling showcase for Rachel Weisz.

7 months ago