umbrella academy season 2 feature

Umbrella Academy Season 2 Review: Things Get Groovy In A Solid Sophomore Season

The Umbrella Academy built a good foundation with its premiere season. The premise was familiar yet with enough twists to …

4 years ago

quentin tarantino

The Worst Quentin Tarantino Movie: Why This Is An Easy Choice

The worst Quentin Tarantino movie isn’t actually that hard to choose.

4 years ago

Red Dwarf Season 13 Review: They’ve Made A Huge Mistake With The Promised Land

Aside from the waist lines of the cast and the wrinkles on their faces, absolutely nothing about Red Dwarf has changed.

4 years ago

batman & robin feature

In Defense Of Batman & Robin: It’s Actually Good

Batman & Robin represents a turning point in superhero cinema.

4 years ago

worst star trek movie feature

Why This Is the Worst Star Trek Movie Of All Time

A story that cuts at the very heart of Star Trek’s optimism and hope.

4 years ago


Cursed Review: Netflix’s Fantasy Series Won’t Fill Your Game Of Thrones Shaped Hole

Cursed won’t fill the Game of Thrones-shaped hole in your heart.

4 years ago

star trek: deep space nine feature

The Best Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Episode

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was a game-changing entry in the Star Trek canon.

4 years ago

brave new world feature

Brave New World Review: Peacock’s Sci-Fi Soap Opera Squanders Its Potential

The few bits of Peacock’s Brave New World that do stand out as clever or enjoyable are smothered

4 years ago

The Vast of Night Review: It’s Worth The Trip, Stream It Now

In The Vast Of Night what begins as a quasi-Twilight Zone television show called Paradox Theater quickly places us in 1950s Cayuga, New Mexico.

4 years ago

star trek III the search for spock feature

Why Star Trek III: The Search for Spock Is Unfairly Overlooked

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock is stuck in an unfortunate spot.

4 years ago

Palm Springs Review: This May Be The Best Movie Of 2020

This is a fantastic film, one you want to repeat into infinity right along with Nyles.

4 years ago

The Old Guard Review: Charlize Theron Leads A Familiar But Well-Crafted Action Film

The Old Guard has a great premise: a group of immortal soldiers is targeted by a pharmaceutical company that wants to understand the key to their regenerative powers.

4 years ago

The Best Star Trek: The Original Series Episode

This episode is rarely championed as the best episode of Star Trek: The Original Series, but it should be.

4 years ago

the prestige feature

The Prestige: Why Christopher Nolan’s Often Overlooked Film Is His Best

The Prestige seemed poised to be a landmark entry in Christopher Nolan’s ever-growing filmography.

4 years ago

warrior nun

Warrior Nun Review: Netflix’s New Show May Be A Fit For No One

Warrior Nun, the show, was created by Simon Barry who’s had his hand in the sci-fi/ fantasy television game a bit already.

4 years ago

suicide squad harley quinn feature

Suicide Squad: Hated By Critics But It Deserves Better

Suicide Squad is often labeled as the worst entry in the DC Extended Universe canon. While I may disagree, it’s …

4 years ago

eurovision song contest feature

Eurovision Song Contest Review: Will Ferrell Is the Worst Part of This Silly, So-So Comedy

Eurovision Song Contest is likely to get filed away with the other niche parodies Ferrell has been a part of.

4 years ago

True Lies Arnold Schwarzenegger Jamie Lee Curtis

True Lies: Why James Cameron’s Mega-Budget Action Movie Has Faded From Memory

True Lies had enormous expectations when it opened in the summer of 1994.

4 years ago

batman v superman zack snyder

Why Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Is the Worst Modern DC Superhero Movie

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is possibly the most divisive entry in the entire DC Extended Universe.

4 years ago

Da 5 Bloods Review: Spike Lee’s Netflix Movie Could Have Won Awards, But It Makes A Mistake

Da 5 Bloods is the latest from controversial director Spike Lee.

4 years ago

judge dredd feature

Judge Dredd: Why The Big Budget Failure Deserves A Second Look

Judge Dredd is a movie that almost no one wants to defend. A box office flop and a critical disaster, …

4 years ago

the iron giant feature

The Iron Giant: How A Box Office Failure Became A Classic

The Iron Giant is considered by many critics and audiences to be one of the greatest animated films of the ’90s.

4 years ago

scott pilgrim feature

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: How It Failed And Why It Deserved Better

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World could have been a turning point in mainstream movie history.

4 years ago

Space Force On Netflix Reviewed: Steve Carell’s Series Fails At Being Funny

Because Netflix’s Space Force series struggles to get off its own proverbial launchpad and I’m not sure how long viewers stick around.

4 years ago

Demolition Man: Critics Hated It But Now Stallone’s Movie Deserves Better

Demolition Man foresaw the coming wave of wistful societal longing for an earlier time that struck land roughly a decade later.

4 years ago

alien 3 feature

Alien 3: How It Failed And Why It Deserves Better

Thanks to time and an unexpected new version of the film, Alien 3 has become one of the most fascinating and unfairly overlooked sci-fi/horror films of the last few decades.

4 years ago

Casper Turns 25: Why Critics Hated It And Why It’s Now A Childhood Classic

Casper didn’t exactly fare well with a lot of critics at the time, and even contemporary reviews aren’t quite favorable.

4 years ago

The Lovebirds Review: The Best Comedy Movie Netflix Has Ever Produced

Their continued tone of light to stark annoyance with each other plays perfectly as their situation in The Lovebirds grows more and more ridiculous.

4 years ago

starship troopers feature

Starship Troopers: Why Everyone Hated It In 1997 And Why It’s Beloved Now

Starship Troopers should have been a gargantuan hit. That’s not what went down in 1997.

4 years ago

Snowpiercer Series Review: Episode 1 Loses What Made The Movie Good

Snowpiercer the series has just arrived on TNT, but it isn’t the first time this property has been adapted.

4 years ago