The Epic Adventure Adaptation On Hulu With A-List Stars Trading Hilarious Quips 

By Shanna Mathews-Mendez | Updated

If you’ve watched these two actors, you’ve learned this one important thing: Mark Wahlberg is at his best when he’s allowing himself to be the butt of a few jokes, and Tom Holland plays an amazingly smart, young up-and-comer. Fortunately, we get the best of both worlds in Uncharted

Uncharted Brings The Hit Video Game To Life

Uncharted, based on an action-adventure video game of the same name, was adapted for the screen using a storyline that pretty closely follows the game. In the game, players navigate the setting through the eyes of Nathan Drake, a smart aleck, super smart thief, in search of the gold of El Dorado with his mentor, Victor Sullivan, and journalist Elena Fisher. He’s known for his witty quips and his everyman persona. 

Mark Wahlberg’s Role Drastically Changed

It is interesting that when Uncharted was first being developed, Mark Wahlberg was slated to play Drake because the character is specifically not super muscular or an exceptional action figure. Fortunately, the filmmakers moved Wahlberg into the role of the much older Sullivan and tagged Holland to play Drake. The chemistry between the two is electric enough that it leaves you hoping the franchise continues with sequels. 

An Old-School Adventure

uncharted 2022 cast

The film version of Uncharted opens up with a young Nathan Drake and his older brother, Sam, stealing a map from a museum. The two are orphans who get in trouble a lot, and before they can be captured by the police, Sam takes off, promising to come back for his little brother.

Fast forward fifteen years to the present day, and we see Nate is now a bartender who pilfers jewels from his rich, snobby clients. In walks Sullivan, who calls him out on his thieving and offers him a job. 

Antonio Banderas Is Sauve, Sophisticated, And Evil

The job, as Sully explains it, is to complete a previously uncharted search for Magellan’s gold, which Sully had been on with Nate’s big brother, Sam. Nate agrees to complete the job in the hopes he’ll be able to find his brother along the way.

From this point on, the movie becomes pure adventure. Sully and Nate head to a museum, where they must steal a golden cross. There, they find out Santiago Moncada (played by Antonio Banderas) is bidding on the cross at auction as he believes the cross belongs in his family. 

Twists, Turns, And Wild Stunts

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Fighting ensues, with a badass female villain, Jo Braddock, at the head of Moncada’s security team. Sully and Nate get the cross and head to Barcelona to find the treasure. They meet up with Sully’s contact, Chloe Frazer (Sophia Taylor Ali), another particularly smart and skilled thief.

Now, we have a trio in search of the gold and fun mysteries to follow down labyrinths and into caves in Uncharted. Betrayal, romance, and nonstop one-liners keep you engaged for the full two hours. 

Streaming On Hulu

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There are some films where Wahlberg takes himself too seriously, so you can’t take him seriously. Uncharted is not one of them. While I love Holland as goofy teenage Peter Parker, this movie is one that allows him to play a more mature, self-assured character that gives you an idea of what Zendaya might see in this kid.

Overall, it’s an enjoyable movie to watch on a Friday night with popcorn and candy, and the twist at the end will have you searching for news of what’s next for Uncharted. Stream it on Hulu this weekend.