WandaVision Wanda Vision

WandaVision Shows Marvel Has Trouble Getting Used To Smaller Storytelling

WandaVision is a striking but mixed experiment for Marvel.

4 years ago

best movies 2020

The 10 Best Movies Of 2020, According To Drew

Editor Drew Dietsch lists the ten best movies of 2020.

4 years ago

Monster Hunter Review: Milla Jovovich Is Still A Total Badass

Paul W.S. Anderson is the king of live-action video game movies. Not only has he made more than any other …

4 years ago

gal gadot wonder woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984 Review: The Successor To Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man

Wonder Woman 1984 recalls the best things about Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movies.

4 years ago

Greenland Review: Gerard Butler Fronts The Best Disaster Movie In Years

If you go into Greenland, the latest world-threatening disaster opus fronted by Gerard Butler, expecting the over-the-top scene-chomping chaos in …

4 years ago

the mandalorian baby yoda

The Mandalorian Season 2 Review: Too Much Star Wars, Not Enough Mando

The Mandalorian Season 2 has come to a close, and the show is at a crossroads.

4 years ago

Chadwick Boseman Ma Rainey's Black Bottom

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom Reviewed: Chadwick Boseman’s Final Role Is Also His Best

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom – the final performance by Chadwick Boseman – shows the immense talents of the actor we lost too soon.

4 years ago

the stand

The Stand Review: Stephen King’s Pandemic Epic Gets Off To A Solid But Strange Start

The Stand on CBS All-Access is off to a strange but promising start.

4 years ago

The Expanse Season 5 Reviewed: Episode 1 Is A Soap Opera, But A Good One

Yes the first episode of The Expanse season 5 is basically an extended soap opera, but at least it’s a really good soap opera.

4 years ago

mank review feature

Mank Review: Gary Oldman Anchors The Ultimate Tribute To Classic Movies

Mank is a passion project for David Fincher, but is it any good?

4 years ago


Pixar’s Soul Reviewed: Their Best Movie In Years

Soul isn’t just a reminder of Pixar at the peak of the studio’s talents, it’s also one of the best films of the year.

4 years ago

Saved By the Bell Review: The New Bayside Tells A Story Focused On Inequality

A new Saved By the Bell reboot is now airing on NBC’s Peacock app. During the course of the show’s …

4 years ago

mel gibson fatman feature

Fatman Review: Mel Gibson Makes Santa Look Like Logan

Mel Gibson goes gruff instead of jolly in Fatman, the new movie available right now.

4 years ago

Freaky Review: Vince Vaughn Delivers Hilarious Comedy Hidden In Horror

This year, horror giants Blumhouse Productions have primarily focused on nostalgia for their scares. Already in 2020 Blumhouse turned the …

4 years ago

lego star wars holiday special

The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special Review: Disney Gives You A Greatest Hits Compilation

Disney goes for broke with The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special.

4 years ago

Jiu Jitsu Review: Nicolas Cage Fights Aliens With Martial Arts

Based on a comic book by director/co-writer Dimitri Logothetis, Jiu Jitsu plays like a riff on The Bourne Identity meets Predator, down to the memory loss and extraterrestrial heat vision.

4 years ago

The Mandalorian video game

The Mandalorian Season 2 Premiere Review: A Big Reveal Creates A Risky Future

The Mandalorian is back and still great, but is it headed for troubled terrain?

4 years ago

the craft legacy feature

The Craft: Legacy Review – A Magical Cast Meets Modern Day Problems

Does The Craft: Legacy capture the same magic as the original?

4 years ago

the witches review feature

The Witches Review: Anne Hathaway Leads A Magical Mess

The Witches might be cursed.

4 years ago

sacha baron cohen trump

Borat 2 Review: Sacha Baron Cohen Is More Outrageous Than Ever

Does Borat 2 have the same comedic magic as the original?

4 years ago

Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Review: Episode 1 Goes Full Star Wars And It Works

Star Trek: Discovery has finally become the show it wanted to be all along. Season 3 episode 1 begins by stripping away the last vestiges of Star Trek left

4 years ago

love and monsters feature

Love and Monsters Review: The Monsters Make It Worth Your While

Does Love and Monsters deliver on its title? Read our review to find out!

4 years ago

Undeclared: Why Judd Apatow’s Other Cult TV Show Is Unfairly Overlooked

The idea for Undeclared simply came from Apatow asking what would happen to the Freaks and Geeks characters after the events of high school.

4 years ago

star trek lower decks feature

Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 1 Review – This Is The Star Trek Show To Watch

Star Trek: Lower Decks has wrapped up its first season and proved it’s the real successor to the Star Trek name.

4 years ago

hubie halloween review feature

Hubie Halloween Review: Adam Sandler Does Spooky Season Justice

Hubie Halloween represents a return to form for Adam Sandler.

4 years ago

the mist feature

The Mist: Why This Great Stephen King Adaptation Is Unfairly Overlooked

Stephen King’s The Mist is a brutal film, but it is also one of the horror master’s best.

4 years ago

Enola Holmes Review: Netflix’s New Movie Should Fight For Women’s Rights

Enola Holmes is less of a teenager’s perspective on a Sherlock Holmes story and more like Fleabag Jr.

4 years ago

ava review jessica chastain

Ava Review: Jessica Chastain Can’t Save a Subpar Script

Ava has a stellar cast, but none of them can make this script into something worthwhile.

4 years ago

antebellum feature

Antebellum Review: When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

Antebellum has a point it wants to make. Unfortunately, it makes it in the worst ways possible.

4 years ago

robert pattinson

The Devil All the Time Review: A Netflix Movie For Misery’s Sake

Murphy’s Law states anything that can go wrong will go wrong. That seems to be the case with The Devil All the Time, the latest from Christine and Simon Killer director Antonio Campos.

4 years ago