Hilarious Comedy On Max Is A Must-Watch For Curb Your Enthusiasm Fans

By TeeJay Small | Updated

Clear History Larry David

By now, fans of Curb Your Enthusiasm are already familiar with Larry David’s trademark blend of semi-improvised comedy and hilarious deconstructions of the minutiae of modern life. If this style of comedy tickles your fancy, you owe it to yourself to check out David’s other collaborative effort with HBO, the feature film Clear History. The movie, which is available to stream on Max, touts the same classic Larry David humor that fans have come to adore from Curb, along with a number of the series’ funniest guest stars.

A Mostly Improvised Film

Clear History

Larry David penned the screenplay for Clear History alongside a few of his closest collaborators from his Seinfeld days. Like Curb Your Enthusiasm, the dialogue in the film is almost completely improvised and unscripted, with the screenplay simply offering bullet points to guide the performers toward certain subjects to move the plot along. The film was shot throughout a number of beautiful North Shore Massachusetts locales, including Marblehead, Topsfield, Essex, Beverly, and others.

So Many Familiar Faces

Clear History

Clear History was directed by Superbad filmmaker Greg Mottola, who recently served as the director for a number of terrific television episodes. These include outings within Dave, The Dangerous Book for Boys, and Peacemaker. The film stars Larry David in the leading role, alongside a number of hilarious performers, including Bill Hader, Jon Hamm, Philip Baker Hall, Kate Hudson, Michael Keaton, Eva Mendes, and the incomparable J.B. Smoove.

Professional Relationships Dissolve

Clear History

The plot of Clear History centers around Nathan Flomm, an obnoxious and poorly-mannered executive at an electric car company on the brink of developing the most technologically-advanced vehicle ever manufactured. When the company’s CEO Will Haney announces plans to name the vehicle “The Howard,” after his newborn son, Flomm objects, arguing that it’s a horrible name for a car, and storms out of a marketing meeting in a huff. After a heated discussion, Flomm quits the company, opting to take a small severance package to dissolve his shares.

A New Identity

Clear History

Days later, when The Howard begins rolling out to the market, Flomm realizes that he’s relinquished about a billion dollars in equity, as the car is a massive hit with the public. After facing humiliation and harassment due to his public fallout with the company, Nathan uproots his life and moves to a small village on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, where he changes his look and assumes a new name.

As Clear History leaps forward 10 years, Nathan develops a number of interwoven relationships with the locals, though Will Haney’s arrival on the island threatens his peaceful newfound identity.

Clear History Streaming On Max


Clear History received mixed reviews from critics and has become something of a cult classic among hardcore fans of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Though the movie never made massive waves, it stands as one of the funniest outings Larry David has done outside of his flagship show, and makes for the perfect introduction to his style of off-beat humor. If you’re a fan of Curb Your Enthusiasm and haven’t had the chance to check this film out just yet, be sure to stream Clear History on Max today.