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Frequently Asked Questions…

Regarding advertisements…
Why am I being annoyed by that annoying advertisement?
Are you paid to say that?
How can I advertise on GiantFreakinRobot.com?

Regarding reader comments…
What is the purpose of this website’s comments section?
Why was my comment deleted?
Why wasn’t my comment posted?

Regarding content on this site…
Is this GFR appropriate for my child?
I found a typo in one of your stories, what should I do?
Do you use profanity on this website?
What if I want to be a GFR contributor?


Why am I being annoyed by that annoying advertisement?
GFR is an independently owned news and opinion website. That means unlike most of the corporately owned web destinations you may be used to, you’ll get completely unfiltered opinions from real sci-fi lovers who don’t have to fight their way through a pack of lawyers to share their thoughts with you. It also means that to pay our bills, we have to display advertisements on this site. We do our best to limit the number of advertisements displayed as much as possible. That doesn’t, however, mean we’ve gotten rid of them. Those ads are what enable us to keep doing what we’re doing while delivering it to you absolutely free. They let us keep our writers well stocked with delicious Slurm. Believe it when we tell you that nobody’s getting rich here, but those ads enable us to get by doing what we love and bringing you what you love.

If there’s a particularly annoying or out of place advertisement somewhere on GFR, feel free to let us know about it, and we’ll look into it. We don’t directly control the kinds of ads displayed, however. That enables us to keep a layer of distance between advertisers and ourselves, so that they can’t influence what we have to say, but it also means that sometimes a particularly annoying advertisement slips in without us knowing about it. Stick with us and we’ll do the best we can in striking a balance between keeping this site free and keeping your GFR experience hassle-free. In the meantime, make it a point to support our seriously awesome sponsors, who’ve stepped up to help us be here for all of you.

Aren’t you paid to say that?
Advertisers have no input into the content we publish. Banner ads are sold through a third party, which serves as a buffer between us and the companies who choose to sponsor our work. We have no contact with the people who advertise on our site, and they have no control over what we publish.

How can I advertise on this website?
Please contact contact us for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.


What is the purpose of this website’s comments section?
The comment form at the bottom of every page on this website allows readers to share their thoughts on the topic being discussed above it. Comments of all types are allowed, as long as they are on topic. Passionate agreement or disagreement is encouraged. GFR’s comments are not, however, intended as an outlet for personal attacks against the post’s author or other readers. Neither is our comments area intended as a forum to critique the way we operate. Keep your comments on topic. On topic means discussing the subject of the post, not the people discussing it. If you disagree with something we’ve said, explain why in a polite and reasonable matter. Disagreement is encouraged, but trolling will not be tolerated. We value our loyal, regular commenters and do everything we can to keep this a great place for real discussion.

Why was my comment deleted?
Our comments aren’t heavily moderated, since we encourage a free form of discussion. However, posts which violate our general “keep it on topic” guidelines may be removed. In extreme cases the author of the comment may even be banned from posting any further. This is non-negotiable. All deletions and bannings are final.

Why wasn’t my comment posted?
Because of problems we’ve had with spammers, our comment system automatically deactivates any comment containing a link. This comment remains deactivated until one of our moderators has time to check the system. Feel free to post links, but be aware that it may be awhile before your link-containing comment actually shows up on the site.


Is this website appropriate for my child?
While many of the sci-fi news sites you’re used to may be written at a fourth-grade level, this one isn’t. GFR is written by adults for adults. We don’t talk down to our audience, we assume you’re mature enough and smart enough to follow along. We’re not likely to post any porn here, but when we publish something we do so with mature, thinking individuals in mind. That means our stories, even the simplest ones, may involve complex concepts and themes which are nonsense to kids. Whether or not it’s appropriate for your kids to visit this site, is up to you. All we can tell you is that we’re not writing for anyone under the age of eighteen or so.

Hey I spotted a typo in a post, what should I do?
This is an independently owned website, not a corporate blog backed by wealthy financiers in pinstriped suits. That gives us the freedom to speak openly and honestly, without the filters of lawyers and the pressure of nervous advertisers. Unfortunately, it also means we don’t have the mad hedge fund money necessary to hire teams of copy editors and proofreaders, like the ones employed by the NBC’s media empire. We do our best to proofread everything we do before we publish it, but even publications which employ armies of spell checkers still occasionally publish typos. Try attacking the Wall Street Journal with a red pen some time and you may be surprised. It happens to everyone and it’s sure to happen to us, now and then. If the typo is something major, feel free to help out by letting us know in the comments. Just don’t get bent out of shape about it, we don’t.

Why do you use profanity on this website?
We love words. We’re adults, this website is intended for adults, and as such we use the full length and breadth of the English language to express ourselves. Our writers are encouraged to create and speak to our audience in a conversational and engaging way. We talk the way most of you talk, out in the real world. This is the internet, not network television. We understand that’s not for everyone, some people prefer CBS to HBO, and we’re fine with that. We write it, it’s up to you choose what you want to put in your brain.

How can I become a GFR writer?
We’re not hiring, but we’ll let you know when we are!