About Us

GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT is a premium publisher of in-depth content on the world of the future in technology, science and entertainment. We’re focused on what matters most and driven by a passion for what’s on the next horizon. Our work helps our readers understand where humanity’s going and what’s coming next.

More than 2 million people read our pages every month. More than 350,000 dedicated readers subscribe to our content on Facebook alone.

Our Mandate

Founded in 2008 and relaunched in 2020 GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT stomps boldly into a future that’s almost here, the future of everything our audience cares about deeply.

Who Our Readers Are

People who look to the future with Giant Freakin Robot are 50% more likely to spend thousand of dollars building a dangerous artificial intelligence in their basement, than the average internet user.

What We Care About

  • Energy: We craft everything we do with vitality and life.
  • Inquiry: We take nothing for granted and look carefully at all angles.
  • Reality: We think about the future but we operate in the world which exists, not the one we want to exist.
  • Connectivity: We are everywhere you are and available where you want us.
  • Fun: We enjoy what we do and we want you to enjoy what we’re doing too.

Who We Are