the craft

90s Cult Classic Dark Teen Fantasy Horror Still Casts A Spell

The Craft is a 90s cult classic dark teen fantasy horror that practically invented a genre, paving the way for …

3 weeks ago

1980s Mother’s Day Slasher Horror Dark Comedy Is A Sick Way To Celebrate

If you want to stay in your wife’s good graces on Mother’s Day, there’s one movie that you need to …

3 weeks ago

fight night part 2

The 80s Vampire Horror Sequel Cult Classic No One Gets To Watch Anymore

Sometimes when a sequel gets panned, it’s well deserved. Film studios can milk a character or a storyline until it’s …

3 weeks ago

pump up the volume

The Must-See 1990 Fight The Power Teen Comedy Being Hidden Away From New Fans

A great number of films have been dedicated to capturing the essence of teenage angst. Whether it’s James Dean rebelling …

3 weeks ago

The Best Netflix Heist Crime Epic In Years Is Completely Ruined By One Actor

When Baby Driver was first released in 2017, it received massive critical praise and served as the culmination of two …

3 weeks ago

Concert Film On Amazon Documents One Of The Greatest Rap Tours Of The 21st Century

By now, just about everyone on Earth has heard of Kendrick Lamar through his music, his production deal with the …

3 weeks ago

Overlooked Fantasy Comedy Anime On Streaming Equally Educational And Hilarious

When I’m looking for a light, easy watch after a long day, there’s nothing more perfect than Heaven’s Design Team. …

3 weeks ago

Netflix Survival Thriller Turns Nature Into A Nightmare

Whenever I see a title with a massive disconnect between its critical and audience scores on Rotten Tomatoes, my curiosity …

3 weeks ago

The Star-Studded Western Classic Remake That No One Even Remembers

These days, remakes and reboots are so rampant in Hollywood that it can seem like the entire industry has run …

3 weeks ago

nisekoi: false love

The Netflix Horror Slasher Remake Reveals Iconic Serial Killer’s Origin Story

These days, it’s incredibly rare to see an original film and its remake on the same streaming platform side-by-side. But …

3 weeks ago

The Forgotten 90s Crime Comedy With An A-List Star Needs Cult Revival

Christian Slater began to see his career take off after his role as J.D. in the 1988 cult film Heathers. …

3 weeks ago

with honor
the internship

Viral Buddy Comedy On Hulu Perfectly Blends Generational Humor

Social media platforms such as TikTok have been responsible for breathing new life into many works of art which went …

3 weeks ago

adventures of buckaroo banzai

1980s Science Fiction Crazy Comedy Classic Sends You To Another Dimension, Stream Now Without Netflix

Underrated and unforgettable, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension is a well-hidden superhero sci-fi comedy gem of …

3 weeks ago


The Dark R-Rated 80s Teen Comedy On Streaming That Defined A Generation

The 1988 film Heathers not only helped launch the careers of three of its stars but also captured the cynicism …

3 weeks ago


1980s Screwball Comedy With Star Wars Icon At Risk Of Being Forgotten Forever

Patrick Dempsey had a steady film and television career before landing one of the main roles in the popular prime-time …

3 weeks ago

tom selleck

See Tom Selleck Battle Witches In Horror Cult Classic, Stream Now For Free

Years before Tom Selleck solved mysteries in Hawaii on Magnum P.I., he was a hungry actor who made a living …

3 weeks ago

1980s Slasher Horror Gem With Exorcist Star Begs For Rediscovery, Stream Now

Linda Blair became an overnight sensation after her incredible performance as young Reagan in the 1973 horror classic The Exorcist. …

3 weeks ago

The Orson Welles Folk Horror Oddity That Creators Had To Sue For Control

The contributions of Orson Welles to film are too numerous to mention, particularly when one factors in his brilliance behind …

3 weeks ago

The Fall Guy Needs To Be Seen On The Biggest Screen Possible

The Fall Guy hit theaters last weekend, and it is worth the money to buy a movie ticket, popcorn, and …

3 weeks ago

The Fan-Favorite Horror Series That Beat Tales From The Crypt To The Punch

Horror anthology shows are nothing new. The recent success of Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities on Netflix is the …

3 weeks ago

1990s Horror Comedy Slasher Will Make You Die Laughing, Stream Without Netflix

Movies like Dr Giggles aren’t meant to be taken seriously, and I’ll point out one tell you may not have …

3 weeks ago

Netflix Psychological Thriller Has Serial Killer Hunting Humans For Sport

Alone is one of the best thrillers streaming on Netflix right now, and it tells such a simple story. When …

3 weeks ago

anne hathaway

The Anne Hathaway Comedy On Max With The Most Ridiculous Ending Ever

Some movies start with such promise, only to let you down at the end. That’s exactly how I felt about …

3 weeks ago