Canceled Netflix Sci-Fi Horror Series Fans Still Want To Return

By TeeJay Small | Updated

In the last several years, Netflix has developed a reputation for cancelling fan-favorite shows well before their time, with outings such as Glow, Santa Clarita Diet, and Archive 81 serving as prime examples. While each of these shows maintain a frustrated following of dedicated fans, desperately wishing for some form of closure, no Netflix series has a more hopeful fan base than the incredibly short-lived 1899. Despite only running for a single eight-episode season back in 2022, thousands of fans are still demanding a return to 1899, to tie up a few of the show’s loose ends.

Gone Before It Had A Chance To Grow

1899 Season 1

1899‘s voracious fan base made themselves known on a recent Reddit thread which asked users to discuss what TV series cancellation made them most upset. The top comment with hundreds of upvotes simply stated “1899,” leading to a lively discussion about the show’s incredible production and infuriatingly abrupt conclusion.

As many fans were quick to point out, the series had established a large following during its initial run, and seemed to be building to something huge, before ultimately being scrapped after just one season.

The series was originally created and developed for streaming by the German filmmaking duo behind Dark, Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar. The pair developed 1899 as part of an overall deal with Netflix, and had initially planned out a three-season arc for the expansive tale. Friese took on the role of head writer for the series, heading up a multi-national writing team of talented producers from all over the world.

Not Your Average Lost At Sea Premise

1899 Season 1

The cast of 1899 consists of a wide array of talented performers, such as Emily Beecham, Andreas Pietschmann, José Pimentão, Gabby Wong, Miguel Bernardeau, and Doctor Who‘s Aneurin Barnard. Over the course of eight hour-long episodes, 1899 tells the tale of several European immigrants from different walks of life, who board a steamship and set sail for a brighter future. Unfortunately, their journey becomes halted when their boat crosses paths with another ship drifting aimlessly in their route, causing them to investigate further.

You’ll Be Left Wanting More

1899 Season 1

From there, 1899 morphs into a tense, existentialist horror that will bend your mind as you follow the insane narrative. I won’t spoil too much about the plot here, so be sure to check this show out on Netflix if this brief synopsis sounds intriguing to you. Of course, if you do check out the show, be prepared for a bit of disappointment, as the ideas and concepts at play in 1899 are never fully fleshed out due to the series’ abrupt cancellation.

All That Exposition Down The Drain

1899 Season 1

Though the creators were able to pack a lot of quality material into the brief season, Friese and bo Odar had initially planned to expand the world of the show and offer a deeper and more complete explanation in two subsequent seasons.

The duo intended to helm the show like a feature film, following a planned three-act structure. While this method would have certainly left many fans satisfied, Netflix apparently didn’t get the memo, and cancelled 1899 in January of 2023, just a few short months after the show premiered.

At Least We Have Season 1

1899 Season 1


To this day, many fans are still hoping against all odds that Netflix will bring the show back for additional seasons, or even release the IP to be picked up by one of their competitors in the streaming market. While it seems like a guaranteed no-brainer, there doesn’t seem to be any interest in reviving 1899 at an executive level. If you’re interested in checking out the first season of 1899, the show can be streamed on Netflix today.