reservation dogs season 3

Reservation Dogs Season 3 Premiere Review: Sweet, Funny Beginning To The Final Season

RESERVATION DOGS SEASON 3 PREMIERE REVIEW SCORE Reservation Dogs Season 3 returned with its two episode premiere this week, and …

7 months ago

star trek

If You Only Watch One Star Trek Movie, This Is The One To Stream

Star Trek movies have always been hit-and-miss and not always the kind that Mr. Spock would find “fascinating.” Even though …

7 months ago

ryan gosling barbie

Barbie Review: Pink, Fun, And Surprisingly Emotional

BARBIE REVIEW SCORE Greta Gerwig pulled off a miracle with Barbie, somehow writing (alongside her partner, Noah Baumbach) and directing …

7 months ago

If Your Kids See Only One Disney Movie, Make Sure It’s This One

Oof, this is a tough one. Disney may represent corporate greed and creative homogenization to some, but no one can …

7 months ago

oppenheimer christopher nolan

Oppenheimer Review: This Bomb Is The Best Movie Of The Year

Few directors can bring in an audience based on their name alone, but ever since The Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan …

7 months ago

I Wanna Rock

The Expendables: The Best Action Star Performances In The Franchise So Far

The Expendables started with one of the coolest and simplest premises we ever heard: getting all the famous faces from …

7 months ago

what we do in the shadows

My Adventures With Superman Series Premiere Review: A New Take No One Asked For

MY ADVENTURES WITH SUPERMAN REVIEW SCORE The first two episodes of My Adventures with Superman premiered on Adult Swim this …

8 months ago

witcher premiere

The Witcher Season 3 Premiere Review: A Fun, Bloody Start To Cavill’s Send Off

The Witcher season 3 premiere is worth the wait, though the story could use a more selective focus.

8 months ago

political movies

10 Political Movies You Need To Watch Before The Next Election

A new general election is just around the corner, which raises the possibility that we might finally end up with a proper action movie president or could slide into one of the many possible dystopian futures we’ve been predicting for years.

10 months ago

silo premiere

Silo Series Premiere: A Dystopian Mystery Box For The Very Patient

The Silo premiere episode feels incomplete, but compelling in its depiction of a future underground dystopia.

10 months ago

dead ringers

Dead Ringers Series Premiere Review: Twin Entrancing, Brutal Performances From Rachel Weisz

Dead Ringers is an intense, gory, unsettling showcase for Rachel Weisz.

10 months ago

barry season premiere

Barry Season 4 Premiere Review: No Prison Can Be Worse Than Just Being Barry

The Barry season 4 premiere is more of a harrowing tone poem than comedy, but a wonderful spotlight on Bill Hader.

11 months ago

super mario bros

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Review: Wahoo!

The Super Mario Bros Movie stripped decades of lore to a near-archetypal plot and is the better for it.

11 months ago

schmigadoon season premiere

Schmigadoon Season 2 Premiere: Still Silly, Still Self-Aware, Still A Lot Of Songs

The Schmigadoon Season 2 premiere brings its central duo to a darker world, with songs that reflect it.

11 months ago

Fans Are Loving The Super Mario Bros. Movie, But Critics Are Tearing It To Pieces

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is out and fans and critics are split, with fans loving the new movie and critics hating it.

11 months ago


Tetris Movie Review: Why Tell A True Story If You Have To Change It This Much?

Tetris tells an interesting origin story for the popular game, but doesn’t trust events enough to not embellish them.

11 months ago

Jason Sudeikis

Ted Lasso Season 3 Premiere Review: The Exact Same Show As Ever, Fortunately

The Ted Lasson season 3 premiere indicates the show will continue the narrative of emotional development via U.K. football.

12 months ago

last of us season finale

The Last Of Us Season 1 Finale Review: As Brutal And Powerful As We’ve Come To Expect

“Look for the Light,” the Last of Us Season 1 finale, is as simultaneously difficult to watch and as excellent as the rest of the series.

12 months ago

adam driver

Everyone Hates Adam Driver’s New Jurassic Park Rip-Off

Adam Driver’s latest, 65, is getting ripped apart on Rotten Tomatoes by both audiences and critics.

12 months ago

history of the world part 2 premiere

History Of The World: Part 2 Series Premiere Review

The History of the World: Part 2 series premiere is hit-or-miss, but very Mel Brooks.

12 months ago

ant-man quantumania

Ant-Man Quantumania Writer Is Despondent Over The Movie’s Terrible Reception

Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania screenwriter Jeff Loveness says the film’s poor performance really got him down, but he found a way to pull himself back up.

12 months ago


Gattaca Is The Revival Series We Really Need

A television revival of the cult 1997 sci-fi movie Gattaca could explore its themes further in the style of neo-noir mysteries.

1 year ago

worst movies critics

The 25 Worst Movies Ever Made

Giant Freakin Robot’s team compiled the 25 worst movies ever made according to critics, a list led by Is That A Gun In Your Pocket and The Singing Forest.

1 year ago

the consultant premiere

The Consultant Series Premiere Review: A Forgettable Workplace Thriller With Too Much Build-Up

Amazon’s The Consultant tries too hard to be mysterious and doesn’t take advantage of its chief talent.

1 year ago


Whistleblower Claims Professional Reviewers Aren’t Allowed To Give Negative Scores

A former IGN writer claims he and other writers weren’t allowed to write negative comic book reviews for the site.

1 year ago

ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania kathryn newton

Shocking Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania Reactions Are Pouring In

The early word on Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania is overall positive with some dissenters but pretty much everyone singing Jonathan Majors’ praises as Kang.

1 year ago

shrinking series premiere

Shrinking Series Premiere Review: A Laugh Out Loud Dramedy That Could Use Less Jason Segel

Deputy Editor Michileen Martin loved the first two episodes of Shrinking, but he wants to see more of the cast front and center.

1 year ago