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Disney has some of the biggest and most popular titles out there with massive television shows and franchises.

Disney News For Each Series

The Star Wars franchise is on Disney+ with all kinds of news about shows past, present, and future.

Don’t forget the Marvel franchise which is also bringing all of its series on Disney as well. This universe has expanded greatly through these different offerings.

Other series have come to the Disney platform as well.

Percy Jackson Series Cast News
Star Wars: Ahsoka Cast News
Star Wars: The Mandalorian Cast News
Star Wars: Andor Cast News
Loki Cast News

Disney+ has so many great movies and movie franchises. Just take a look at some of the massive names on this platform.

Latest Disney News

The ’90s Dark Comedy That Also Kills Monsters

The 1992 comedy horror comedy Buffy the Vampire Slayer is available to stream on Max. The movie is directed by Fran Rubel …

4 months ago

Universal Studios

New Universal Theme Park Puts Disney To Shame

Universal unveiled a ton of details about its new theme park, and there’s a lot to be excited about. The …

4 months ago

Disney+ Cult Classic Captures The Spirit Of The 90s

Leaping into the realm of awesome, Disney+ (via its Hulu extension) has granted subscribers access to one of the best …

4 months ago

James Gunn, Marvel, DC

The Only Way To Save Marvel And DC Movies

Superhero fatigue is real and getting worse by the day. With Marvel and DC suffering in the theater, something has …

4 months ago

deadpool 3

Deadpool 3 Saving The MCU According To X-Men Director

There’s no way around it – no matter how hard you try to block your eyes, it’s impossible to blur …

4 months ago

star wars chewbacca

Star Wars Actor Gets Trapped On Set For Ridiculous Reason

Don’t shoot the Wookiee! According to a famous Star Wars anecdote from the set of 1983’s Return of the Jedi, …

4 months ago

fantastic four

Marvel’s Most Troubled Project Undergoes Another Overhaul

For a long period, there was no doubt that between Marvel and DC, the former was the bigger winner when …

4 months ago

x-men 97

X-Men ’97 Heroes And Villains Revealed

Although Marvel may be in a bit of trouble when it comes to their big-screen productions like Captain America: Brave …

4 months ago

charlie cox daredevil villain reboot charlie cox daredevil

Daredevil Reunion Brings Fans To Tears

Daredevil fans are having all the feels after set photos confirmed the return of Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page and …

4 months ago

Star Wars Keeps Depending On A Lazy Plot Device And Needs To Stop

If you’ve seen the trailer for the final season of Star Wars: The Bad Batch, no doubt you noticed the …

4 months ago

Daisy Ridley Star Wars

The Rey Star Wars Movie Can Save The Franchise, Here’s How

When news first broke that Daisy Ridley would be returning to Star Wars for a solo Rey film, many fans …

4 months ago

The Disney+ Sci-Fi Thriller Anime Makes The Undead Heroes

If you’re a fan of the Tokyo Ghoul anime but haven’t seen the sequel series, Tokyo Ghoul: re, now is …

4 months ago

The Disney+ Action Fantasy Saved By Nicolas Cage

If you want to experience some wizardly mayhem at the hands of Nicolas Cage, then you need to check out …

4 months ago

The Disney+ Sci-Fi Thriller Doesn’t Deserve Its Reputation

Chances are you’ve never seen The New Mutants. The X-Men adjacent horror flick fell through the cracks during Disney’s acquisition …

4 months ago

Disney+ Sci-Fi Epic Blockbuster Gets Marvel Star Destroying Monsters

These days, it seems as though Kaiju films are all the rage, with outings such as Godzilla Vs. Kong and …

4 months ago

The Disney+ True Story Thriller With A Star Trek Captain

Chris Pine’s take on Captain James T. Kirk is one of the best things about the new Star Trek films, …

4 months ago

the creator

The Disney+ Sci-Fi Action Thriller Overlooked In Theaters

The 2023 sci-fi action film The Creator is available to stream via the Hulu section of Disney+. The movie is directed by …

4 months ago

The Disney+ True Crime Thriller Dives Into Mobster’s Empire

Mob movies have long held the attention of American cinemagoers, and many are considered some of the best films of …

4 months ago

Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson Joining Long-Awaited Sci-Fi Sequel

Gillian Anderson is the latest to join the cast of Tron 3, also known as Ares. While her role is …

4 months ago

marvel kang

Marvel Makes Worst Possible Choice With Kang After Jonathan Majors

It looks like He Who Remains will continue to remain. Reports from people close to Marvel Studios say the MCU …

4 months ago

Star Wars Won’t Survive Without Resetting Itself 

As a franchise, Star Wars is in the midst of an attempted Disney renaissance: after the Sequel Trilogy landed with …

4 months ago

Dave Filoni Is Not The Star Wars Savior You’re Looking For

There’s a popular narrative among a certain segment of the Star Wars fandom that the recently promoted Dave Filoni is …

4 months ago

daisy ridley

Daisy Ridley Making Multiple Star Wars Movies?

Perhaps the most surprising Star Wars announcement in recent memory is that Daisy Ridley would be coming back to the …

4 months ago


The R-Rated Disney+ Dark Sci-Fi Thriller With A Marvel Superstar

Before Parasite, director Bong Joon Ho took on classism with the help of Captain America and Thomas the Tank Engine. …

4 months ago

Disney+ Unleashes A Shop For Killers With Assassin-Filled Trailer, Watch The Series Now

A Shop for Killers is now streaming through the Hulu section on Disney+, and the trailer is an excellent primer …

4 months ago

The Disney+ Sci-Fi Action Thriller Everyone Needs To See

Disney+ (weirdly) has a small but very good selection of anime on the platform. Unfortunately, you also have to have …

4 months ago

Disney Suffers Another Humiliating Box Office Disaster

Disney can’t seem to catch a break at the box office with its last title of 2023, the animated feature …

4 months ago

nightmare alley

The Disney+ Crime Thriller Masterpiece Everyone Slept On

The 2021 neo-noir psychological thriller Nightmare Alley is available to stream via the Hulu section of Disney+. The film is based on …

4 months ago

Disney In Talks To Increase Power With Biggest Sports Deal Possible

It’s a move that could significantly reshape the landscape of sports broadcasting and consolidate even more power into the hands of the …

5 months ago

The R-Rated Disney+ Dark Thriller That Will Make You Look Over Your Shoulder

It’s really not uncommon for great movies to flop at the box office but still find their way to the …

5 months ago