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hulk wolverine

Marvel’s Biggest Superhero Rivalry Doesn’t Make Sense And Never Has

For decades, Marvel Comics has been making bank off the rivalry between the Incredible Hulk and Wolverine of the X-Men. …

3 months ago


Disney Is Getting Ready To Replace The Avengers With The X-Men

The X-Men could be on the brink of reclaiming their position as the most prominent franchise in Marvel’s comic book …

3 months ago

jonathan majors

Disney Live-Action Remake With Marvel Star In The Works

It would seem that Disney is hellbent on making live-action remakes of its animated hits we all enjoyed as kids, …

3 months ago

disney channel

Disney Channel Star Arrested For Shockingly Long List Of Violations

Former Hannah Montana star Mitchel Musso was arrested in Texas this past weekend following an altercation at a food market. …

3 months ago

Who Is Sabine Wren? The Star Wars Ahsoka Hero Explained

Ahsoka has finally arrived on Disney+, and it brings back many beloved characters from Star Wars: Rebels, including Hera Syndulla …

3 months ago


The Marvels Box Office Chances Just Skyrocketed

Box office projections for The Marvels have skyrocketed with Dune: Part Two’s release date pushed to 2024. According to Deadline, the long-awaited Marvel sequel and …

3 months ago

X-Men’s Cerebro, Explained

Even if you’re a very casual fan of the X-Men, you’re probably used to the sight of Professor Charles Xavier …

3 months ago

star wars boba fett

Star Wars’ Boba Fett Played By Better Call Saul’s Most Underrated Star

Most people associate the role of Boba Fett with Temuera Morrison, the actor who portrayed the character in the Disney+ …

3 months ago

spiderwick chronicles

Disney Cancels Long-Awaited Fantasy Series

Streaming services are continuing to push forward with their cost-cutting initiatives, and Deadline reports that The Spiderwick Chronicles will have …

3 months ago

The Star Wars Movie Fans Are Saying Has The Worst Ending Of Any Film 

It’s a tough job to write a movie script with an ending everyone enjoys. It’s an even tougher job to …

3 months ago

star wars wedding

The Star Wars Galaxy: How Much Of It Do We Know About?

Star Wars fans have the words “a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…” burnt into their brain, …

3 months ago

Who Are The Nightsisters? The Star Wars Ahsoka Villains Explained

If you started watching Ahsoka, but you’ve never seen Rebels, there are probably a lot of new concepts that have …

3 months ago

marvel morbius

New Disney+ Superhero Series Is Taking Over Streaming And It’s Not Marvel

Disney+ is making waves with a new superhero series, and it may come as a surprise that we’re not talking …

3 months ago

brie larson the marvels ms marvel

Why Disney Changed Ms. Marvel’s Origin And Then Changed It Again 

If you’re a fan of Marvel comics, then you know that change is often the only consistent: characters and even …

3 months ago


Rosario Dawson Is Now Spoiling Ahsoka Episodes

Move over Tom Holland; it looks like Disney has another loose-lipped actor attached to one of their flagship IPs! In …

3 months ago

captain america shield

Steve Rogers Return To Marvel Spoiled

The continuation of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s What If…? series is perhaps one of the most anticipated releases Disney has scheduled …

3 months ago

the rocketeer

Exclusive: The Rocketeer Reboot In The Works, Previous Remake Seems Cancelled

They already planned a reboot, but they’re going in a different direction now. Our trusted and proven sources tell us …

3 months ago

Disney Releasing The Best Star Wars And Marvel Shows On Blu-Ray

As streaming services continue to play the ever-elusive shell game in which our content is at the mercy of intellectual …

3 months ago

ahsoka premiere

Ahsoka Series Premiere Review: This Is The Star Wars You’ve Been Looking For

AHSOKA SERIES PREMIERE REVIEW SCORE I swear I am not a Disney Star Wars hater. I’ve enjoyed most of the …

3 months ago

henry cavill

Exclusive: Henry Cavill Rejoining With Guy Ritchie For Cipher Conundrum

They may be working together again, but it won’t be for Hercules or Aladdin 2. Our trusted and proven sources …

3 months ago

Who Is Grand Admiral Thrawn? Everything You Need To Know Before Streaming Ahsoka

Grand Admiral Thrawn will appear in the Star Wars spin-off series Ahsoka, which premiered on August 22, exclusively on Disney+. Lars Mikkelsen, who …

3 months ago

Ayo Edebiri Thunderbolts

Disney Canceling A Ton Of Planned Marvel Movies?

In a recent earnings call that has been broken down by The Walt Disney Company, Disney CEO Bob Iger lays …

3 months ago

lord of the rings

Disney Is Removing All Lord Of The Rings Content From Streaming

While Disney has been adding several different movie titles to its Disney+ and Hulu platforms, there are plenty of titles …

3 months ago

jon hamm

Jon Hamm Returning To Iconic Star Wars Role

Mad Men star Jon Hamm will reprise his vocal role as one of Star Wars’ most iconic roles in the …

3 months ago

the illuminati, marvel

The Illuminati of Marvel: Who They Are And Why They Matter

When the Illuminati first appeared in the Marvel film Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, it was difficult to …

3 months ago


Ahsoka First Impressions Are Coming In, Is Star Wars Saved?

The Star Wars franchise has been a bit lackluster in recent outings, garnering middling reviews for The Mandalorian‘s third season …

4 months ago

tom hiddleston loki

The Biggest Question from Loki Season One Was Just Answered

One of the burning questions following the conclusion of Season One of Loki is what actually happened to Sylvie right …

4 months ago

The Insane Captain Marvel Who Almost Destroyed Everything

If you only know the MCU version of Captain Marvel, then you don’t know Captain Marvel. The title of “Captain …

4 months ago

Percy Jackson And The Olympians Is Coming Soon To Save Disney+

At long last, Percy Jackson and the Olympians is getting its reboot. As covered by The Hollywood Reporter, on August …

4 months ago