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Disney has some of the biggest and most popular titles out there with massive television shows and franchises.

Disney+ has so many great movies and movie franchises. Just take a look at some of the massive names on this platform.

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What Is The Planet Peridea In Star Wars?

Ahsoka is creating new Star Wars lore left and right. The series’ 6th episode had a number of firsts, but …

5 months ago

deadpool 3

Deadpool 3 Bringing Back Original X-Men Characters?

In our exciting era, where superhero movies increasingly traverse boundaries and smash through fourth walls, perhaps it’s unsurprising that Hugh …

5 months ago


Stargate Actress Is Now One Of The Stars Of Ahsoka And You Missed Her

What’s the sci-fi franchise about exploring ancient temples and finding unexpected ways to travel to the rest of the galaxy? …

5 months ago

loki season 2

Loki Season 2 Needs To Have These Marvel Characters

Fans have much to look forward to as the God of Mischief returns to Disney+ in Loki Season 2. Tom Hiddleston reprises …

6 months ago


Star Wars: The Voice Actors Vs. Live-Action

Ever since Star Wars animation guru Dave Filoni made the jump from cartoons to live-action, he’s brought many of his …

6 months ago

Disney+ Bringing Back Fan-Favorite Horror Series

Fear not, fans of Disney+’s Gannibal – the series will officially be coming back for a second season! Now, all …

6 months ago

taika waititi star wars

Taika Waititi Has Completed His Star Wars Movie?

While Marvel fans are still holding their breath to find out if Chris Hemsworth will return to his role as …

6 months ago

ahsoka premiere

Ahsoka Tano Isn’t A Twi’lek, She’s An Entirely Different Star Wars Species

She’s not a Twi’lek, don’t get your lekku confused.

6 months ago

charlie cox daredevil born again

Daredevil Showrunner Blasts New Series As A Scam By Disney

Lately, audiences and studios have been tossing the idea of superhero fatigue. With DC and Marvel churning out story after …

6 months ago

Loki Thor

Loki Series Has Been Starring Thor The Entire Time?

Just like all of you nerds, I have my share of fan theories. As Giant Freakin Robot‘s Opinion Editor, I …

6 months ago

star wars

How Ahsoka’s Grand Admiral Thrawn Ended Up In Another Galaxy

If you’ve seen the 2018 animated series Star Wars: Rebels, you’re no stranger to the tactical genius of Grand Admiral …

6 months ago

star wars ahsoka

What’s With That Gold Stormtrooper In Star Wars Ahsoka?

Star Wars history was made last night when Ahsoka episode 6 dropped on Disney+. Not only did the episode entitled …

6 months ago

indiana jones and the dial of destiny

The Summer Blockbuster That Beat Indiana Jones And The Flash Is A Total Shocker

Six months ago, everybody would have thought that The Flash and Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny would have …

6 months ago

ahsoka star wars

Ahsoka Just Did Something That’s Never Been In Star Wars Before

Ahsoka episode 6 featured a lot of firsts for the Star Wars franchise. For starters, it was the live-action debut …

6 months ago

The Biggest Disney+ Series Of The Year Gets Incredible First Trailer

Disney+ has released the first trailer for Percy Jackson and the Olympians. The clip features a closer look at Camp Half-Blood, the …

6 months ago

charlie cox andrew garfield

Disney Scamming Marvel Creators With New MCU Series?

The ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes have made great strides in revealing to the public just how insidious the business …

6 months ago


The Best X-Men Movie Has Huge Plot Holes

Not counting 2017’s Logan — which, for the purposes of this op-ed, I’m counting as a Wolverine film rather than …

6 months ago

x-files villain

The X-Files Antagonists Who Could Be Marvel Super Villains

The X-Files may be known best for aliens and conspiracy theories, but occasionally the show presented fans with more Earthbound …

6 months ago

The Halloween Classic On Streaming That Inspired A Generation

As we gear up for Halloween season, it’s time to dust off your favorite DVDs, or in the case of …

6 months ago

marvel pet

Marvel’s Best Super-Powered Critters: Super-Pets That Decimate The Bad Guys

The Marvel universe is a fantastic realm where even the pets have superpowers. While not as well known as their …

6 months ago

willem dafoe

Spider-Man’s Greatest Villain Isn’t Green Goblin, Here’s Why

Spider-Man has one of the most eclectic villain galleries in comic book history, but very few of them could be …

6 months ago

werewolf by night disney

Marvel Re-Releasing Disney+ Show And It’s Completely Changed

As the Halloween season creeps around the corner, streaming giants, Disney+ and Hulu are brewing up a cauldron of spine-tingling …

6 months ago

star wars franchise darth vader luke skywalker mark hamill carrie fisher harrison ford

Star Wars Next Big Movie Isn’t What Anyone Expected

It takes more than a few strikes and an announcement from Disney saying it’s scaling back from Star Wars content …

6 months ago

Another Star Wars Movie Canceled?

Following Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm in 2012, the studio released a new live-action Star Wars film annually from 2015 to …

6 months ago

pixar elemental

The Disney Surprise Hit Of The Year Is Now Streaming

While it certainly didn’t look promising, Disney and Pixar’s Elemental crawled its way out of a terrible opening weekend to …

6 months ago


Disney Is Dropping Its Best Channel

One of the conditions of Disney’s landmark deal with Charter Communications was dropping Freeform from Spectrum channel lineups as Disney …

6 months ago

Star Wars: Lando Is Now A Movie?

Stephen Glover let the proverbial cat out of the bag when he announced on an episode of the Pablo Torre …

6 months ago

star wars ahsoka

How Ahsoka Was Saved: What Happened Between Her And Anakin Explained

Star Wars fans who were crawling up the walls after Ahsoka episode 4’s Anakin Skywalker cliffhanger finally got the answers …

6 months ago