Netflix Cancels Fan-Favorite Series Adaptation Before It Even Happens

By Christopher Isaac | Updated

Netflix has a bit of an infamous reputation for canceling shows that fans are enjoying. Sometimes they cancel movies fans want before they have even been aired. In this case, that would be the Kane Chronicles trilogy, written by Rick Riordan, who many know best as the author behind the Percy Jackson series of books.

Netflix had the rights to develop the books into a trio of movies but has not come up with anything. It appears they will be letting the rights lapse.

A Shock Considering Dinsey’s Percy Jackson Success

percy jackson season 2

Many are especially surprised by this as Disney+ recently had success with adapting a TV series out of Riordan’s Percy Jackson novels. Percy Jackson and the Olympians debuted on Disney+ on December 19, 2023, and finished on January 30. The TV series has been hailed by critics as very well done, especially after the lackluster movie adaptions from 2010.

Season 2 has already been confirmed. If Netflix was worried there was not a strong audience for Riordan’s work, Disney certainly seems to have dispelled those concerns.

Another Studio Could Pick Up The Kane Chronicles


Netflix reportedly worked on trying to put a script together for the Kane Chronicles for two years, but could not settle on anything that they liked. The rights are now up for grabs for other interested studios to take a stab at it. The trilogy of books consists of The Red Pyramid, The Throne of Fire, and The Serpent’s Shadow.

No Hard Feelings Against Netflix

Rick Riordan himself is the one who broke the news to his fans, answering a question on Goodreads about whether there had been any developments with the adaption. Riordan was understandably disappointed but expressed no hard feelings towards Netflix. He seemed understanding of the realities of how adaptions work, even commenting that he imagines most of what does finally get put to screen probably goes through a few interested parties buying the rights without it turning into anything at that time.

Riordan noted that streaming platforms as a whole have been cutting down on original content, so he understands this is nothing personal against him. As mentioned, Netflix has broken hearts of other fandoms plenty of times over the years. So Netflix’s passing on the adaption is not any indictment against the quality of the Kane Chronicles.

Egyptian Mythology In The Kane Chronicles

The book series focuses on two teens, Carter and Sadie Kane, who are actually descended from Egyptian pharaohs. It turns out that their ancestors can be traced back to Narmer and Ramses. Netflix certainly has not shied away from focusing on shows and movies dabbling in mythology, so it is unclear what the sticking point was for translating a script onto the screen.

There’s Still Hope

Netflix’s loss could simply be another studio’s gain. Since Disney seems quite happy with the success of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, perhaps they will take a look at adapting the Kane Chronicles. It could be fitting for them to have that IP at their disposal, since the stories of both book series are actually connected.

n another book series called Demigods and Magicians, Riordan does a crossover with the characters of his two worlds. Perhaps Disney would have an interest in building towards a shared world event.