Netflix Sci-Fi Thriller Remake With A-List Talent Deserves A Second Look

By Christopher Isaac | Published

total recall remake

It is always going to be a tough task to do a remake based on one of the most well-known films of another actor. So whatever else you might feel about the Total Recall remake, it was at the very least ambitious for seeing if it could outshine the original Arnold Schwarzenegger version from the ‘90s. And if you have never seen the remake, it is now on Netflix for you to discover what the 2012 version was able to add to the story.

The Cast

total recall remake

One thing the Total Recall remake does have going for it is its incredible list of stars who comprise the cast. Everyone loves Arnold Schwarzenegger, but the 2012 version of the movie wins out in terms of overall star power.

Colin Farrell stars as Douglas Quaid this time around, and he is flanked by an incredible group of supporting actors. Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, and even Bryan Cranston all round out the cast to make what, on paper at least, sounds like a recipe for a great movie.

As for the story of the Total Recall remake, it does have the ambition to try some new things.

It tweaks many elements of the plot compared to the original, went for a more marketable PG-13 rating compared to the original’s R rating, and the more modern special effects were something many critics praised the movie for.

Comparison Is Inevitable

However, the ultimate challenge with remakes is that they do invite the audience to essentially have to choose which version of the movie they like better.

Ironically, had the Total Recall remake been its own unique movie, it likely would have been better received by audiences. But when having to be compared to a Schwarzenegger classic, audiences were pretty resounding in saying they prefer the original.

Schwarzenegger’s Hits Get Lots Of Remakes And Reboots

To be fair to the Total Recall remake, just about every other major Arnold Schwarzenegger property has been remade or rebooted at this point. Predator has seen many attempts to capture the magic of the original, with perhaps the most successful being the recent Prey.

And though The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day will likely never be topped in their iconic status, that has not stopped many other directors from trying. So why not Total Recall as well?

It’s A Fun, Solid Sci-Fi Film

total recall remake

Taken on its own merits, the Total Recall remake offers a fun sci-fi action movie with some interesting ideas and unique set pieces.

The thing about remakes is that sometimes they are not about trying to be better than the original, but rather taking that same idea and exploring new concepts with it. Taken in that light, there is some enjoyment to be had with this one.

Stream It Now

Even if you saw the original Total Recall and loved it, it can still be fun to give another interpretation a chance to see how it compares.

If the Total Recall remake has piqued your interest, you can check it out on Netflix. See how it compares to the ‘90s version and decide for yourself which you like better. After all, sometimes the critics do get it wrong.