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  • Created By: James Cameron
  • Launched On: October 26, 1984
  • Owner: StudioCanal
TERMINATOR ACTORS Arnold Schwarzenegger Edward Furlong Bill Paxton Christian Bale Bryce Dallas Howard Sam Worthington Emilia Clarke Summer Glau Lena Headey Matt Smith

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The Star Wars Ripoff James Cameron Made Before Terminator

You’ll get a meal and a place to hide with this often overlooked space opera.

1 week ago

Rosario Dawson Joins Terminator Zero

Just when we thought the Terminator franchise was dead, following the admittedly-not-that-horrible release of Terminator: Dark Fate, Netflix decided to …

2 weeks ago

terminator zero

Terminator Zero Reveals New Netflix Series Goes Back To Dark Franchise Origins, See The Proof

Along with an August 29 Netflix premiere date, fans have been treated to an exclusive first look at Terminator Zero courtesy of …

2 months ago

ai nukes

Can You Name Every Film In The Ultimate Sci-Fi Movie Supercut?

When it comes to sci-fi fandom, everyone wants to think they are the consummate expert on the subject, all-knowing and …

2 months ago

arnold schwarzenegger feature

Arnold Schwarzenegger Almost Turned Down The Movie That Made His Whole Career

Could you imagine what the Terminator movies would be like without Arnold Schwarzenegger as the menacing, unstoppable killer cyborg from …

3 months ago

james cameron terminator fortnite

The Best Terminator Stories Get Incredible New Release Fans Need To Own

Dynamite Entertainment, a comic book and graphic novel publishing company known for reviving and modernizing classic comics, recently announced its …

3 months ago


How The Ultimate AI Sci-Fi Horror Situation Could Actually Happen

Scary as it sounds, the concept of the technological singularity—a future point when artificial intelligence (AI) surpasses human intelligence, acquiring …

3 months ago

Terminator Sarah Connor chronicles

The Best Sci-Fi Franchise Series Is Better Than Most Of The Movies

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is a sci-fi series that aired from 2008 to 2009 on Fox. It is a continuation …

3 months ago

James Cameron Finally Getting Passion Project Remake Made After Over A Decade

At the reception that coincided with the opening of his Paris art show this week, Academy Award-winning director James Cameron …

3 months ago

Emo Is The New Robot Learning How To Smile With Humans

Consider it a significant leap in closing the communicative gap between humans and robots (who will soon probably replace humans …

3 months ago

The Terminator Shouldn’t Exist Anymore

We all love the Terminator franchise, but I think we can all agree that the best days of the series …

3 months ago

terminator netflix

Terminator Producer Shares Worrying AI Report

There’s no doubt that AI is a revolutionary technology, and though we’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to …

4 months ago

T-1000 Comes To Life, Robot Escapes With Liquid Metal Transformation

Since the T-1000 robot first appeared on the big screen in 1991’s Terminator 2: Judgement Day, sci-fi fans and scientists …

4 months ago

mark Zuckerberg AI

OpenAI Robot Is The Next Step Towards Terminators

Has the Terminator era truly begun? In a stunning (and perhaps terrifying) display of technological prowess, Figure, a robotics startup …

4 months ago

terminator skynet

Skynet Terminator Gun Now Real

One silver lining to our age of shockingly advanced weaponry–increasingly suggestive of the apocalypse–is that, sometimes, a gadget comes out …

5 months ago

Linda Hamilton Kills Terminator Return

Linda Hamilton has some bad news for fans of The Terminator franchise who have been banking on her return for …

5 months ago

resident alien

Netflix Sci-Fi Comedy Will Make You Laugh Until You Cry

If you have been looking for an original series to get into and are in the mood for some laughs, …

5 months ago

Even Arnold Schwarzenegger Hated What Happened To The Terminator Franchise

Whatever you think of Terminator Salvation, director McG’s 2009 entry into to the world of Skynet pretty much killed the …

5 months ago

Carl Weathers Cause Of Death Revealed

Carl Weathers’ cause of death has been revealed, and his death certificate points to atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease as the reason …

5 months ago

ai nukes

AI Deploys Nukes In War Simulation To Achieve Peace, Terminator Gets Closer To Reality

Skynet from the Terminator franchise might be fictional, but AI is real and enjoys AI nukes, not peace. A new …

5 months ago

robocop john cena

RoboCop Suit Turns Police Into Terrifying Weapons

Law enforcement agencies worldwide will soon witness a transformation akin to the futuristic realm of RoboCop with the unveiling of …

5 months ago

ai warfare

AI Versus AI Warfare Coming Soon

AI technology has all but become ubiquitous since its recent widespread popularity has proven a number of practical applications. Not …

5 months ago

The Netflix Sci-Fi Thriller Predicts AI’s Terrifying Takeover

The rise and increasing implementation of AI technologies are slowly revolutionizing our society. But the truth is that AI has …

6 months ago

AI Ignores Instruction And Lies About It, Is This How It Begins?

AI is quickly becoming a pivot point when it comes to discussions of the future: tech bros breathlessly tell us …

6 months ago

The Disney+ Sci-Fi Thriller Series That Almost Saved A Franchise

Everyone knows that The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day are fantastic films, while the rest of the film franchise …

6 months ago

RoboCop Vs Predator Now Available For Free

Recently, RoboCop: Rogue City has been reminding fans of just how cool it is to take control of everyone’s favorite …

6 months ago

The ’80s Sci-Fi Thriller Classic With 100% On Rotten Tomatoes

It’s almost impossible to make everyone happy in the world of movies, but some films are so representative of their …

6 months ago

ai nukes

The New Terminator Movie Must Be A Sci-Fi Thriller And Not An Action Blockbuster

With all the rumors circulating about James Cameron coming back to helm a new Terminator film, you’re likely wondering if …

7 months ago

The Greatest Sci-Fi Action Thriller Of All Time Enters National Film Registry

Many people would say that Terminator 2: Judgement Day is one of the best sci-fi thrillers of all time, and …

7 months ago

henry cavill james bond

Henry Cavill And Margot Robbie Starring In Terminator Remake?

Henry Cavill and Margot Robbie have been featured on new posters for a remake of James Cameron’s science fiction action …

8 months ago