The Toughest Science Fiction Characters Of All Time

Science fiction plays host to some of the toughest characters in all of fiction, so we’ve set out to put together a team of the toughest of that tough bunch.  Think of it like the Avengers, except with more bullets and a heavier focus on fighting aliens.

If you’ve got a job dismantling angry robots or shooting at things in outer space, or you need someone to travel back in time and kill your creepy Uncle before he’s born, we’ve got the ultimate team to do it.

These are the most unstoppable, gritty, hard-as-nails characters in all of science fiction. On their own each is fully capable of saving the universe. Together we suspect they’d literally be able to do anything.

SarahConnorSarah Connor

When you first met Sarah Connor, she was a meek, mild-mannered waitress just sort of floating aimlessly through her life. Encounters with a vicious, single-minded cyborg from the future, sent back to hunt you down so your son is never born, have a way of changing that. Over the course of the first two movies in the Terminator movies, Sarah transforms into a serious action star, teaching herself all manner of combat and survival skills, actively seeking out any and all knowledge that might help her in her one-woman war against Cyberdyne Systems and a future ruled by human-hunting machines. Basically, she’s a perfect addition to your team of mercs, and will always be working to improve her already ample skill set and add to the team.

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The Best And Worst Dads In Science Fiction

JorElKentGiven how much of an impact our fathers have on our lives — even if only by their absence — it’s no surprise that daddy issues extend all the way to the final frontier. So, we decided to take a closer look at some of science fiction’s most memorable dads, and the ways their teachings and legacies shaped their children.

As the bar against all others will be measured, we decided on a duo that represent both sides of the old “nature vs. nurture” debate: the Kryptonian Jor-El and the Kansasan Jonathan Kent. Jor-El gave Kal-El the genetic potential to do great things, and his final acts were to ensure his son’s survival even as his planet died. On the other hand, Jonathan Kent (along with Martha, of course) helped shape Clark into a true hero worthy of the name Superman. So, with Jor-El and Jonathan serving as two sides of our paternal ideal, here are our picks…

AdamaWilliam Adama in Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica’s William Adama (Edward James Olmos) is a definite believer in tough love. This isn’t a man prone to expressing his feelings and emotions; it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have them, it’s just that he’s not entirely comfortable showing them off to those around him. You get that way when you’ve seen as many battles as he has, and watched many people die under your command. Though they have a relationship that can be quite contentious at times, the fact that Bill cares for his son Lee (Jamie Bamber) is never in question, and he never abandons him when the going gets tough.

In addition to being an actual, biological father, Adama also serves as a kind of father figure for the last remnants of humanity aboard the Galactica and the other ships in the armada. You can tell how he feels for them how much it pains him when something bad happens to one of the vessels under his protection.

If He Was Our Dad: Adama is the kind of father that you can certainly respect and be proud of. He has integrity, he’s a man of his word, and he has the courage to stand behind his convictions. That said, you can’t help but wish he was a little bit more open and available, both emotionally and from a practical standpoint.

Ideal Father’s Day Gift: Adama is the kind of guy who would appreciate a firm handshake, a stiff drink, and maybe a cigar. After that, he could always use a new model ship to build in his nonexistent down time.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Says He’ll Be Back, Again, For More Terminator Movies

TerminatorTerminator: Genisys doesn’t even come out for more than four months, but in this business it’s never too early to talk about sequels. This is the fifth film in the time travelling murder robot franchise, and it is intended to be the first installment in a new trilogy. Genisys also brings Arnold Schwarzenegger back into the fold, and the action legend is down for even more adventures.

Paramount has already set release dates for Terminator: Genisys 2 and 3—they’ll shoot back-to-back and arrive May 19, 2017 and June 29, 2018, respectively—and Arnold says, you know, he’ll be back. Talking to The Arnold Fans, the former governor of California revealed his plans to return to the family of films he helped define. Given how his post-political career films have performed—some have been decent, but none have lit up the box office like he used to—it makes sense he’s down to revisit one of his biggest successes.

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Terminator: Genisys Reveals Details About The Fight Between Two Schwarzeneggers

terminator genisysSome pieces we’ve seen from the upcoming Terminator: Genisys have sent fans of the franchise into gleeful tizzy, while others have made them furrow their brows with concern. We’ll have to wait until this summer to really know for sure if this is the start of an awesome new Terminator trilogy or the last nail in the coffin of a declining franchise as some have said, but one thing we’re definitely excited to see is the moment when two Arnold Schwarzeneggers collide. We’ve heard that the new, aged version of the T-800 battles the 1984 version, and we’re hearing some curious new details about how exactly that goes down.

Be warned, there be SPOILERS beyond this point.

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This Terminator: Genisys Photo Sends Shivers Up Your Spine

Terminator GenisysAs excited as I am about the prospect of a new Terminator movie, I’ve approached Terminator: Genisys with a cautious air so far. We’ve heard reports where people involved with the film call it the nail in the coffin for the franchise, and some of the potential plot details do sound a bit strange. However, the most recent things we’ve seen look incredibly promising, like that awesome picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-800 looking like all haggard, and parts of that trailer are phenomenal. And keeping with shit that will get you pumped for this movie, Paramount Pictures released this new image that should do the trick.

As terrifying as they are covered in skin, the T-800s have always been even scarier when it’s just the metal skeleton. There’s something so sinister about their design, and those creepy glowing red eyes don’t help matters. What you see in this picture from USA Today definitely makes you remember the chill that ran up your spine the first time you laid eyes on one of these gleaming chrome devils.

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This Poster Mashes Together Guardians, Star Wars, Jurassic World, And Terminator

Jurassic GalaxyThis is the best thing I’ve seen all day, and I mean that in a very literal, non-hyperbolic sense. Watching Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, it’s hard not to notice the influence of the swashbuckling action of Star Wars. And after an already big 2014, star Chris Pratt is poised for an even bigger 2015, thanks, in large part, to taking the lead in Jurassic World. And Terminator is awesome. I’m not sure how that last one really fits in, but I don’t care because this poster manages to cram together Guardians of the Galaxy, Jurassic World, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and Terminator into this single illustration, and the result is as amazing as you would hope.

I’m just going to throw this out there, if anyone wants to get me a late Christmas present, they can figure out how to get me a copy of this. I have a surprising lack of any kind of movie swag, but this poster, from artist Tim Doyle, I would hang proudly on wall.

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