Carl Weathers Cause Of Death Revealed

By Robert Scucci | Updated

Carl Weathers’ cause of death has been revealed, and his death certificate points to atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease as the reason for his passing. Having suffered from heart disease for years, the 76-year-old actor passed away in his sleep on Thursday, February 1, 2024. Though we’re heartbroken by his death, knowing that he died peacefully in his sleep and of natural causes does soften the blow of this tremendous loss. 

Fans Mourn The Loss Of A Sci-Fi Icon

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News of Carl Weathers’ death was met with an outpouring of affection and grieving from his loyal fans. A quick look on Instagram or X will show you how beloved the Predator actor was, and how sorely he will be missed. While a number of the memes bearing Weathers’ likeness circulating the internet are humorous, they all respect his life and legacy while referencing all of the iconic roles he portrayed throughout his 51-year career in the entertainment industry. 

Super Bowl Commercial

Even though Carl Weathers is no longer with us, he graced our television screens with his presence on Super Bowl Sunday, as he recorded a FanDuel commercial shortly before his death. While Weathers’ family is still grieving over their loss, they gave the sports betting company their blessing, still wanting to see him in the commercial that he worked on.

Carl Weathers In The Rocky Franchise

Everybody has their own favorite Carl Weathers character, and it’s hard not to celebrate his life and legacy since his death. Most well known for portraying Apollo Creed in the first four Rocky films alongside Sylvester Stallone, Weathers was loved for the charisma, confidence, and intelligence he brought onto the big-screen.

Since his passing, friends and former colleagues have stated that the personality traits that made Apollo Creed such a likable character in the Rocky movies were also true to the late actor’s off-screen persona. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger Grieves The Loss Of His Friend

arnold schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger, who starred alongside Carl Weathers in 1987’s Predator, made a statement about his former co-star in the wake of his death. In his statement, Schwarzenegger said that Weathers was an amazing athlete and actor, and went on to say that he was also a great person who will always be a legend. It’s not just anyone who gets high praise from Arnold Schwarzenegger, so we can reasonably assume that this level of praise is coming directly from the Terminator’s heart. 

Carl Weathers’ Impressive Career Remembered

While we’ll be reeling over Carl Weathers’ death for the foreseeable future, the best thing we can do to ease the pain is keep his legacy alive by watching his movies and TV shows. We can sit at the edge of our seats while watching Predator for the 100th time. Or if we feel like laughing, we can simply watch him play a fictionalized version of himself in Arrested Development, but only before busting out our old VHS copies of Happy Gilmore

It’s never easy to say goodbye to an iconic actor like Carl Weathers. But now that we have some closure on his cause of death, we can start the healing process. 

Source: The Blast