Predator Standalone Movie From Prey Director Happening And We Are Pumped

By Douglas Helm | Published

predator badlands

Prey was easily one of the best entries to the Predator franchise, and 20th Century has unsurprisingly greenlit another film. Dan Trachtenberg, who directed Prey, is returning to direct and write the new film titled Badlands. Deadline reported that the film is on the fast track and Trachtenberg and execs are currently meeting with talent for the lead role.

A Hint In The Title?

predator badlands

There aren’t any plot details about the Predator standalone Badlands at this point, but the Badlands title could give us a subtle clue about the setting. Prey took place in the Great Plans in the 1700s, with Amber Midthunder playing a warrior from the Comanche tribe. The Badlands are an area in South Dakota that was given its name by the Lakota people of the Sioux tribe.

If Predator’s Badlands actually takes place in South Dakota, then we could see a Lakota warrior in the lead role this time around. It’s also worth noting that the Lakota settled the Black Hills of South Dakota in the mid-1700s, which means this might be a sequel that takes place after Prey. So, we might be seeing a Predator that already has some intel on human warriors, making it more difficult for the human protagonists this time around.

A Way Of Crafting A Predator Timeline?

predator badlands

Of course, this is all speculation at this point, but Dan Trachtenberg has definitely shown that period pieces and Predator movies go together like peanut butter and jelly. If Badlands takes place in early North America, we could be in for another instant classic. It would also be a cool way to start setting up a timeline for the franchise, with each sequel moving forward in time (and maybe moving locales to different countries).

Theatrical Or Straight To Streaming?

predator badlands

Another big question about the upcoming Predator entry Badlands is whether it will get a theatrical release. Prey went straight to Hulu despite being the perfect film to go see on the big screen. Perhaps 20th Century will adjust its release strategy this time around.

Prey was a massive hit on Hulu, breaking streaming records and instantly bringing fans back into the arms of the Predator franchise. The tightly-paced direction, Amber Midthunder’s incredible performance, and the ferocity of the less-equipped Predator made for a tense and thrilling film. The success of Prey meant that a Predator follow-up like Badlands was inevitable.

Trachtenberg, Predator Emperor

Now it looks like 20th Century is fully ready to give Trachtenberg the reins on the future of the franchise. Along with the new plot and cast of Predator Badlands, Deadline also reported that its sources say Prey 2 is in the early development stages. This means we would likely be seeing a return to the Great Plains with Amber Midthunder returning as Naru.

Prey 2

While Amber Midthunder isn’t attached to Prey 2 at this point, it would certainly be a strange move if they didn’t bring her back. In the meantime, we’ll have to wait for news on Predator Badlands as the film gets closer to starting production. Prey is currently available to stream on Hulu if you missed out on it.

Source: Deadline