Hulu continues to be one of the major players in the world of streaming and still brings it in collaboration with Disney.

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One Of The Dumbest Comedies Ever Made Remains A Treat, Stream With Disney+

There is a review for Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo on Google that suggests Rob Schneider received his acting talent from …

4 days ago

the promised neverland

The Disney+ Fantasy Anime Death Note Fans Need To Watch

For fans of cerebral battles of wit, supernatural horror, and dark fantasy The Promised Neverland is a must-watch anime, at …

5 days ago

Terminator Sarah Connor chronicles

The Best Sci-Fi Franchise Series Is Better Than Most Of The Movies

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is a sci-fi series that aired from 2008 to 2009 on Fox. It is a continuation …

5 days ago

90’s Sci-Fi Action Anime On Hulu Is Perfect Choice For Live-Action Remake

From One Piece to Cowboy Bebop, live-action adaptations of anime have become a regular occurrence, even if I find many …

5 days ago


The Disney+ Bingeworthy Sitcom That Everyone Can Relate To

Superstore is one of those workplace comedies that isn’t talked about or celebrated like The Office or Parks and Recreation …

6 days ago

Disney+ Bloody Horror Anime Is An Award-Winning Instant Classic

You may not know this, but the ultimate form of wish fulfillment comes from having appendages that turn into chainsaws …

1 week ago

after school dice club

Disney+ Adorable Wholesome Anime Features Real Life Board Games You Can Play

The popular Japanese anime series After School Dice Club is available to stream via the Hulu section of Disney+. The story revolves …

2 weeks ago

Disney+ Anime Is The Best Psychological Thriller You Never Heard Of

Despite the fact Death Parade is nearly a decade old now, the anime still manages to entertain. It’s a psychological …

2 weeks ago

Disney+ Crime Procedural Sends A Con Artist After A Serial Killer

If you’re looking for a new crime procedural to tide you over while you wonder if Mindhunter will ever get …

2 weeks ago

Cameron Diaz Superhero Movie On Disney+ Features The Coolest Sidekick Ever

Crime fighting is so much better in pairs than as a solo act, especially when it comes to cinema. The …

3 weeks ago

The Best Detective Series Of All Time Is Finally On Disney+

One of the most popular TV adaptations of Arthur Conan Doyal’s Sherlock Holmes series is now available to stream on …

3 weeks ago

Hulu’s Shōgun Hates Japan And Wants You To Hate It Too

Shōgun’s first episode begins with such extreme brutality and disregard for the value of human life that, rather than ride …

4 weeks ago

my cousin vinny

The Hulu R-Rated Comedy That Put A Marvel Star On The Map

Long before Marisa Tomei took on the recurring role of Peter Parker’s Aunt May in the MCU, she starred alongside …

4 weeks ago

cat person

Disney+ Thriller Exposes The Danger Of Dating

If you’ve been trying to find that special someone, then you know all too well that dating in the modern …

1 month ago

the mummy 2

Disney+ Crime Drama Makes History With Every New Season

Since its debut in the fall of 1999, Law and Order: SVU has captivated audiences episode after episode, bringing the …

1 month ago

Disney+ Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic Anime Is A Mecha Classic

One of the best anime of all time is now available to watch on Disney+. Gurren Lagann (aka Tengen Toppa …

1 month ago

poor things

Disney+ Dramatic Comedy Is The Wildest Frankenstein Story Of All Time

I went into seeing Poor Things without knowing much about it outside of the fact that Emma Stone and Mark …

1 month ago

Disney+ Dark Crime Series Redefines Serial Killers

Criminal Minds isn’t just another crime drama series; it’s a psychological journey deep into the intricate nature of the criminal …

1 month ago

will trent

Disney+ Crime Drama Is Television’s Hottest Show

Will Trent, the procedural crime drama based on Karin Slaughter’s novel series of the same name, is available to stream via …

1 month ago

The Twisted Psychological Thriller Hulu Series Stars A Comedy Legend

Steve Carell is best known for his comedy performances in projects such as The Office, The 40 Year Old Virgin, …

1 month ago

apollo 18

Sci-Fi Horror Thriller Will Make You Terrified Of Outer Space

What do you get when you cross found-footage horror motifs with a sinister alien plot on the Moon? The answer …

1 month ago

sand land

Dragon Ball Creator Brings New Anime To Disney+

In the anime fandom, few names are spoken of quite so reverently as Akira Toriyama. It’s not hard to see …

1 month ago

Disney+ Anime Adapts Fan-Favorite Square Enix Video Game

It’s not too often that a role-playing video game gets a satisfying animated series adaptation, but The World Ends with …

1 month ago

Disney+ Supernatural Action Anime Doesn’t Start Until The Hero Is Already Dead

In the modern anime landscape where the isekai genre dominates, it’s not uncommon for a show to start with the …

1 month ago

attack on titan

The Disney+ Dystopian Sci-Fi Series Is One Of The Must-Watch Animes

Attack on Titan is widely regarded as one of the greatest anime series of all time, having received universal acclaim …

2 months ago