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Alien Series Back On Track? Noah Hawley Gives Fans Crucial News

The highly anticipated FX Alien series from director Noah Hawley will resume production in Bangkok, Thailand, in early 2024. “We’re getting back …

2 weeks ago

The Denzel Washington ’90s Crime Thriller On Streaming Is A Secret Classic

The 1995 American neo-noir mystery-thriller Devil in a Blue Dress is streaming on Hulu. Directed by Carl Franklin, the story is based …

3 weeks ago

Alien Fans Are Not Happy With Series Release

If you’re excited about finally getting to watch the upcoming Alien series, then don’t shoot the messenger, because you’re going …

4 weeks ago

disney hulu

Disney+ And Hulu Are Merging Into One App

Sometimes, it feels ironic that Disney created all those amazing cartoons warning us of power-hungry people who won’t stop until …

4 weeks ago

showtime paramount

Streaming Costs You More Than Ever And It’s Going To Get Worse

American wallets continue to groan under the yoke of inflation. Unfortunately, they’re about to undergo even more hardship, and from …

4 weeks ago

The Bear Season 3’s Fate Decided By FX

Did FX renew The Bear for a Season 3? Does a bear sh—well, you get the idea. As Variety reports, …

4 weeks ago

Prison Break Revival Series Happening At Hulu

A Prison Break revival Hulu is in the early stages of development at Hulu. According to Deadline, Elgin James, known for his work …

1 month ago

Futurama Getting Cancelled Again? Hulu Reveals Unexpected News

Good news everyone! Despite a number of issues plaguing the film and entertainment industry in the last year or so, …

1 month ago

disney hulu

Disney Gaining Full Control Of Hulu, Are They Coming After Netflix?

Disney will take complete control of Hulu, following a deal with Comcast, which had owned a third of the streaming …

1 month ago

The Best Show No One Watched Is Based On A Real Spy Story

The title of “best show in television history” is, of course, subjective, but strong cases can be made for shows …

1 month ago

The Greatest Christmas Movie Is Already One Of The Most Streamed Of The Season

Step into the delightful chaos of childhood adventures with the timeless classic Home Alone, currently one of the most streamed …

1 month ago

The Best Horror Anime To Binge For Halloween

Anime is amazing because it’s a catch-all term for animation out of Japan, which can be anything, from the classic …

1 month ago

The Sandra Bullock Cult Classic That Is Keeping Fans Under Its Spell

Everyone has their collection of movies they watch around Halloween time, and Practical Magic is one that should always make …

1 month ago

what we do in the shadsows

What We Do In The Shadows Season 5 Turns Season 1 & 2 Into Nonsense

I adore What We Do in the Shadows so it pains me to admit an element is added to the …

2 months ago

Disney Releases Surprise Streaming Hit Just In Time For Halloween

Streamer, beware, you’re in for a scare! The new Disney Goosebumps reboot is doing scary good numbers, according to Variety. …

2 months ago

The Best Legal Series Of The 80s Is Coming To Streaming

Variety reports that L.A. Law, the venerable legal drama from the 1980s, will soon be streaming on Hulu. But if …

2 months ago

The Ben Affleck Action Thriller On Streaming That Needs A Sequel And Franchise

Swirl into a world where numbers tell a deeper story and secrets are layered behind every calculated move. The Accountant, …

2 months ago

Before Loki Season 2, See Tom Hiddleston In Hilarious Horror Comedy On Streaming

Stream it while it’s hot—Only Lovers Left Alive, the moody, atmospheric, and novel take on the vampire genre, is available …

2 months ago

The Forgotten Stephen King Horror Series You Can Finally See On Streaming

When it comes to the spooky month, you can never go wrong with stories from the horror maestro Stephen King. …

2 months ago

The Best Murder Mystery On TV Renewed For Another Season

Unsurprisingly, one of the best shows on Hulu has officially been given the go-ahead for another season. According to Deadline, …

2 months ago

The Forgotten Horror Thriller On Streaming That’s Gaining A Cult Following

The sad truth about cinema is that some exceptional movies go completely unnoticed upon their initial releases, primarily due to …

2 months ago

The Married With Children Episode So Hot It Was Banned From Television Is On Streaming

Hulu is currently streaming the “lost” episode of Married With Children that was so racy at the time of its …

2 months ago


Overlooked Sci-Fi Horror Alien Movie on Streaming Will Leave You Trembling

Besides being immensely entertaining, 2018’s Venom showed us that humanity won’t shy away from weaponizing alien technology or biology. The …

2 months ago

Before Seeing The Creator, You Need To Stream This Sci-Fi AI Thriller

Gareth Edwards’ latest sci-fi film, The Creator, hits theaters this weekend, and it’s been getting great reviews. The film follows …

2 months ago

The New Sci-Fi Horror Film Stephen King Calls Truly Unique

As one of the most prolific horror authors of all time, you have to imagine that Stephen King has pretty …

2 months ago

mad max: fury road

The Sci-Fi Thrill Ride On Streaming Is A Perfect Movie

If you’re looking for a great action movie, Mad Max: Fury Road is now streaming on Hulu for those with …

2 months ago

The Kiefer Sutherland Horror Movie On Streaming That Will Make You Scared Of Your Own Reflection

Throughout history, mirrors have been associated with various superstitions and myths describing how these reflective glass panels can trap souls, …

2 months ago

Sci-Fi Flop With Huge Pop Star Is Unexpected Netflix Hit

A sci-fi movie that was a major flop in theaters and stars a huge pop star is currently gaining its …

2 months ago

nicolas cage anaconda

The Nicolas Cage Crime Comedy On Streaming Is A Secret Classic

The 1987 crime comedy Raising Arizona is streaming on Hulu. The movie is directed by Joel Coen from a script he co-wrote …

2 months ago