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The 1980s Family Comedy Younger Generations Need To See

The 1980s and 90s screen gems penned by the late John Hughes are entries in cinematic immortality. Decades after their …

2 hours ago

Other Adaptations Need To Follow Fallout In One Unique Way

I’m only halfway through Fallout, but I’m enjoying the show much more than I expected. One of the best things …

3 hours ago

The Lost ’80s Guardians Of The Galaxy That Was Supposed To Be A Sci-Fi Epic

Sometimes, studio interference severely messes with a film’s final outcome, and The Ice Pirates is a shining example of what …

4 hours ago

Netflix Dystopian Future Anime Makes The Apocalypse Look Fun

When most films or shows cast the world as a dystopian landscape, the reality of those who survive the apocalyptic …

6 hours ago

stranger things season 4

Netflix Needs A New Stranger Things And Soon

With Stranger Things soon coming to an end, Netflix is going to have to scramble to find a new flagship …

13 hours ago

better than us
quentin tarantino death proof

Quentin Tarantino’s Most Misunderstood Movie Is Free to Stream

There are fans of the movie Pulp Fiction who know Quentin Tarantino was the director, and then there are fans …

14 hours ago

Netflix Kills Auteur Director’s Project And It Won’t Be The First

The New York Times reported that Oscar-winning director Katheryn Bigelow dropped out of her Netflix film Aurora a few months …

15 hours ago

The Sci-Fi Zombie Horror With Star Wars Icon Is A Hidden Gem, Stream Without Netflix

When Star Wars: A New Hope was released in 1977, several renowned British actors joined the cast of rookie American …

15 hours ago

The Netflix Anime Starring Japan’s Second Most Famous Kaiju Is Better Than You Think

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire and Godzilla Minus One have assured kaiju fans have plenty of content to enjoy …

16 hours ago

1970s Sci-Fi Horror Nightmare Is William Shatners Greatest Role Ever

Television and Film icon William Shatner has faced a number of foes on screen over the last 50 years. But …

18 hours ago

great white

The Jaws Rip-off Universal Got Removed From Theaters, Stream Right Now Without Netflix

Shark attack films have become something of a staple in modern cinema, serving as a downsized kaiju threat against human …

18 hours ago

The 2010s Dark Unrated Paranoid Crime Thriller Deserves Fan Cult Status

The thriller film The Standoff at Sparrow Creek deserves cult status as it holds a 78 percent critics rating on review aggregator …

22 hours ago

netflix true crime

Netflix Accused Of AI Images In True Crime Documentary Photos

Netflix has reportedly used AI-generated photos in the true crime documentary What Jennifer Did. The documentary chronicles a 2010 murder-for-hire plot …

1 day ago

New Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Series Is Too Focused On Finding Ways To Horrify Its Audience

Does Amazon’s new streaming series measure up? Or does it get lost in the Wasteland?

1 day ago

Orlando Bloom Gets Close To Death In New Documentary Series

Orlando Bloom is following in the footsteps of fellow actors like Marvel’s Chris Hemsworth in a new documentary series that …

1 day ago

Akudama Drive 1

Cybernetic Dystopian Sci-Fi Anime On Hulu Is The Best Series You Never Heard Of

Akudama Drive is a cyberpunk-style anime set in a dystopian future. It follows a group of criminals, known as Akudama, …

1 day ago

darker than black

Supernatural Sci-Fi Anime Messes With Space And Time In The Best Way

Darker than Black delves into how the world runs after two gates land on Earth, one in South America and …

1 day ago

Before The Naked Gun, Leslie Nielsen Stars In Horror Slasher Fan Favorite

Leslie Nielsen is most remembered for his slapstick comedy films where he often played an aloof character that delivered more …

2 days ago

The Danny Devito Hilarious Dark Comedy Totally Unknown To The New Generation

Fans of Danny Devito might have missed Ruthless People, his dark comedy from the 80s. Even Gen Xers who grew …

2 days ago

Conan O’Brien Hot Ones Should Be The Series Finale, No One Is Ever Topping That

Conan O’Brien recently appeared on Hot Ones and his episode was, predictably, an all-timer. Though there have been plenty of …

3 days ago

Godzilla anders holm

Godzilla MonsterVerse Is Getting Even Bigger

If you haven’t yet jumped into the new Godzilla MonsterVerse Legendary has created, now is as good a time as …

3 days ago

the black hole 1

The Sci-Fi Star Wars Ripoff On Disney+ Was The Most Expensive Film Ever Made

A long, long time ago in…our galaxy, Disney didn’t own the Star Wars franchise. But after George Lucas’ original film …

3 days ago

frances ha

Netflix Comedy About Growing Up Is Painfully Relatable

Anyone who has ever felt lost in their twenties must see Frances Ha. The filmmaking dream team of Noah Baumbach …

3 days ago

death note

The Death Note Anime Character Who Is Morally Correct

There are some debates that will never end. Chocolate or vanilla? Coke or Pepsi? And in the case of Death …

3 days ago

Star Trek Quietly Confirms Genocide Of Entire Species?

Star Trek: Nemesis was a generally awful franchise film, but it did do something interesting by introducing us to the …

3 days ago

star trek captains

Star Trek’s Newest Captains Prove Fans Tired Of Classic Heroes

It’s not a coincidence that Star Trek series have always been filled with evil admirals and other corrupt Starfleet officials: …

4 days ago