• streaming [ stree-ming ] noun – a method of transferring content over the internet in a continuous flow to an app or viewing device

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samuel l. jackson

The Samuel L. Jackson Thriller On Netflix That Turns You Into A Detective

Samuel L. Jackson has appeared in over 200 credited roles that span a wide variety of television series, films, video …

6 hours ago

mel gibson

The Mel Gibson Crime Thriller On Netflix Is One Of His Best Performances

The grim, violent crime thriller Dragged Across Concrete, starring Mel Gibson, is streaming now on Netflix. The 2018 film comes …

7 hours ago

The Paranormal Docuseries From Steven Spielberg On Netflix That’s Taking Over The World

Steven Spielberg has one of the longest and most successful filmographies of any filmmaker of all time. Through the years, …

8 hours ago

Amazon Is Turning The Best YouTube Cartoon Into A Streaming Series

Now that the WGA strike has officially come to an end, streamers are beginning to announce a slew of new …

9 hours ago

lena headey

The Lena Headey Action Thriller On Netflix That’s A Total Blast

Lena Headey has been extremely busy in the four years since Game of Thrones ended. The actress has kept her …

10 hours ago

The Anime Series On Streaming That Was Made Without Any Scripts

Before Dragon Ball Z, before Sailor Moon, and most importantly, before the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (we’ll get to that …

11 hours ago

showtime paramount

Another Streaming Service Is Turning On Ads

Keeping up with its competitors, Variety reports that AMC Networks will now be pushing its ad-supported tier on its streaming …

15 hours ago

The Superhero Movie On Streaming That Divided An Entire Fandom 

Iron Man will forever be a beloved entry to the MCU. It’s just a good movie, even outside of the …

16 hours ago

rising of the shield hero

The Fantasy Anime On Streaming That Turns The Genre On Its Head

Seasons 1 and 2 of The Rising of the Shield Hero are currently streaming on Crunchyroll, and will take you …

16 hours ago

mike and dave need wedding dates

The Southern Horror On Streaming That Will Make You Laugh And Scream

While streamers like Peacock and Max are stacked with a variety of slasher, paranormal, and zombie flicks to get your …

17 hours ago

The Strangest Anime Ever Made Is Streaming And Has To Be Seen To Be Believed

There are weird anime, and then there’s Reborn as a Vending Machine, I Now Wander the Dungeon. The anime revolves …

17 hours ago

The Married With Children Episode So Hot It Was Banned From Television Is On Streaming

Hulu is currently streaming the “lost” episode of Married With Children that was so racy at the time of its …

17 hours ago

The James Gunn Gross-Out Sci-Fi Horror Movie On Streaming With An All-Star Cast

While we know and deeply appreciate James Gunn for his contributions to the superhero community in both Marvel and DC, …

17 hours ago

alice in borderland

Netflix Renews Fan Favorite Sci-Fi Series For Season 3

Anime Corner reports that the live-action adaptation of Alice in Borderland has been renewed for a third season. Not only …

17 hours ago

The Dystopian Sci-Fi Horror Movie On Netflix At The Worst All-Girls School Ever

Dive into the unnerving world of Level 16, a gripping dystopian thriller that seamlessly melds the boundaries between sci-fi and …

17 hours ago

One Piece Gives Netflix Another Streaming Victory Over Disney

Netflix has showcased its dominance in the streaming arena with its live-action adaptation of One Piece. Premiering on August 31, the series …

17 hours ago

gen v

Gen V Series Premiere Review: A Brilliant Update To Marvel’s Best Concept

GEN V SERIES PREMIERE REVIEW SCORE How do you make the concept of Marvel’s X-Men new again? You do the …

17 hours ago

the one

The Sci-Fi Action Classic Streaming On Netflix That Is Finally Getting A Reboot

Prepare to dive back into the multiverse of action with Jet Li’s electrifying performance in The One. This sci-fi thriller, …

19 hours ago

Christopher Walken Is A Hilarious Madman In This Crime Satire On Streaming

Christopher Walken has had a long and glorious career filled with films you shouldn’t miss, including Seven Psychopaths, the 2012 …

1 day ago

The Sci-Fi Series Streaming For Free That Broke The Network Procedural Formula

Jonathan Nolan has been a co-writer on some of the best movies his brother Christopher Nolan has directed, so it’s …

1 day ago

Caught Up With JuJutsu Kaisen? Stream This Anime For More Excellence

Fans of JuJutsu Kaisen may find themselves in desperate need of a new series to fill the Yuji Itadori-sized hole …

1 day ago

The Jason Statham Action Thriller Leaving Netflix For Good

Despite only just landing on the streamer over the Summer, the hit ensemble action film The Expendables is currently scheduled …

1 day ago

The Controversial Streaming Series That Is #1 Thanks To Nudity

There’s plenty in store for new viewers of the controversial streaming series Naked Attraction on Max, says Decider. The show’s …

1 day ago

Scott Pilgrim Anime Adds Lots Of Netflix Product Placement

The new animated series Scott Pilgrim Takes Off is premiering on Netflix and prominently name-checking the streaming service, though there …

1 day ago

the snowman

The Michael Fassbender Crime Thriller On Netflix Based On A Hit Murder Mystery

Michael Fassbender became a household name by appearing in big-budget genre films such as X-Men: First Class and Prometheus. However, …

1 day ago


The Cate Blanchett Action Thriller Leaving Netflix Forever

We loved to see Cate Blanchett sinking her teeth into new roles, and she was most certainly the best part …

2 days ago


Overlooked Sci-Fi Horror Alien Movie on Streaming Will Leave You Trembling

Besides being immensely entertaining, 2018’s Venom showed us that humanity won’t shy away from weaponizing alien technology or biology. The …

2 days ago

Before Seeing The Creator, You Need To Stream This Sci-Fi AI Thriller

Gareth Edwards’ latest sci-fi film, The Creator, hits theaters this weekend, and it’s been getting great reviews. The film follows …

2 days ago

The Sean Connery Murder Mystery Fans Need To See

The 1986 historical, Sean Connery-led mystery film The Name of the Rose is streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Directed by Jean-Jacques …

2 days ago