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based on a true story

Kaley Cuoco Serial Killer Series Fate Is Determined

Fans of Based on a True Story, the series led by the talented Kaley Cuoco, have cause for celebration. According …

2 months ago


NBC Proves Procedurals Aren’t Dead Yet With Shock Ratings Win

NBC is making waves in the streaming world with two of its newest crime shows, The Irrational and Found. Deadline …

2 months ago

jamie foxx

Jamie Foxx’s Hilariously Obscene New Movie Is Already On Streaming

Will Ferrell and Jamie Foxx star in the newest movie streaming on Peacock, Strays. While there is certainly a distinct …

2 months ago

m night shyamalan

The James McAvoy Intense Thriller On Streaming Is His Greatest Performance

James McAvoy and his award-winning performance in Split is now streaming on Peacock. If you have yet to see this …

2 months ago

The Greatest TV Moment Of All Time Is Waiting For You To Stream

The single greatest, 10-second television moment of all time didn’t happen on Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones or on …

2 months ago

community movie

Community Movie Now Fully Cancelled?

In 2022, after years of persistent social media pushing by dedicated fans, Peacock announced the return of Community in the …

2 months ago

The Christian Slater Sci-Fi Horror Sequel On Streaming Based On A Classic Monster

Hollow Man 2, which is streaming now on Peacock, stars Christian Slater as the title character, a soldier who becomes …

2 months ago

The Anime Series On Streaming That Was Made Without Any Scripts

Before Dragon Ball Z, before Sailor Moon, and most importantly, before the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (we’ll get to that …

2 months ago

Yellowstone Getting More Popular Thanks To One Decision

Yellowstone has been a massive success for Paramount, and the company recently made a pretty savvy move that seemingly has …

2 months ago

The James Gunn Gross-Out Sci-Fi Horror Movie On Streaming With An All-Star Cast

While we know and deeply appreciate James Gunn for his contributions to the superhero community in both Marvel and DC, …

2 months ago

The Stellan Skarsgard Horror Movie On Streaming That’s A Prequel To A Classic

The release of The Exorcist: Believer is less than two weeks away, and the fandom is ecstatic, as they’re finally …

2 months ago

Keanu Reeves Can’t Choose Sides In This Classic ’90s Action Thriller Streaming

These days, Keanu Reeves is one of the most recognizable and revered stars in all of Hollywood, with massive placements …

2 months ago


All The Streaming Services Are Banding Together

With the actors’ and writers’ strikes continuing, the movements have sent a shockwave through the United States, leading other groups …

2 months ago

tom hiddleston loki season 2

Classic Sci-Fi Series Deserves A Multiverse Revival More Than Loki 

Thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe shows such as Loki, everybody and their grandmother knows what a multiverse is. And …

2 months ago

the frighteners

The Michael J. Fox Supernatural Horror On Streaming That’s Become A Cult Classic

Michael J. Fox has cemented himself as a genre-bending multi-generational icon who has performed in such massive film and television …

2 months ago

The Best Fight In The Continental Was Filmed In One Day

In many cases, action scenes in movies require a meticulous amount of planning, an intimidating amount of coordination, and in …

2 months ago


The Continental Series Premiere Review: Don’t Expect John Wick, And That’s A Good Thing

THE CONTINENTAL SERIES PREMIERE REVIEW SCORE My impression is that you can blame the glaring green Rotten Tomatoes splat you’re …

2 months ago

Fan Favorite Streaming Series Canceled After Promising Second Season

With the ongoing writers’ and actors’ strikes, a lot of studios have been turning their backs on previously renewed content. …

2 months ago

books of magic

The Funniest Superhero Movie Ever On Streaming Will Have You Roaring

These days, superhero films seem to be failing to spark joy at nearly every turn, with big-budget films such as …

2 months ago

The Romantic Horror Film On Streaming Considered A New Classic

If you’re ready for a vampire film that will reinvigorate your love for the genre, then you’ll definitely want to …

2 months ago

The Chilling Jeremy Renner Noir-Thriller On Streaming

As the autumn days grow colder, curl up with a film that masterfully intertwines elements of thriller and drama. A …

3 months ago

dwayne johnson

Dwayne Johnson Is A Bounty Hunter In Forgotten Streaming Buddy Comedy

Normally, Dwayne Johnson doesn’t have much in common with Boba Fett, the biggest badass in Star Wars. But back in …

3 months ago

frankenstein nicolas cage

One Streaming Service Is Now The Very Best For Classic Monster Movies

As we move closer to the Halloween holiday season, knowing where to find good monster movies is definitely a requirement. …

3 months ago

pacific rim

The Pacific Rim Sci-Fi Rip-Off On Streaming You Need To See To Believe

Fans of the SyFy network will no doubt recall the slew of made-for-TV films produced by The Asylum, which set …

3 months ago

dolph lundgren

The Dolph Lundgren Overlooked Horror On Streaming Full Of Demons

Spooky season is just around the corner, and we have just the Dolph Lundgren movie for you. We’re talking about …

3 months ago

The Kirsten Dunst Sci-Fi Fantasy Movie On Streaming With A Wild Premise

In a world that seemingly defies the laws of physics and gravity, Upside Down presents a vivid and surreal canvas …

3 months ago

The Gina Carano Sci-Fi Thriller On Streaming For Post-Apocalypse Fans

The career of Gina Carano has had its ups and downs, but for her many fans, she still offers a …

3 months ago

keanu reeves john wick

Keanu Reeves’ Best Sci-Fi Movies Are Streaming, But Not Where You Think

You can catch Keanu Reeves in all four Matrix films streaming now, but they’ve moved from Max to Peacock. The …

3 months ago

Suits Spinoff With Sci-Fi Star Is Now Finally On Streaming

Despite being a few years old, Suits is still trending on streaming, especially on Netflix, which recently added the show …

3 months ago

jurassic world dominion

New Jurassic Park Movie Coming To Streaming

Hold onto your butts; there’s a new Jurassic Park movie coming to streaming, and it’s an adventure 65 million bricks …

3 months ago