Max has put out some of the best series television and streaming has to offer. Some of the series like Game of Thrones and The Last of Us have become massive hits.

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Max has so much great content when it comes to movies and movie franchises. Just take a look at some of the massive names on this platform.

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Latest Max News

The Incredible Sci-Fi Series You Need To Be Watching Feels Truly Alien

A visually stunning and surreal take on humanity’s relationship with nature, and die-hard sci-fi fans can’t get enough of it.

2 weeks ago


Max Drops Streaming Price To Ridiculous Low, Streaming Wars Heating Up?

Warner Bros. doesn’t just drop fully completed movies like Batgirl and Coyote vs. Acme; it also drops prices occasionally. NBC …

2 weeks ago

friends reunion

Max Changes Friends On Streaming To Tribute Matthew Perry

Since the crushing news of his passing over the weekend, Friends fans everywhere have been coming together to celebrate the …

1 month ago

The ’60s Horror Movie That Still Terrifies To This Day

Now that we’re well into the spooky season, it’s likely that horror fans are looking for their next fix – …

2 months ago

scavengers reign

Scavengers Reign Series Premiere Review: Terrifying, Beautiful, And Impossible To Turn Away From

SCAVENGERS REIGN SERIES PREMIERE REVIEW SCORE The animated sci-fi series Scavengers Reign released its first three episodes on Max this …

2 months ago

scavengers reign

The New Sci-Fi Series You Need To Keep Your Eye On, It’s Breathtaking

Scavengers Reign, the new animated sci-fi series on Max, is already receiving very positive reviews and wowing critics with its …

2 months ago

harry potter

Harry Potter Should Not Be Remade, Instead, We Need A Series About The Weasley Family

The Harry Potter story, created by J.K. Rowling, is filled with fascinating characters, spells, and adventures. While the original series focused on …

2 months ago

The Supernatural Series On Streaming That Forces Witches And Vampires To Work Together

If you’re hungry for a new series featuring vampires and witches, A Discovery of Witches is now streaming on Max. …

2 months ago

the descent

The Claustrophobic Horror Movie On Streaming That’s Pure Nightmare Fuel

The Descent is a chilling horror movie that takes its audience on a spine-tingling journey deep into the unknown. Released …

2 months ago

alpha dog

The Anton Yelchin Crime Thriller On Streaming Based On A Shocking True Story

Are you in the mood to stream a gritty, realistic, and racy thriller based on a harrowing and unbelievable true …

2 months ago

The Stephen King Series On Streaming That Will Haunt Your Nightmares

As the nights get darker and the weather gets chillier, there is nothing better than a good crime series – …

2 months ago

Ryan Gosling Crazy Stupid Love

The Ryan Gosling Hilarious Comedy On Streaming That Features The Office Star

Ryan Gosling made a name for himself as the leading man in romantic dramas, from The Notebook to La La …

2 months ago

The Controversial Streaming Series That Is #1 Thanks To Nudity

There’s plenty in store for new viewers of the controversial streaming series Naked Attraction on Max, says Decider. The show’s …

2 months ago

suicide squad

James Gunn Reveals The Fate Of Multiple DC Actors

James Gunn recently confirmed which DCEU actors will reprise their roles once he reboots the superhero movie franchise with fellow …

2 months ago

ryan reynolds

Ryan Reynolds Is Unhinged In This Streaming Horror

With the spooky season almost upon us – and let’s admit it, it’s here – it’s time to cuddle up …

2 months ago


All The Streaming Services Are Banding Together

With the actors’ and writers’ strikes continuing, the movements have sent a shockwave through the United States, leading other groups …

2 months ago

kenneth branagh

Kenneth Branagh Is A Real Life Monster In This Shocking Streaming Historical Drama

The 1942 Wannsee Conference may have been the single most evil meeting of the minds ever to occur in recorded …

2 months ago

the witch

The Anya Taylor-Joy Horror On Streaming So Intense You’ll Sleep With The Lights On

The 2015 folk horror The Witch is currently streaming on Max. Written and directed by Robert Eggers, the film is known for …

2 months ago

The Jesse Eisenberg Action Comedy On Streaming That Needs A Sequel

There is nothing like the high of an original movie. One such gem is American Ultra, a stoner comedy with …

3 months ago

The John Wick Knock-Off On Streaming So Blatant Everyone Thought It Was A Spin-Off

The John Wick spin-off The Continental recently dropped its first episode, and the series focuses on the highly intriguing underground …

3 months ago

The Stephen King Murder Mystery On Streaming That Makes You Question Everything

If you need a break from Max offerings like Mountain Monsters, and want to watch something that’s legitimately terrifying, then …

3 months ago

The Sci-Fi Adventure On Streaming That’s A Time Travel Classic

The sci-fi adventure film Time Bandits (streaming on Max) is one of Terry Gilliam’s best productions. If you’re looking for …

3 months ago

tom cruise

Tom Cruise Is A Soldier Who Tried To Change History In This Tense Streaming Thriller

Tom Cruise had an amazing year with Top Gun: Maverick and Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One. If you …

3 months ago

The Mark Wahlberg Thriller On Streaming That Will Make You Afraid Of The Ocean

The grand force and ubiquitous power of the Atlantic Ocean is made real by Mark Wahlberg and the crew of …

3 months ago

helen hunt

The Helen Hunt Epic Classic That’s Leaving Streaming

Disaster film fans take note, the Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt-led classic, Twister is soon going to blow off of …

3 months ago

one piece

With One Piece Done, TV’s Other Big Quirky Pirate Show is Coming Back

The One Piece live-action adaptation hit Netflix at the end of August and has had everyone in a pirate mood …

3 months ago

The Flash Movie On Streaming You Should Actually Watch

The 2013 direct-to-video animated superhero film Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox is currently streaming on Max. The film is based on the …

3 months ago

The Ridiculous Jason Statham Action Comedy Is Now A Streaming Smash

Dive into a world of espionage, humor, and exhilarating action with Spy, now available for streaming on Max. In this …

3 months ago

fire in the sky

The Alien Abduction Sci-Fi Thriller On Streaming Based On A True Story

In a harrowing tale that oscillates between the ordinary and the utterly inexplicable, Fire in the Sky immerses viewers in …

3 months ago