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Latest Max News

Back to Black Can’t Beat Powerful Max Documentary Every Fan Must See

I was not a fan of Amy Winehouse before I saw the documentary about her life, Amy, in 2015. Sure, …

3 days ago

metalocalypse 1

Max Adult Animated Series Is Hilariously Brutal And A Must-Watch For All Rockers

Musician biopics have seen a rise in popularity in recent years, but none of them are as entertaining as the …

3 days ago

Max Crime Series Explores The Gritty Realities Of The Justice System

The 2016 crime drama The Night Of is streaming on Max. The eight-episode limited series is based on the first season of …

3 days ago

scavengers reign

The Max Sci-Fi Epic Series Masterpiece That’s Perfect In Every Way

If you’ve slept on Scavengers Reign, then it’s about time you wake up because it’s one of the best animated …

2 weeks ago

aqua teen hunger force

It’s Time To Revisit The Best Late Night Comedy Show Of All Time, Stream Now On Max

There are two kinds of television viewers in this world: those who have exceptional taste, and fans of Aqua Teen …

2 weeks ago

scavengers reign

Sci Fi Fans Are Very Worried Beloved New Series Is Getting Canceled

Fans of Scavengers Reign have become more than just fanatical. They are borderline acolytes, they’re worried it won’t be renewed …

3 weeks ago

matthew underwood

Nickelodeon Teen Star Quit Acting After Alleged Horrific Assault, Details Heartbreaking History

Fallout from the explosive documentary series Quiet on Set continues with Nickelodeon alum, Zoey 101 star Matthew Underwood revealing he …

3 weeks ago

the sympathizer

Robert Downey Jr. Is Back And Better Than Ever In Espionage Thriller The Sympathizer, See The Proof

Our parched entertainment landscape thirsts mightily for novelty and depth, so thank HBO for its forthcoming series, The Sympathizer. The project seems …

3 weeks ago

kenan thompson

Kenan Thompson Speaks On Nickelodeon Controversy From Quiet On Set Series

Kenan Thompson, one-half of the Nickelodeon-built All That spinoff Kenan & Kel, recently spoke out publicly for the first time …

3 weeks ago

ER Spiritual Sequel Series With Noah Wyle Is Happening

The Pitt is an upcoming medical drama for Max with some exciting names attached. Former ER star Noah Wyle will …

4 weeks ago

The Jinx Part Two Continues Landmark True Crime Series With New Revelations

The Jinx is back. If you know, you know. Released in 2015, The Jinx broke new ground when it came …

4 weeks ago

quiet on set

Quiet On Set Is Changing Kids TV Forever

The explosive documentary series Quiet on Set is being called Nickelodeon’s #MeToo story. It draws back the curtain on allegations …

4 weeks ago

sharon stone barbie

Sharon Stone Barbie Movie From The ’90s Revealed

Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie’s Barbie was the biggest film of 2023, but apparently Sharon Stone had her own idea …

4 weeks ago

stephen king pet sematary

The Stephen King R-Rated Horror Thriller On Max Is a Must-Watch ’80s Classic

While book-to-film adaptations have been a staple in Hollywood for decades, there’s no denying that one author stands out as …

4 weeks ago

Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Reveals One Of Streaming’s Biggest Problems

We’re mere months away from the release of the highly anticipated Beetlejuice sequel, and yet the original movie is not …

4 weeks ago

The Max Violent Crime Thriller Is A Star-Studded Masterpiece

These days, film and TV projects that center on organized crime in society’s criminal underworld are all the rage, with …

1 month ago

pretty Little Liars Season 2

Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Reveals New Villain In First Look

The spin-off of Pretty Little Liars, called Original Sin, will soon have a second season. Pretty Little Liars Season 2 …

1 month ago

The Dark Bloody Adult Anime That’s Taking The World By Storm

The popular anime series Ninja Kamui is streaming on Max. Produced by E&H Production and Sola Entertainment, the show premiered in the …

1 month ago

Suspenseful Mystery Miniseries Sees An Innocent Man On Trial For Dark Crime

Over the years, HBO has become one of the top destinations for well-written and professionally performed dramas. Titles like True …

1 month ago

The Horror Nail-Biter On Max With A Controversial Ending

If you’re looking to fill up a new spot on your “A24 films that traumatized me for life” bingo card, …

1 month ago

bill maher

Bill Maher Can’t Get Canceled For Some Reason

For some, he’s the politically incorrect gift that keeps on giving; for others, he’s a comedian and commentator who just …

1 month ago

the lobster

Dystopian Sci-Fi With All-Star Cast Is One Of The Strangest Movies You’ll Ever Watch

It’s unlikely you’ll come across another movie as strange and unique as The Lobster. This 2015 movie is directed and …

1 month ago

Dark Historical Thriller On Max Shows How Government Neglect Caused Disaster

Next month, April 26 to be exact, marks 38 years since the Chernobyl disaster. It may be a good time to …

1 month ago

Star-Studded Political Thriller On Max About Bringing Down Real President

The current political climate within the United States has shifted wildly in the past decade or so, with figures such …

1 month ago

mare of easttown

Dark Thriller Series Features Superstar Solving Small Town Mystery

If you’re looking for an extraordinary miniseries to binge watch this weekend, try Mare of Easttown. This grim, engrossing detective …

1 month ago

cabin fever

Skin-Crawling Max Horror Is Bloodbath You’ll Watch With One Eye Covered

Renting a creepy cabin in the woods is never a good idea if you’re a college student who’s looking to …

1 month ago

the sopranos

The Sopranos Episode That Mirrors Tragic Real Life Of James Gandolfini

By now, most fans of the hit HBO crime series The Sopranos are aware of the many illicit activities and …

1 month ago

tokyo vice 1

The Dark True Story Thriller Series On Max Gets Even Better With New Season

If you love a good true-crime thriller, you can’t go wrong with Tokyo Vice. The show was first released on …

2 months ago