The Batman

the batman
  • Director: Matt Reeves
  • Studio: DC
  • Released: March 4, 2022

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Arkham Asylum Series Canceled At Max

Every exceptionally bad villain in Gotham City of the D.C. Cinematic Universe winds up in the fictional Arkham Asylum. A …

2 weeks ago

Mark Hamill

Star Wars Needs To Copy DC In One Important Way

Right now, most of the commonalities between Star Wars films and DC films are negative…the DCEU crashed and burned trying …

2 weeks ago

The Dark Knight Rises Original Villain Confirmed By Writer

The Dark Knight Rises almost included an appearance by the Riddler. The revelation was made by Jonathan Nolan during an appearance …

3 months ago

joker 2

Joker 2 Test Screening Report Has DC Fans Going Wild

Todd Phillips’ 2019 film Joker was an unexpected hit, both critically and commercially, and now it seems like Joker 2 …

4 months ago

colin farrell

Colin Farrell Reveals Penguin Series Is ‘Incredibly Violent’ And We Can’t Wait

Colin Farrell’s The Penguin, the highly anticipated follow-up series to Matt Reeves’ The Batman, promises an “incredibly twisted” continuation of …

4 months ago

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The Batman Is Better Off Without A Part 2

It is no secret that we are in a dark period for superhero movies right now. The DCEU has finally …

4 months ago

The Acolyte Continues The Worst Star Wars Series Trend

Disney just dropped the trailer for its newest Star Wars series, The Acolyte, and surprise, it looks pretty good! Well, …

4 months ago


Forget The DCU, Just Make Better Movies From DC Comics

Right now, we’re gearing up for James Gunn to properly launch the DCU with his Superman film next year, and …

4 months ago

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The Batman Part 2 Gets Huge Delay, Is It Canceled?

Big news for Batman fans with Warner Bros. deciding The Batman Part 2 is no longer opening on October 3, …

4 months ago

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Batman And Superman Should Have Their Own Entire Movie Universes

The DCEU has come to a close and later this year Creature Commandos will kick off the new DCU followed …

4 months ago

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How Much Would It Cost To Be Batman?

While Christopher Nolan’s acclaimed Batman trilogy of films presented the story of the Dark Knight in a much more grounded …

4 months ago

The Batman Star Welcomes Superhero Fatigue For More Original Movies

In recent years, there has been a decline in viewership and critical reception across the board for both the MCU …

4 months ago

joaquin phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix And Lady Gaga Stun In New Joker 2 Look

Joker: Folie a Deux director Todd Phillips decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day by giving us our best look yet of …

5 months ago

superman legacy

Batman Showing Up In Superman: Legacy?

Although he was a little cagey with his plans for Superman: Legacy at first, James Gunn has been more than …

6 months ago

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The Batman Part 2 Canceled? James Gunn Responds

In a much-welcome development for DC fans, DC Films head James Gunn has clarified the swirling rumors surrounding The Batman Part …

6 months ago

Two Jokers Meet In Iconic Awards Photo

Folks may have been seeing double inside the Beverly Hilton for the Golden Globes as the two current Jokers appeared …

6 months ago

The Netflix Blockbuster Crime Thriller That Defied Expectations

There are few characters in media more ubiquitous and recognizable than Batman. The billionaire philanthropist by day and caped crime …

8 months ago

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Barry Keoghan Got The Batman’s Joker Role In A Hilarious Way

Some actors landed their most recognizable roles with a stroke of sheer luck. Stories tell that Harrison Ford did some …

9 months ago

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Paul Dano Filmed An Absurd Amount Of Takes For One Scene In The Batman

You can always count on Paul Dano to bring an incredible performance to the table no matter what role he …

10 months ago


See The Change The Batman Part II Is Making To Fix Robert Pattinson

With DC Studios kicking itself into overdrive following a lackluster year that’s seen box office flop after box office flop, …

11 months ago

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the batman 2 sandman

Matt Reeves Plans To Put Bruce Wayne Through A Lot In The Batman 2

Matt Reeves says The Batman 2 will explore the emotions of its characters even more than the previous film.

1 year ago

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Get Your First Look At DC’s New Batman Series In Leaked Photo

The Art of Batman tweeted a behind-the-scenes photo showing Cristin Milioti as Sofia Falcone on the new The Batman spin-off, The Penguin.

1 year ago

the batman 2

The Batman 2 Bringing Back Unexpected Characters?

The Batman – Part 2 is rumored to bring back both the Penguin and Riddler.

1 year ago

andy serkis

Andy Serkis Confirmed To Return In His Best Franchise

Andy Serkis will return as Alfred in The Batman Part II.

1 year ago

harvey dent

Exclusive: Harvey Dent Is In The Batman Part 2

Harvey Dent will appear in The Batman Part II, but no actor has yet been cast.

1 year ago

robert pattinson the batman

Robert Pattinson Making Surprise Batman Return Ahead Of Sequel?

Robert Pattinson is rumored to be appearing in The Penguin series before The Batman 2 is released.

1 year ago

the penguin

Marvel Star Jumping Ship To The Biggest Upcoming DC Series

DC’s upcoming The Penguin series will get some more star power as Rhenzy Feliz of Marvel’s Runaways joins the cast.

1 year ago

robert pattinson

Robert Pattinson Slams Hollywood For How It Treats Men

Robert Pattinson says the Hollywood pressure for male actors to be in peak physical shape is “insidious” and “addictive.”

1 year ago