Colin Farrell Goes Full Tony Soprano In The Penguin, See The Batman Spinoff Show In Action

By Jennifer Muscato | Published

The wait to see The Penguin in all his glory is over, with the release of the trailer for the upcoming series premiering on Max in the fall. Colin Farrell is back as The Penguin, and in the trailer, we see an unrecognizable Farrell recalling a story from his youth about a mob boss in his neighborhood. It is clear that it is a path he wants. It is also clear The Penguin is paying homage to HBO’s The Sopranos.

In the trailer for The Penguin, we see violence, shooting, and plenty of explosions. There is also a glimpse of a screaming Cristin Milioti (The Wolf of Wall Street). She plays Sofia Falcone, a member of the Falcone crime family, who is seeking revenge against Two-Face for her father’s murder. In the events of The Batman, The Penguin served as a lieutenant to crime boss Carmine Falcone before his untimely death.

Colin Farrell is playing The Penguin in his early days, not yet the tuxedo-wearing villian we know from the 1960s Batman TV series or even the Fox reboot Gotham. Farrell is a leather coat-wearing, gun-toting man of the streets. He does have that cigar, though.

The Penguin picks up immediately following the events of The Batman.

The Penguin is a spinoff series of the 2022 blockbuster The Batman, which raked in $771 million against a $185–$200 million budget and was the seventh-highest-grossing film of the year.

An explosion is seen in the trailer for The Penguin

Colin Farrell’s performance as the iconic villain in The Batman earned him a lot of critical praise, and the prosthetics make him unrecognizable. It’s hard to believe this is the same action star that was in Total Recall, Miami Vice, and S.W.A.T.

There is also a glimpse of a screaming Cristin Milioti as Sofia Falcone.

As for Colin Farrell’s transformation into The Penguin, The LA Times reported that, at first, it took three hours, but they were able to get it down to just an hour and a half. The makeup weighs about five pounds, and when Farrell was first all suited up, he walked around set on The Batman with no one even knowing who he was. His nose is said to be an actual bird beak, which seems fitting to the character.

The Penguin picks up immediately following the events of The Batman. Fans will see Colin Farrell as Oswald ‘Oz’ Cobblepot, and his rise to power in a semi-destroyed Gotham as he becomes one of Batman’s biggest adversaries.

The trailer for The Penguin teases plenty of violence, shooting, and explosions.

The Penguin comes from writer-director Matt Reeves, who was also behind The Batman. Reeves’ films don’t take place in the same official universe as the main DC Universe, and fans will find his takes to be darker and less comedic.

The Penguin will consist of eight episodes. Production started in March 2023 but was paused in June due to the writers’ and actors’ strikes. Now fans can look forward to this fall for the long-awaited episodes, which star Colin Farrell is also executive producing.

As for the sequel to The Batman, it too got delayed. It was pushed back a year, and The Batman: Part II will now release in theaters on October 2, 2026.

The Penguin lands this fall on Max.