The Batman Is Better Off Without A Part 2

By Christopher Isaac | Published

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It is no secret that we are in a dark period for superhero movies right now. The DCEU has finally had enough box office bombs to implode and require a reset. Marvel moves that were once reliable for an almost guaranteed billion dollars in ticket sales are now getting skipped by fans. But amidst this slump have been a few bright spots of originality, like 2022’s fresh take on the Dark Knight in Matt Reeves’ The Batman.

The only problem is, it is getting a sequel that it really does not need. In fact, The Batman Part 2 may retroactively tarnish the first movie.

2022’s The Batman Gave Us A Fresh Look At Bruce Wayne

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It is true Hollywood style to see a successful standalone movie and decide there has to be more. The Batman Part 2 might sound good on paper, but part of what made the first one stand out from all the other Batman movies is this was an inexperienced Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson).

We got to see a side of Bruce we haven’t really seen before, where he often failed or got things wrong. And the movie also kept things fresh with its villains, giving us a very original take on The Riddler.

We Don’t Need More Batman Vs. Joker

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However, the building problem of The Batman Part 2 was already planted in the first movie. One of the few dark spots in the film was a shoehorned scene including The Joker (Barry Keoghan) for an unnecessary cameo. And it seems like a reasonable assumption this scene is setting The Joker up to be the villain in the sequel.

One surefire way to make The Batman lose its unique aura is to turn it into yet another story of Batman versus The Joker. We have seen that rivalry half a dozen times on screen already and don’t need another version of it.

Stop With The Joker, No One Can Live Up To Heath Ledger

This is why The Batman should not have a Part 2. The first one came out as kind of an underdog with many not expecting much from Robert Pattinson shedding his Twilight days to become Batman. Those low expectations benefited the movie immensely. Add in The Joker, and people will immediately be comparing it to Heath Ledger’s take on the character, causing the expectations to skyrocket. And frankly, what we saw of The Joker in the first movie was not much to instill confidence.

A Sequel Will Only Tarnish The Legacy


The Batman was great all on its own, and a Part 2 would simply feel forced. The first one gave us an original take on The Riddler reminiscent of the Zodiac killer. It gave us Colin Farrell undergoing an incredible transformation to become The Penguin. It gave us a Batman who actually showed his detective side. These were all great new things that prior Batman movies haven’t done. The quickest way to ruin the movie’s legacy is to retread old ground with a sequel that is not needed.

Don’t Ruin Batman Again

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Unless Matt Reeves has something truly incredible in mind for The Batman Part 2, it is going to feel like a cash grab. With all the other DC characters currently floundering, maybe Batman looks like a lifeboat for bringing in ticket sales. But producers need to remember that Batman’s credibility had to be restored after terrible entries like Batman & Robin. Watering down the brand could damage it again and turn one of DC’s biggest heroes into yet another movie that audiences are happy to skip.