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Stephen King worst movie

Stephen King Classic Getting Remade When You Could Just Stream The Original

Lionsgate is currently on pace to produce a remake of the Stephen King classic The Dead Zone. The book, which …

19 hours ago


Mind-Bending Sci-Fi Streaming Series Shows The Dark Side Of Modern Life

The gripping 2022 psychological sci-fi thriller Severance is streaming on Apple TV+. Created by Dan Erickson, the nine-episode first season is directed …

1 week ago

dune 2

You’ll Never See Dune 2 Deleted Scenes Thanks To Denis Villeneuve

Frank Herbert’s Dune is one of the greatest and most influential sci-fi epics of all time, and Denis Villeneuve’s films …

1 week ago

The ’90s Crime Thriller That Tried To Be Another Pulp Fiction

There’s nothing quite like a movie that’s Pulp Fiction adjacent but still takes on a life of its own. Things …

1 month ago

The Star Trek Trilogy With Christopher Walken Sounds Wild

We arguably wouldn’t have the current explosion of Star Trek content if not for the success of the reboot trilogy …

2 months ago

Christopher Walken Is A Hilarious Madman In This Crime Satire On Streaming

Christopher Walken has had a long and glorious career filled with films you shouldn’t miss, including Seven Psychopaths, the 2012 …

5 months ago

The Robert De Niro ’70s Classic On Netflix That Will Make You Sweat With Tension

The 1978 epic war drama The Deer Hunter is currently streaming on Netflix. Directed by Michael Cimino, the movie is primarily set …

5 months ago

The Christopher Walken Horror Fan Favorite On Streaming That Deserves Another Look

Since his first onscreen role in 1953, Christopher Walken has showcased his exceptional talent in countless films and television shows, …

5 months ago

The Christopher Walken UFO True Story On Streaming That Will Make You Believe

UFOs have been in the news a lot lately, so now is the perfect time to revisit some lesser-seen movies …

7 months ago

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Austin Butler Got SNL Advice From The Show’s Best Guest Host

Actor Austin Butler has quickly become a household name, largely due to his acclaimed performance earlier this year as Elvis …

1 year ago

bruce willis

Bruce Willis Remade A Classic Samurai Film And It’s Streaming For Free

Bruce Willis starred in the Yojimbo remake Last Man Standing, which is streaming on Tubi.

1 year ago

brendan fraser

A Dark Brendan Fraser Satire Is Streaming Now

Brendan Fraser’s 1999 dark comedy satire Blast from the Past is streaming on Hulu.

1 year ago

nicole kidman

Nicole Kidman Went From An Oscar To One Of The Worst Movies Of All Time

Nicole Kidman followed her Oscar win with the disastrous remake of The Stepford Wives.

1 year ago

christopher walken

Christopher Walken’s Greatest Crime Epic Is Streaming For Free

A Christopher Walken crime classic is currently streaming for free. This one is worth checking out from the iconic actor.

2 years ago

christopher walken

Christopher Walken Hates The Best Thing He’s Ever Done

Christopher Walken is one of the best actors of our generation, and the man has appeared in countless amazing roles. However, the thing he is most known for is the thing he hates.

2 years ago

christopher walken

See Christopher Walken Play A Squirrel

Yep. Christopher Walken. Squirrel.

2 years ago

Adam Scott

Adam Scott’s Hit Show Just Got Surprised With Another Season

A critically-acclaimed hit show starring Adam Scott just got renewed for a second season and we could not be happier about it.

2 years ago

christopher walken

See Christopher Walken Dance And Try To Steal Dead Animals In The Outlaws Trailer

If there is one thing that legendary actor Christopher Walken is famous for, it’s intensity. The second thing is dance.

2 years ago