See Christopher Walken Dance And Try To Steal Dead Animals In The Outlaws Trailer

If there is one thing that legendary actor Christopher Walken is famous for, it's intensity. The second thing is dance.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

christopher walken

If there is one thing that legendary actor Christopher Walken is famous for, it is having the single most distinctive vocal delivery of anyone who has ever existed. If there is a second thing, it is his love of dance. The 78-year-old has appeared inexplicably dancing on screen more times than many other actors even have acting credits, and it sure does not seem like he is slowing down now. In the trailer for his new show The Outlaws, we get the treat of seeing him as an elderly criminal, dancing with a rake and causing havoc in a dilapidated building. There is a chance that there is context for that in the show, but an equal chance they just let Walken dance. Check it out here:

The Outlaws was created by British comedian Stephen Merchant, who is probably best known for co-creating the original UK version of The Office along with Ricky Gervais. Though that is by far his most widespread creation, he also co-created Gervais’ follow up show Extras, starred in an HBO show called Hello Ladies, wrote a West End play in London, co-starred with Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart in the acclaimed superhero movie Logan, and perhaps most significantly for historical purposes, co-created the show Lip Sync Battle. Suffice it to say, he is a very accomplished person.

This new show of his could be best described as “Suicide Squad with sad British people, plus Christopher Walken.” Essentially, it follows seven strangers who are sentenced to community service for various crimes, and sentenced to renovate a community center. According to the trailer, someone finds a big duffel bag of money, there are car chases and some scary-looking people looking for said bag of money. Here’s Walken again:

Christopher Walken

Given that Christopher Walken has worked at near-Samuel L. Jackson levels of productivity for years, it should be no surprise that this is not the only show he currently is working on. The star of King of New York and Joe Dirt is also appearing on the Apple TV science fiction show Severance. The show also stars Adam Scott, John Turturro, and Patricia Arquette and is set in a dystopian office space where workers seem to have made some contract to lose part of their memories. Created by screenwriter Dan Erickson, it is receiving universal critical acclaim, much like Christopher Walken’s dance movies in the music video for Fatboy Slim’s “Weapon of Choice.”

The Outlaws is a co-production of BBC One and Amazon Studios, and will be premiering on Amazon Prime Video in the USA on April 1. Like so many film and television productions of the last several years, it has been hampered by COVID-19 concerns, but fortunately has already filmed two seasons back to back. Christopher Walken is expected to appear in both, and will most likely be dancing in both. Given that he was initially trained as a child as a dancer, it is remarkable that he has managed to keep his passion for movement through all these decades. Stay tuned for Christopher Walken dance news!