The Office Spin-Off Series In The Works?

By Doug Norrie | 2 months ago

the office spin-off

It’s been nearly a decade since The Office ended its iconic nine-season run on NBC, ushering in a new generation of comedy that’s actually been able to translate to a totally new group of viewers well after it wrapped up its final episode. It’s a testament to the show’s writing and also “everyman” characters that have given it longevity well beyond when it went off the air. And with so much time between the original series and now, fans have often wondered if there would ever be a The Office spin-off or reboot series in some fashion. Would creator Greg Daniels think about taking some of the older characters and giving them a new story, or maybe just start a whole new office altogether? Recently, he discussed the possibility and what he thought about a new series’ prospects. 

Speaking exclusively with Collider, Greg Daniels did talk some about his thoughts about a potential The Office spin-off series. It’s clear that it’s been kicking around in his head for some time, and he is actually working with star Steve Carrell on Netflix’s Space Force right now. In regards to what an updated show will look like, Daniels let on about his process and where things could go.

“Well, they (NBC) certainly would be very excited to do it. Obviously, certain parts are just personal, like I’ve got all these other projects that I’ve been working on…And (The Office) was such a wonderful and rare experience that obviously you don’t want to just go back to it and kind of possibly disappoint people when right now, they couldn’t be happier about it…I can’t tell whether fans would want more of it, and when I say more of it, I don’t think it would be the same characters. I think it would just be sort of like an extension of the universe”

the office spin-off the office reboot

Would Greg Daniels be open to a The Office spin-off or reboot? It sure seems like it. Clearly, the creator has thought about how something like this would work, especially in the context of the original series. Bringing back the original cast, at least key members wouldn’t appear to be in the cards. That’s especially true of those like Steve Carell, John Krasinski, and others who’ve gone on to a different level of fame since the series went off the air. And he clearly doesn’t want to revisit characters only to have fans disappointed with playing catchup on these folks, especially if an original idea is still in place in their heads. 

But a The Office spin-off that maybe exists in the same universe, or is some kind of spiritual successor could definitely play especially if NBC was open to the idea. In some ways, this was the case with Parks and Recreation, the Amy Poehler-led series that was also created by Greg Daniels and The Office alum Michael Shur. The show used many of the same central production techniques in mockumentary style, though it clearly had a totally different feel. It ran for seven successful seasons on its own. 

And in terms of bringing back the show’s original tone for a The Office spin-off, Greg Daniels has spoken before about how Michael Scott definitely wouldn’t play for a modern-day audience. While talking with The Hollywood Reporter, Daniels said that rebooting the show in the same tone wouldn’t work because it would be considered “offensive” now. He admits that the original writing was to make Michael Scott the butt of the joke around almost neanderthal thought processes, getting people to see problematic things through his eyes and actions. But that approach would likely rub audiences completely wrong now. It makes sense, even if it’s a shame. 

In all, it’s clear that Greg Daniels is actively thinking about a The Office spin-off or reboot in some fashion, though something taking shape in the short term isn’t all that likely. For now, the wildly popular reruns will have to do.