Nathan Kamal is a Deputy Editor at GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT. He writes and performs comedy in Chicago, and makes really good hummus.

How It Started

Nathan has had many different careers in his life but began professionally reviewing films, music, books, and live concerts for Spectrum Culture in 2008. Around the same time, he became a frequent contributor to and published short fiction at various sites and magazines.

Meanwhile, Nathan also pursued a career as one of the top sales associates at Umpqua Bank, one of the largest West Coast-based financial institutions in the United States. After that, he worked as a chef at various restaurants around the country, including as the Culinary Operations Manager at Steamboat Bay Fishing Club (an exclusive deep-sea fishing resort on a remote Alaskan Island) and a stint as Chef de partie at a Chicago-based Michelin-starred restaurant.

After relocating to Chicago, Nathan became a frequent contributor to popular satire websites The Onion, The Hard Times, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, and Slackjaw.

Nathan joined GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT in 2021, first as a Contributing Writer, then rapidly being promoted to Staff Writer, Team Editor, and his current position as Deputy Editor.

How It’s Going

Now, Nathan focuses on expanding GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT’s coverage of entertainment news while writing fiction and comedy in his spare time. He lives with his beloved tuxedo cat Suits and explores the food scene of Chicago.

Nathan Kamal‘s Latest

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