Exclusive: Keanu Reeves Reuniting With John Wick Director For New Action Movie, Details Revealed

Keanu Reeves will star in Chad Stahelski's The Pursuit as a thief who gains superpowers.

By Nathan Kamal | Updated

Keanu Reeves is set to star in a new action thriller titled The Pursuit, which will reunite the actor with his John Wick director Chad Stahelski. According to our trusted and proven sources, the Matrix star will be portraying a highly skilled thief who finds a risky mission going in an unexpected direction; given the people involved, this will probably involve some high-octane, elaborately choreographed fights. The Pursuit will continue the now decades-long collaboration between Keanu Reeves and Chad Stahelski, which has been fruitful, to say the least.

The Pursuit will star Keanu Reeves as an expert thief contracted to steal a mysterious, valuable artifact; the mission is complicated by his discovery that said artifact gives him superpowers. While it is unclear as to the actual nature of the powers, it seems probable that once and (hopefully) future Constantine actor will develop some supernatural abilities to fight people and/or take some serious damage. Of course, the movie could go full-on Scarlett Johansson in Lucy and level up Keanu Reeves to a cosmic level, which would be pretty cool too.

This upcoming movie will be Keanu Reeves and Chad Stahelski’s eighth movie project together, which is a pretty impressive track record. The pair began collaborating with the first Matrix movie, in which Stahelski served as Reeves’ stunt double, setting the tone for the work together. The future director would then serve as a stunt coordinator for both The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions, and appear in the more recent The Matrix Resurrections as “Chad,” the fake-digital husband of Trinity’s (Carrie-Anne Moss) brainwashed self.

Chad Stahelski’s work with Keanu Reeves continued with the first John Wick movie, which he co-directed with David Leitch (though only Stahelski was credited). The movie became an unexpected hit and spawned a rapidly expanding franchise; thus far, there have been three sequels, a planned spin-off starring Ana de Armas, and an upcoming prequel television series featuring Mel Gibson. 

So when Chad Stahelski and Keanu Reeves get together these days, expectations are justifiably pretty high. The Pursuit is being produced by Lionsgate, the studio behind John Wick. It stands to reason that Lionsgate has a lot of faith in the duo, so reuniting them makes a lot of sense for everyone involved.

It is also worth noting that Lionsgate specializes in franchise films, like John Wick, The Hunger Games, The Expendables, Saw, Twilight, The Blair Witch, and numerous others. If The Pursuit lands successfully with audiences, it would not be at all surprising for Keanu Reeves to have yet another action franchise on his hands.

In addition to The Pursuit, we have reported that Keanu Reeves has quite a few projects in the works, including an action film with Jason Statham for Netflix and appearing in Will Smith’s I Am Legend 2 along with Michael B. Jordan. Keanu Reeves has long been one of Hollywood’s most active leading men, and it does not seem that he’s slowing down any time soon.