The 5 Sexiest Alexandra Daddario Moments, From Bikinis To Underwear Selfies

We compiled Alexandra Daddario's best outfits.

By Nathan Kamal | Updated

Alexandra Daddario is one of our favorite style icons to cover at GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT, and for good reason. The White Lotus and Mayfair Witches star has quite the eye for fashion and has never been afraid to show it off via the miracle of social media; it probably helps that whenever she shares one of her sultry looks, it’s going out to nearly 24 million followers on Instagram alone.

We have compiled a short list of the five best Alexandra Daddario style moments for you, enjoy!

5. Alexandra Daddario Poolside In A Too Small Bikini Top

In this first example, the former Percy Jackson star is lounging poolside, which seems to be one of her favorite activities (and now wonder). Alexandra Daddario is wearing a blue and green flowered bikini top, along with a fashionable pair of chunky black sunglasses, and just a glimpse of a black baseball cap. Even though Daddario spent most of the first season of The White Lotus in various bikinis, we’re still glad for another glimpse of her in swimsuit season.

The remainder of the slides in her post show off her loyal dog Levon, a garden of gorgeous flowers, and a peek at an astoundingly beautiful rocky seaside, which just shows us she’s living her best life.

4. Alexandra Daddario In A Tight Black High-Fashion Suit

Alexandra Daddario doesn’t just stick to swimwear and poolsides, though. In another look, the star switches to a high-fashion outfit, which she pulls off just as well. In this one, Daddario is wearing an all-black, all-Christian Dior outfit, which her caption describes as the “suit of my dreams” along with a sleeping emoji and a kiss-face one.

Clearly, Alexandra Daddario is all dolled-up for some event in this moment, wearing a black vest (with no shirt beneath) buttoned to her cleavage, loose black trousers, and finely pointed black pumps. The actress herself has her dark hair tightly pulled back into a side part, and her lips are painted a bold red to contrast her famously blue eyes.

3. Alexandra Daddario Seductively Poses In A Nearly Unbuttoned Shirt

Of course, a world-class beauty like Alexandra Daddario does not need haute couture in order to look absolutely tops. In this next post, the star of Baywatch makes a loose, nearly unbuttoned white blouse seem like the most risque outfit possible; some of that has to do with the incredibly dramatic reclining pose the actress strikes, but a whole lot more of it is pure Daddario.

In the second shot of the carousel, Alexandra Daddario is now shrouded partly in darkness, but no less glamorous. It really just goes to show that star power is real and if you have it, you have it.

2. Alexandra Daddario Shows Off A Backless Gown

When one is a lifelong Hollywood star like Alexandra Daddario, it can be expected that one will show up at important industry events like the Academy Awards. For the 2023 Oscars, Daddario wore an absolutely riveting, figure-hugging navy blue backless sequined dress. As one can see from the video above, the True Detective star looks just as good walking away as she spinning around to show off her incredible body.

Alexandra Daddario’s Oscars dress was part of Alexandre Vauthier’s couture fall-winter 2022 collection, but we can safely say the most enthralling part of the look was the actress herself.

1. Alexandra Daddario Takes A Selfie Just In Underwear

And finally, we come to Alexandra Daddario’s best, most ravishing look of the year: a selfie taken in boy-cut Christian Dior (that’s brand loyalty at its best) underwear and sports bra. The selfie seems to be part of a collection of outtakes from a photoshoot for British Vogue, which slowly transitions from the pensively glamorous to the casually sexy.

In this last sequence of pictures, we see Alexandra Daddario at her pale-skinned best posing in a doorway, a flower-filled staircase, an empty bathtub, and finally, a full-length mirror in a hotel room. We certainly can’t complain.

Cue the Baywatch outro!