See Alexandra Daddario Take A Selfie Just In Underwear

Alexandra Daddario looks fantastic in Christian Dior boy-cut underwear.

By Nathan Kamal | Updated

Alexandra Daddario is currently riding high. She is an Emmy-nominated television star for the first season of The White Lotus, one of the most beautiful women in the world, and her new series Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches has already been renewed for a second season. As such, it is very unsurprising that Alexandra Daddario would have the courage to do what few of us do and post a picture of herself in just her underwear for over 23 million people to see.

Of course, not everyone has the bandwidth to hit the social media feeds of 23 million people at once, but that is how many people currently follow Alexandra Daddario’s official Instagram account. The former Percy Jackson actress posted a carousel of pictures of herself to social media recently, the last of which saw her showing off a pair of black, boy-cut Christian Dior underpants and a square black sports-style bra from the same designer. Although it is difficult to tell exactly where Alexandra Daddario was for this particular selfie, the glimpsed Dior bags in a mirror reflection indicate she had probably been shopping.

The majority of Alexandra Daddario’s photo set is far more glamorous than that final underwear picture, though we never mind seeing the True Detective star down to her skivvies. The rest of the photos appear to be taken for a profile with British Vogue, with her hair styled by Ben Talbott and her makeup by Emma Day. 

alexandra daddario
Alexandra Daddario on The White Lotus

The first picture in the set highlights one of Alexandra Daddario’s most famous assets: her luminous, borderline inhumanly blue eyes, which are contrasted against her vividly red lipstick in a close-up profile shot. The second picture sees The White Lotus star posing in a doorway, now wearing a simple black velvet shift-style dress that leaves her shoulder completely bare (and her attention somewhere to stage right). 

Alexandra Daddario’s third picture shows her in a more jovial mood, now flashing a wide smile at the camera while a wider shot reveals her black dress to have a Jessica Rabbit-style leg slit almost all the way to her hip. In this picture, she also seems to be posing on a staircase covered in a ridiculous amount of white roses and baby’s breath, which really makes us interested in how this British Vogue shoot will end up.

Most artsy of all, the fourth picture in the set has Alexandra Daddario on her back in a bathtub staring up at the camera with an enigmatic expression on her face. Most likely, these pictures are outtakes from the actual shoot, but when you have someone like the star of Baywatch to photograph, even candids look amazing. 

Alexandra Daddario’s new show Mayfair Witches was recently greenlit for a second season by AMC Networks, along with its sister program Interview with the Vampire. It seems that the network is preparing to go all-in with the Anne Rice projects, so we will not be surprised to see the two shows joined by an increasing number of series soon.